Alternate version of TLK2

Alternate version of TLK2

Postby Tembo » August 21st, 2017, 4:41 pm

This is more of a scheme of what would be another version of TLK2, with songs from the Broadway show and taking away the "outlanders" as their existence is actually incompatible with the first movie. In this version we would hear a reprise of the two most iconic songs of the first movie (COL and HM), we would know what happened to Sarabi, we would get more involved with Simba's character and how he feels unexperienced to deal with his role as king, would give some more screen presence to Nala and have some new characters that are actually not lions.

Scene one: Reprise of "The Circle of Life"

It's dawn at the pridelands, we hear "The circle of life" as the animals gather around Pride Rock to celebrate the birth of Kiara, daughter of Simba and Nala.

Scene two: Sarabi's funeral

A few days after the ceremony, Simba's pride, Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki and Zazu gather around Sarabi's corpse who has died last night. Simba is conforted by the presence of his family and friends and feels relief because his mother found a peaceful death, however he still feels sad and somehow alone.

Scene three: young Kiara

Some years have passed and Kiara is a curious cub, so Simba takes her to know the kingdom and the responsibilities she would have as a queen. However, she doesn't feel that confident of becoming a queen and that seems to worry Simba.

Then Zazu appears to give Simba the news of the day as he sings "The morning report". Suddenly, Simba sees a flock of vultures overflying on the distance, and feeling something wrong is going on he heads towards where they are. He sees a hyena eating the corpse of a dead wildebeest and roaringly attacks it, so the hyena runs terrified. Zazu tells Simba that the hyena was doing nothing wrong, that scavengers are necesary to the Circle of Life.

Then Nala apears and tells it is now her turn to teach something to Kiara, who follows her to join the other lionesses that are going hunting. As they attack a herd of zebra and antelope we hear "Lioness hunt".

Scene four: Hakuna Matata

Another day, Kiara wants to discover the Pridelands and is exploring them with the somehow bothering supervision of Zazu. They meet Timon and Pumbaa who are searching for grobs in the woods. Timon tells Zazu that he must chill out and tells Kiara about their problem free philosophy and then sing along with Pumbaa "Hakuna Matata". Suddenly Simba joins the chorus but when the song is over he tells his old buddies that now that period of their life is over and that they cannot take life that way. As usual, Pumbaa understands this but Timon insists and while singing he falls into the river who is leading to a huge waterfall. His friends try to save him but he is hanging from the branch of a tree. Simba looks at him and cannot help to remember the moment in which he was also hanging from a tree in the wildebeest stampede. So he is paralized and Timon is saved by Zazu who makes a huge effort to bring him back to the shore. They are all surprised with Simba's reaction.

Scene five: Kiara meets Kovu

Years have passed and now Kiara is a young lioness and no longer a cub. She has to prove she can hunt on her own and she chooses a lonely ostrich for this test. But when she is stalking it, the ostrich sees her coming and attacks her. She tries to escape but the ostrich outruns her and tries to kick her. Suddenly, Kovu appears and with his roar the ostrich gets scared and runs away. Kiara thanks Kovu, then asks his name and blahblah. Then Simba and his pride appears, Simba is furious to see another male lion around and is about to attack him but Kiara explains that he saved him from the ostrich and Simba spares him.

Scene six: Kovu's brothers

Kovu leaves the scene and joins his two brothers Nuka and Vitani (that's devil in swahili so it can be both a male or a female). Both are more robust than Kovu but less than Simba. Nuka has a golden mane and Vitani has a brown one. Nuka is the leader of the three, who are searching for a pride to establish themselves. He rudely asks Kovu where he's been and when he answers he plans basically the same Zira thought in TLK2.

Scene seven: the drought

There is a severe drought in the Pridelands, the worst Simba has ever seen since he became king. One day Simba goes with his pride to the waterhole to find is totally dry. Reptail, the crocodile ruler of the waterhole tells Simba that it has been like that since yesterday. Simba doesn't know what to do, in front of all the animals that have gathered around. Then the elephants come in and Lebo, the oldest and biggest of the elephants begins digging into the mud with his tusks and legs and then the water appears again. With the help of the other elephants they enlarge the water source. Then Zazu tells in a low voice that Simba must apply the law of the water truce, meaning he must forbid the predators to hunt near the waterhole and to tell Reptail that he must leave the waterhole and go to the river. Simba says so but Reptail objects and says he is an old crocodile and that if he leaves to the river he will starve because he cannot compete with the younger crocodiles. Simba, sadly. cannot reply to this and Reptail obbeys his orders.


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