(NEW CHAPTERS!) My TLK FanFiction!

(NEW CHAPTERS!) My TLK FanFiction!

Postby KionofTheLionGuard » December 30th, 2015, 12:22 am

http://renderedbishop.deviantart.com/ga ... ign-fanfic

I made a fanfic about a fan COMIC, of The Lion King. A fanfic about a fan comic called "Kiara's Reign" by TC-96, who's a wonderful TLK artist! She even does Transformers, Reindeer, Nightmare Before Chirstmas, etc. I would post the actual story here, but it'd be too long. Not to mention it's in chapters, so.

I hope you guys enjoy it! I thought i'd paste a preview of my fanfic here so why not? Straight from Chapter 1!

UPDATE: It's all the way to Chapter 10 now.


"It was starting to get dark, so he decided to make himself at home for the night. "It feels good to get off my paws after a long day of walking." he said to himself as he admired this new land. He wondered what lies within the mountains and beyond. Maybe a nearby Pride? More mountains? All questions that could be answered tomorrow when he explores the land for himself. For tonight however, he needed some rest.

The next morning...

BONK! He awoke with the feeling of something that struck the side of his head. "Hey! What was that?" he awoke only to scan the area around him until he noticed a hyrax lying on the ground.

"A hyrax?" he said with a curious look.

As the little hyrax stood up, it looked a bit dazed, yet startled. "What's wrong little guy?" Jabari asked. It must have bumped into him trying to run from something...wait, run from something?

Suddenly, a growl came from nearby. It sounded like it came from the tall grass. He immediately stood up and prepared himself for anything that might come at him at that moment."
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