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To rush through life too fast is to miss everything along the way.

Sometimes people ask me why I love it so much. The sense of freedom, the sheer speed and excitement, all good guesses. No, I love running as fast as I can because sometimes the wind hits me so hard that it helps me to forget about the past. After all there's nothing I can do to change it now “Hankuna Matata” as my two friends had once taught me. Sometimes I like to see the beauty around me, but lately I've been wanting to rush past all the things that are wrong in this World.

Kasi was a cheetah like most others, she had the black spots pattern and a tanned underlying fur colour, which sometimes would appear orange if the sun caught it her in just the right way.
She was slimmer than most others, though. She had been taught that it was necessary if she wanted to be the best. And she did.

The fast she ran through the jungle, the more destruction she left behind her and the more she could forget about her past. She had never ran as fast as she did that night she ran away from her home.
Plus she liked the freedom of living away from her strict parents who had trained her to be the fastest she could be. Every decision she made at this point was proceeded by a question “Is this going to help me become better than everyone else?”

“Woah! Hey, Kasi!” Timon called out as she was running towards her two friends.
She came to a stop just in front of them.

News?” She asked, she always did like to cut right to her point.

Yep this spot if perfect!” Pumbaa said as he lifted the rock with his large stout. Slithering and crawling out from the underside were bugs of various colours, shapes and sizes.

Alright!” Kasi said as she swiped a worm into her claws and then she lifted it above her mouth, opened her jaws revealing sharp teeth that were seldom used and she dropped it into her mouth, it bounced off her tounge and slithered down her throat almost in a rhythm.

Y'know, everyone else who hangs with us is scared to do that at first.” Timon said to her.

They're nutritious and some are slimy yet satisfying and others are crunchy,” she went on as she crunched into the shell of a beetle.

Right everything you need is here, oh look these ones are the crème de la crème.” Pumbaa gently squeezed the tip of one of the insects and its innards pulsated slightly.

It was an average and laid back meal time for the trio as always, but Timon knew there was something up with her today.

“Ahem” Timon pretended to clear his through but the gross fabrication was spoken instead. “So, how did it go?

Kasi swallowed and then paused for a moment. “He was there.

His words still rang around her head, back and forth they went, sometimes they raced through her mind faster than she herself could keep up with them. “Why run from your past when you could be part of a much better future?” Stick with me and we will break this circle of life.!”
The brown lion with the dark mane and that pink scar on his eye. He told her his name was Scar, aptly named but she doubted it was his real name.

Scar had observed Kasi whenever she was within the Pridelands, day by day he filled her mind with dark thoughts. He wanted to kill his own brother, Mufasa who was the current king. And then he would kill Simba as well, claiming the kingdom for his self. He wanted Kasi to join his side and the hyena uprising.

Pfft what a loser.” Timon mocked and broke Kasi's chain of thought.

You didn't listen to him, did ya?” Pumbaa was getting concerned now. Despite the Hakuna Matata motto, he was actually smart and could tell when something was bothering his friends.

No, of course not.” Kasi lied. Nothing had made more sense to her in her life. The circle of life being nothing more than a way of controlling everyone, which she was against doing. The better future that awaited under Scar's reign, it was all true. He had convinced her. No matter what, it had to be better than eating bugs with a meerkat and warthog.

That's our girl!” Timon shouted and he jumped up on Kasi's back.
Jeez its hot out here, and I don't have any sun block. Let's get out of here and find some shade for the evening.

She nodded and they went off into the trees that blocked the sun to find a good spot for the three friends to settle down for the night. It had been an adventurous day. Mentally she was tired.
Just as they were walking though, she looked back to notice Scar and one of his loyal followers were watching in the distance. She quietly groaned as she turned away from them.

Scar and the hyena were talking on top of a raised pile of rocks. “That's her?!” “Why? Just because she can run fast?” Shenzi was slightly jealous. “... Exactly...” Scar's voice slithered out. “The circle of life will soon be broken. And she will help us do it.” The two sat for a moment, Scar looked out over the trees that sprawled out in the distance and pictured the only thing left in his imagination, an image of himself ascending Pride Rock as the king.
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