Friends in Exile

Friends in Exile

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This is what would happen if Mufasa had been killed in the Elephant Graveyard and if Simba and Nala had been exiled together. (Of course, it should be stated, some other things were changed too.)



Simba Male Lion Alignment: Good

Nala Female Lion Alignment: Good

Zazu Male Hornbill Alignment: Good

Rafiki Male Baboon Alignment: Good

Mufasa Male Lion Alignment: Good

Sarabi Female Lion Alignment: Good

Sarafina Female Lion Alignment: Good

Timon Male Meerkat Alignment: Good

Pumba Male Warthog Alignment: Good

Kiara Female Lion Alignment: Good

Vitani Female Lion Alignment: Undecided

Nuka Male Lion Alignment: Undecided

Kovu Male Lion Alignment: Undecided

Banzai Male Hyena Alignment: Bad

Ed Male Hyena Alignment: Bad

Hyena Clan Mixed Hyena Alignment: Bad

Lastig (OC) Male Hornbill Alignment: Bad

Betken (OC) Female Hornbill Alignment: Bad

Zira Female Lion Alignment: Bad

Shenzi Female Hyena Alignment: Evil

Scar Male Lion Alignment: Evil

"Right now, we are in very real danger!" Zazu snapped at Simba, not liking the look of the Elephant Graveyard.

"Danger? Ha! I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger! Ha ha ha!" Simba laughed.

"Ha ha ha he he he he!" came more laughs. These definitely didn't come from Simba! They were more high-pitched and eerie.

Three hyenas emerged. There was Ed the dimwitted hyena, Banzai, the lead male hyena, and Shenzi, the Queen of the entire Hyena Clan. Zazu, Simba, and Nala backed away in alarm as the trio advanced toward them.

"Well, well, well Banzai, what have we got here?" Queen Shenzi said to her mate.

"I don't know Shenzi. What do you think Ed?" Banzai said to Ed. Ed giggled manically in reply. "Just what I was thinking. A trio of trespassers!"

"And quite by accident, let me assure me. A simple navigational error." Zazu said nervously, hoping to avoid being attacked or eaten. He turned to go, but Shenzi grabbed him.

"Oh wait wait, I know you. You're Mufasa's little stooge!"

"I, madame, am the King's majordomo."

"So that would make you..." Banzai said to Simba.

"The future King." Simba replied smugly.

"Do you know what we do to kings who step out of their kingdom?" Shenzi asked him.

"You can't do anything to me!" Simba said in annoyance.

"Uh, technically they can. We are on their land." Zazu nervously whispered to Simba.

"But Zazu, you told me that they're nothing but nasty slobbering mangy stupid poachers."

This made Zazu very worried! "Ixnay on the upidstay." Zazu said to Simba, hoping that Simba would get that the hyenas were listening and that it was not wise to call them stupid in front of them.

"Hey, who you calling upidstay?!" Banzai snapped.

"My my my, look at the sun. It's time to go!" Zazu muttered nervously, turning to leave with Simba and Nala.

Shenzi blocked their way. "What's the hurry? We'd love for you to stick around for dinner."

"Yeah, we could have whatever's lion around." Banzai laughed.

"I got one. I got one. Make mine a cub sandwich!" Shenzi laughed.

Eg laughed at their jokes. Banzai suddenly turned to the two and asked "Did we order this dinner to go?"

"No, why?" Shenzi asked.

"Cuz there it goes!" Banzai shouted. Simba, Nala, and Simba had ran off while they had been cracking jokes.

The trio soon caught Zazu. Simba and Nala, however, kept on running. Finally, they paused.

"Did we lose them?" Simba asked.

"Where's Zazu?" Nala asked.

They soon found that the hyenas had him. They put him over a vent and he got shot through the air when the vent erupted.

"Hey, why don't you pick on somebody your own size?" Simba snapped at them.

"Like you?" Shenzi asked.

"Oops." Simba said nervously.

Meanwhile, Mufasa had heard from the other animals that Simba and Nala had been this way. What had Zazu been thinking to let them go this far out? He heard Simba and Nala yelling for help. The cubs were in danger! He had to save them! He ran as fast as he could after the sound of their voices.

His brother, Scar, meanwhile, had slipped by unnoticed into the Hyena's Lair. He planned to watch the demise of Simba in person. He was to be disappointed in that effort, but ended up getting even more than he'd hoped for.


Zazu landed with a splat in a big puddle of mud. "Yeck!" he moaned. He shook the mud off of his feathers. He then began to try and find the kids. "Those poaching hyenas will kill those two cubs if I can't find them in time. I told them that this was a bad idea!" he said to himself. "Simba! Nala! Where are you? Come this way. I'll distract them while you run."

The two cubs, meaning, continued to run from the hyenas. They began to climb a pile of bones. Nala slipped and began to slide downward to the hungry hyenas. "Simba!" she cried. Simba ran down and slashed Shenzi across the face to keep her from attacking Nala. The two lions quickly bolted. Shenzi snarled in anger.

"I'll get that little brat for this!" she vowed angrily.

Bonzai and Ed quickly came to their leader. "Whoa, Shenzi, what happened to you?" Banzai asked, staring at the bleeding gash on her face.

"The 'future king' slashed me." Shenzi snapped.

"What, you, our fearsome leader, got cut by a little lion cub?" Banzai laughed. Ed joined in. They stopped laughing quickly as Shenzi icily glared at them. "Well, he isn't going to be king of anything now!" Banzai growled.

"Let's kill these little brats!" Shenzi cried. "We should split up instead of going all at once. These are only puny little cubs. I'm sure each of us can kill them. Scar wants Simba dead, and it's best if we kill the girl too. She knows too much."

"Got it." Banzai replied.

Ed didn't much like the idea. While he'd knocked off lion cubs for food before, he, unlike Queen Shenzi and her mate, who happened to be his brother, Banzai, didn't like killing for sport. Besides, one of the cubs was the son of the Lion King. He may not be that bright, but the idea seemed foolish even to him. What if Mufasa found out? Still, he knew that openly crossing his sister-in-law was dangerous and nodded, pretending to go along.

Mufasa, meanwhile, came across Zazu.
"Sire, thank goodness you've come! Heynas are chasing the kids!" Zazu cried, zooming frantically toward Mufasas as fast as his wings could carry him.
"Zazu, you were supposed to be watching the cubs!" Mufasa grumbled.
"Well sire, going here wasn't my idea, I can assure you. But it's important right now that we find them before those hyenas do!"
"Stay here Zazu. I'll deal with the hyenas."
"Sire! All by yourself? Surely you could use my help."
"You couldn't even fend them off earlier. You'll only get yourself killed. I can handle this."
"But sire...!"
"That's an order!"
With reluctance the hornbill halted, letting the King go on alone. Mufasa moved out of sight. "Be careful." Zazu said.

Shenzi, meanwhile, had spotted Simba and Nala, who had reached a dead end. "There they are. Let's finish..." She paused as a huge maned shadow came into sight. "Mufasa!" she cried.

"Get away from Nala and my son!" he bellowed.

"You're not the King out here!" she laughed.

Mufasa leaped at her in anger. However, she moved aside. Mufasa didn't know it, but she had learned a trick on how to overcome a lion. Scar had told her that lions may have stronger power and speed, but they had less stamina than a hyena. Banzai yelled "Hey Mufasa, I'm going to kill the kids!"

Mufasa moved in his direction to ensure that he would not be able to harm the cubs. "Over here! I'm going to kill the cubs!" Shenzi taunted. Mufasa moved toward her.

"Over here!" Banzai taunted.

As Mufasa turned to look at Banzai, he noticed that Ed was moving toward the cubs. He didn't know it, but Ed was trying to save them, figuring that killing them would achieve nothing for him except to bring down the wrath of the entire Pridelands upon him. Mufasa chased after him and knocked him over. "Get away from my son!" he thundered. Ed nodded.

"Good ole Ed. He's distracted Mufasa. Now, I can get the Clan." Shenzi said to her mate. She let out a loud high pitched yell. Mufasa heard a loud thundering. What was that? Soon, with horror, he realized what it was, the other hyenas in the Clan had arrived.

"This is the end of you Mufasa!" Shenzi laughed.

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