The Lion King: War of Kings

The Lion King: War of Kings

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Holy's been soooooo long since I was on here and I must say that I'm glad to be back for one. Well since I'm finally back after many years, I figured I would re-post my old story chapter by chapter. I'm going to continue working on it and get more done on it so hopefully I can get this little gem done.

If you've got any good feedback then please let me know so that I can improve, and if you like it then let me know. I like to know when I have something good going lol. Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I enjoy writing it.

The Lion King 4: War of Kings
By: Fox_fighter99

Stage 1

Chapter 1: Maisha Rahisi (The Simple Life)

The sun shined over the majestic plains of the pride lands its bright orange light touching the large rock formation known only as Pride Rock. Only a few weeks ago the ceremony to show the future king had been held the cub’s name was Kopa son of King Simba and Queen Nala his golden fur shined in the sunlight he look almost exactly like his father when he was young except for the brown tuft of fur on his head and tail. Kopa leaned back stretching his front paws out his small claws digging into the hard stone while he yawned his tail flicking back and forth standing at the edge of Pride Rock looking out over the kingdom.
His mind raced with thoughts about what it would be like when he became king and wondered who he would rule the kingdom with but quickly put the thought out of his head when he heard footsteps behind him. His gaze turned to a tough looking lioness it was Zira her claws always drawn like she was waiting for a fight at all times her eyes staring at Kopa as if trying to take his life with her very gaze.

Kopa could hear laughing coming from the cave when he saw Nuka and his younger sister Vitani exit and enter the suns warm light, Nuka one year older than both him and Vitani his dark brown fur and black patches flopped in the wind “Oh come on Nuka it’ll be fun just come with us.” Vitani begged tugging at his ear. Nuka knocked her down and grumbled looking over at Kopa then back to his little sister and gave a sigh letting Vitani know that she had won, her ears perking up and jumping up and down bumping into Kopa both of them falling down and laughing “You two are such children” Nuka scoffed sitting down staring out into the Pride Lands wondering how he let himself get roped into this.

“Well what’s so funny you two?” Kopa looked up to see his mother and father exiting the cave. Kopa ran up to them purring as he nuzzled both of his parents.

“We planned on going swimming down by the watering hole.” Vitani giggled.

“Alright but take Zazu with you.” All of them groaned hearing Nala’s suggestion while Simba stared at Kopa, “Fine I saw Timon and Pumbaa heading that way why don’t you meet them down there” she watched as all but Nuka’s eyes lit up with excitement before jumping down the rocks and heading to the watering hole.

“You seem to be letting him off with a lot here lately Nala he’ll never know what’s not right if you don’t scold him.” Simba lectured her but Nala just scoffed sitting down at the end of Pride Rock swatting Simba once he got closer before sitting down next to her “Forgive me Simba it must be the fact that I’m about to have another child and my emotions are all mixed up.” Simba could see the glare that she was giving him and although he wanted to say something her being ready to giving birth any day she could still give him a good chewing out and to him that was a fate worse than death. For now he was quite content with sitting with his queen watching as their son and friends running off to the watering hole without a care in the world.

Timon and Pumbaa could hear the laughing of both Vitani and Kopa as they came running up Timon couldn’t believe how big Kopa was getting already and with Nala due any day “Hey kids what’s up want to join us?” Timon smiled but the kids obviously confused Pumbaa lifting up a log revealing a bunch of bugs Vitani and Nuka gagging at the site “Oh come on guys it’s not that gross.” Kopa giggled grabbing a slimy worm and slurping it down in a big gulp and smiling at the others.

“Eeeewwww!!!” Nuka and Vitani exclaimed both cringing and sticking their tongues out, Kopa laughing as he watched his friends gag at the site “Sorry guys but I don’t think we’ll be joining you for breakfast we’re going for a swim today by that time it should be time for a snack.” Kopa dashed off past Timon and Pumbaa heading to the deeper part of the watering hole Vitani and Nuka running to catch up, Kopa knocking Nuka in the side and into the water laughing as he ran past before getting pounced on by Vitani sending both of them into the water popping up laughing.

The day went by fast with as Kopa and the others ran around the watering laughing and jumping from Hippo to Hippo. Timon and Pumbaa laughing each time one of them fell into the water and every time a Hippo rose up with the soaking wet cub grumbling that they fell into the water while the others laughed. Going farther down the watering hole coming to a rather tall rock formation hanging over the water they watched as monkeys jumped off and into the water swimming away to do it again and again “Hey Kopa that looks like fun lets go try it.” Vitani pushed Kopa a bit as he hesitantly looked at the jump the nervousness obvious on his face “Come on Kopa you aren’t scared are you?” Nuka and Vitani started teasing. Vitani teasing him made the want to show her how brave he was more and more and he didn’t know why but he agreed to the dare climbing up to the top of the rocks with her looking over the edge and swallowing a lump in his throat “T…that’s awfully high up guys I don’t think this is. . . . .” Kopa saw more water in his view before he realized that Vitani had pushed him off the rocks “SSSAAAFFFEEE!!!” Kopa yelled before making a loud splash in the water. Vitani was at the water’s edge laughing when a Hippo brought him ashore and he hopped down and sitting down sulking “Oh come on Kopa that was funny the look on your face was too funny.” Nuka laughing and rolling around on the bank so hard it was hard for him to breath.

Kopa glared at Vitani and she knew that he was mad at her, walking up slowly to him he kept turning away not wanting to look at her but she persisted wanting to say something to him “Kopa I’m sorry I . . . I didn’t mean to make you mad at me.” She started to sob a bit Nuka laughing too much to even notice as Kopa looked at her he had never noticed but the purple in her eyes made her look really pretty and he looked off to the side “Vitani please . . . don’t cry okay I don’t like to see you cry.” He stuttered. Vitani looked up at him and never really noticed just how brave and how much he cared about her, she knew that he had saved her from the crocs before but knew what he meant when he said that until now. A loving smile went across her face “That’s sweet of you to care for me like that Kopa thank you.” He looked up their eyes meeting and neither of them moving a gust of wind blowing hard pushing Kopa into Vitani their noses and lips touching both in too much shock to move but staring into each other’s eyes. Timon and Pumbaa seeing the site and just smiling while the two of them share their first kiss “Aahhh young love isn’t it grand Pumbaa old pal?”

“Yup it sure is.” He smiled before clearing his throat causing the two cubs to quickly break apart lightly blushing both of them laughing before Zazu flew down.

“Hey Zazu what is it dad didn’t send you to check on us did he?”

“No young sire I’ve come to inform you that you are a big brother.” Kopa’s eyes lit up with excitement and started to jump around.

“Did you hear that Vitani? I’m a big brother yahooooo!!” Kopa yelled as he started running back to Pride Rock Nuka finally realizing what’s happened trying to catch up “Wow a little brother or sister” Kopa thought to himself and although it was something wonderful his mind was also pulled to the thoughts of Vitani thinking of how pretty she looked and wondered if this was that thing his mother told him about. . . .Love.
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