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Nora's Story (ALL books)

Nora's Story (ALL books)

Postby Timitu » November 20th, 2014, 10:46 pm

As I rewrite the story I wrote several years ago I thought I would also share it on here for those who enjoy reading.

This first post will be updated often with links to characters and pictures from the story. So if you do come back to see another book always check this first post to see what new characters are added to the story.

The characters that appear in this story so far that I have in my characters list are:

Timitu: http://www.mylionking.com/fan/art/Artis ... ar_id=1958
Nora: http://www.mylionking.com/fan/art/Artis ... ar_id=1959
Kell: http://www.mylionking.com/fan/art/Artis ... ar_id=4377
Jem: http://www.mylionking.com/fan/art/Artis ... ar_id=4378
Koroan: http://www.mylionking.com/fan/art/Artis ... ar_id=4379
Mo: http://www.mylionking.com/fan/art/Artis ... ar_id=4380
Gelato: http://www.mylionking.com/fan/art/Artis ... ar_id=4381
Levar: http://www.mylionking.com/fan/art/Artis ... ar_id=1960

Other characters you will hear mentioned that have also been drawn by me with fully finished designs are; (I will work on getting these moved into character spots on here as I know some people will be unable to see pictures posted below. As I do I will move them above. This may happen a few times today so check back if you wish to see what a character looks like while reading the story. This is just temporary and I will try to get it full MLKFAA ASAP.)

Jemima: http://fanart.lionking.org/Artists/Timitu/Jemima.jpg
Elliott: http://fanart.lionking.org/Artists/Timitu/Elliot.jpg
Drayon: http://fanart.lionking.org/Artists/Timi ... rSheet.jpg
Makie: http://fanart.lionking.org/Artists/Timi ... rChart.jpg
Mikando: http://fanart.lionking.org/Artists/Timi ... rChart.jpg

Pictures I made based off the books listed below. I will only show for the books currently posted here. Keep in mind they may contain spoilers if you have not finished that book.

The Prequel:
http://www.mylionking.com/fan/art/Artis ... work=12905

(I will add to the lists above as the story continues. I don't wish to make a bunch of threads for each book so instead everything will be found in here. The prequel and the other 4 books that come after. Each book will be added all together chapter by chapter but at the same time. There will be gaps between books if people wish to comment or ask questions I will be happy to ask. If you wish to just read in silent that is fine too. I appreciate it. Anyway let's get started.) :)
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Re: Nora's Story (ALL books)

Postby Timitu » November 20th, 2014, 10:48 pm

Chapter 1: The Attack

Night began to fall over the African grasslands and the sky had changed from its once bright blue into several shades of pink. The land had become quiet from its earlier commotion of the day and many of the birds were settling in the nearby trees chatting about their days events. While the land animals got together with their families ready for the nights rest. The peaceful feeling in the air brought much relaxation to many of the animals around all of them remembering back to a time not long ago when life was not as great, or as peaceful as it was this night.

A golden lion with a dark reddish coloured mane moved along the grass heading toward a hill, and the rock cave that was there. He had rather relaxed movement to him as he entered the den. His blue eyes quickly fell upon the lighter coloured female in the den, she had, cradled in her front paws little girl cub only a couple of days old and three other cubs curled up beside her after supper. A young male and female cub were in the back of the cave resting as well, they did not notice their father enter.

“Hello Jem.” The lion said as he approached her and nuzzled her.

She returned the nuzzle. “Hello Kell.” She replied. “Did you talk to Mo?”

“I did, and he said you are welcome to return with our cubs whenever you are ready.” The lion said stretching his front paws.

“So things are getting better back home?”

“It is. Things have been getting better ever since Mo took over our old pride. I knew he would make a good king. He has had many years of experience and he knows how to get things done. But once again we have a king but no cub of his to follow in his paw prints.”

"That may be a problem but hopefully we will not have to worry too soon. Who knows maybe Koroan will be the next king. He does have the mark of the king." Kell nodded over toward their oldest cub sleeping in the back of the den.

"He is not the only one Kell. Look." Jem moved her nose down nuzzling the little cub in her paws who moved slightly showing off a perfect paw print birth mark on her left shoulder. "She has it too."

"Is she the only one?"

"Yes. None of the others have it. The wise monkey is right. The birth mark is starting to fade. But she cannot be king. Queen maybe but it still would not fit the great kings prophecy handed down to the wise monkey."

"There is still two. This means it is not up yet. It is the last cub to have it who will be the great ruler. While there is still two of them neither are the last." Kell smiled and turned and licked Jem’s face. “I can’t wait to bring them back to the pride. I can’t wait to show them to Mo."

"Let’s wait till they are a bit older before we take these ones back. But if the pride is safe, and Mo has agreed your oldest can go back in the morning."

Kell stayed the night at the den. It had been so long since they had been a family. After telling his oldest two cubs about the journey the next morning they all snuggled down together as a family for a good night's rest.

It was late into the night when something caught Kell's ears. His eyes shot open and he lifted his head to look around. Jumping to his feet he sniffed the air, he knew that smell.

Jem, still with her eyes closed quietly asked "Kell, what is it?"

“Shhh.” His dark blue eyes darted from side to side as he slowly moved to the cave entrance. “Do you smell that?” He whispered.

“No what is it?” Jem still really tired but at least opening her eyes to see him.

“Stay here. I am going to go check.”

Kell walked slowly out of the den and looking around. He moved over to the edge of the land and looked down into the valley before him. He saw nothing unusual when suddenly a dark figure approached from beside him. Kell jumped and turned to look at the figure who he could not make out who or even what it really was.

“Well Kell, I see your back to our land.” The creature replied.

“Your land? If I am not mistaken, we are still on the edge of Mo’s land.”

The animal in front of him smiled his white teeth showing in the moon light. “You are mistaken, because we are here to reclaim our land, and it does not look like Mo is here to stop us from doing so.”

“Are you forgetting one thing, if you want this land you have to take it back from the male. If Mo is not here to defend his pride, I will.” Kell lowered his head with a snarl. “JEM.” He called as she left the den. “We must kill this intruder.” Kell said turning back to the creature. The young male and female cub, seeing that their parents were gone quickly ran to the edge of the cave entrance and looked out at them.

The creature laughed.

“What are you laughing at? Now it is two against one, run away unless you’re stupid enough to fight back. I guarantee you will lose.” Jem growled as she walked up from behind him.

The creature moved out of the way revealing an area in the valley where close to a hundred glowing eyes were heading in the direction of them. Kell and Jem backed up their eyes widened. Kell turned to Jem. “Quick… Get the cubs.” Jem turned and began to run when suddenly the attack was on. Several hyenas came running from the grass jumping at Kell taking him to the ground. He swatted his large paw at them and kicked several with his back feet as he pulled himself from them. He quickly stood up on his back feet swiping at them as they approached him. Jem had just reached the den when several more hyenas jumped at her tacking her down while several others went into the den. The young female and male cubs tried to fight off angrily, the approaching hyena but he suddenly grabbed the little girl in his mouth and bit down on her before throwing her out into a crowd of hungry hyenas. The young boy listened to his sisters cries till they faded into the growls and snaps as the hyena’s fought over her.

Jem beat several of the hyenas off with her paws as she jumped out from them she quickly swatted at one of the hyena’s who had just about to grab the baby girl who had been in her front paws, in its mouth. Its mouth closed throwing the cub into the air as the Hyena was pushed aside.

“NO!” Jem called as she went to try and save her. More Hyenas jumped on Jem pushing her into the ground as more went into the cave. Jem could hear the cries of the cubs as they killed them. She struggled to get free crying out for the cubs. Kell suddenly yelled over to her.

“Jem, we can’t fight this. We must go. If our family has any chance of survival we must get out of here. Now. Lure the Hyenas away from the den.” Kell yelled.

Jem looked over as one of the Hyenas found their oldest son and attacked him. Jem struggled with everything she had and stretched out her claws as she swatted the hyena who was killing the cubs on the back end cutting him rather deeply. He turned and looked at her rather angry as and Jem freed herself and began to run with Kell at her side. Out of the den at the same time, now feeling his chance Koroan made a run for it to his parents. As Kell ran to catch up with Jem he quickly spotted his son and darted over and quickly grabbed him by the nap of the neck and took off with Jem into the night with the Hyenas chasing after them.

Kell and Jem had ran much of the night, it was just before dawn that they were finally able to lose the tiring hyenas. Hiding together cramped up under a fallen tree roots in the marshy lands in the mud and water. After there had not been much sign of Hyenas for much time Kell crawled out of the hole covered in mud and water. He looked around not having any idea where he was, but at least there was no sign of the hyenas. Kell turned back to his family. “It is safe.” He said. Jem picked up Kell’s shaken young son and crawled out after Kell and stood beside him.

“Dad, where are we?”

“I don’t know Koroan, but at least we are safe. Mo must be alerted to this before it is too late. But first we must head back to our den to find any cubs that may have survived." Kell walked out of the muddy water with his family. "Come on, let’s get going back.” He said picking up his son and walking off with Jem at his side once again.
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Re: Nora's Story (ALL books)

Postby Timitu » November 20th, 2014, 10:50 pm

Chapter 2: New Hope

The sun began to rise over the land that had once been called home to the lions Kell and Jem, and their cubs. It would have at one time fell over the playful cubs as they chased bugs in the tall grass, and over Kell and Jem as they watched over them. But this morning the sun fell over the blood for the recent attack and the bodies of several new baby cubs as they lay lifeless in the morning sun.

The sight had already brought along the vultures that swooped down to eat away at the body of the young female cub that lay lifeless out in the grass. The vultures slowly testing out going into the cave to eat at the bodies in there. The sight of the vultures and the smell of blood would soon attract much unwanted attention from scavengers.

First on the scene was a lion much like Kell only with a deep black mane. He was out making his rounds and looking for some food. He did not technically belong to any pride. He wondered freely, of course the smell of blood had brought him to what he thought was breakfast but when his eyes fell upon the den and the cubs his heart sank. “No, this is not good.” He said as his eyes fell upon the young girl cub. His eyes went toward the cave where two of the new born cubs lay lifeless and another one further in the den. “What happened here?” The lion asked himself when suddenly a soft noise cause his attention. A slight cry that he would not have heard if even the wind had been blowing at the time. The lion moved quickly toward the den and stepped inside. He could hear it much better here and he began to follow the noise.

He turned his head to see a small new born female cub laying in the corner of the cave. Her face was bleeding badly, but she was moving and crying out in search of food and warmth. The lion looked around, “I wonder where her parents are?” He said to himself. He then approached her and bent down in front of her and licked her face a few times as she continued to cry out, calling for her mother.

The lion cleaned over her face and noticed that right around her right eye had been cut in a strange sort of a Y shaped cut. The lion knew if he left her here she would soon die like the others. He also noticed the strange paw print marking on her arm and knew right away what he had to do. He leaned over her, “Don’t worry little one. Your safe now, you can come with me. I know someone who can help you.” He picked her up gently and turned and walked out into the sunlight again and took began to walk back from the direction he had come from.

He had walked till it was the afternoon before he reached a rather beautiful area of land. The river flowing just by a large den, with several trees to play around for young lions. The younger pride members were actively playing around while the others rested comfortably. Sitting on a large rock near the edge of the resting area was another lion. Thick black mane, only two grey patches at either side of his face. He was a lot darker then the lion carrying the cub. While normally the presence of another male lion would bring fear and threat to a pride, this intruder brought a smile to the lion's face. “Timitu, it has been a while my friend since I have seen you.” The lion said with a slight bow of his head. “What’s that you have there? Is she yours?” The lion questioned.

Timitu gently set the cub down who was just barely making any noise or moving. “No I found her Drayon. Not sure what happened to her parents but it looks like a hyena attack.” Timitu responded. “How is Jemima? And Gelato… her son right?”

“They are fine. She is in the den with him now.”

“Thank you. I must talk to her.” Timitu, once again picked up the young cub and heading off toward the den.

Timitu entered the dark den to see Jemima, a light coloured lioness feeding her son who was not much older than the cub he had in his mouth. Her eyes widened when she was the baby he had brought in.

“Jemima I must ask a favor from you. I found this cub, she will die without a mother.” He said setting her down beside the other cub.

“Oh of course Timitu, poor thing. Where did you find her?” The lioness asked as the little cub began to move over to the lioness to find a good place to feed. She put her paw angrily on Gelato’s face pushing him away. Gelato let out a growl at her. “Hey no fighting.” She called out as the new cub found her own place.

“Over on the other side of the pride lands. Just outside its borders. I was on a walk when I smelt the blood. I decided to check it out and found several cubs had been murdered and that is why this one has a cut on her face I think. She is very lucky to be alive.” Timitu replied.

The clouds had begun to cover the sky as Timitu left the den once again to see his friend. “How is the cub?” Drayon asked.

“She looks to be doing well. Better than I expected. She has a chance of living now.”

“Did you see the paw mark on her shoulder?”

Timitu turned quickly to him. “I did.”

“Do you think she is one of Mo’s?”

“Not his own, she looks too different then him. Nothing like him in fact.”

Drayon sat down leaning in to Timitu he whispered, “You know who she reminds me of? Kell." He paused only for a brief moment looking over his shoulder at the sound of others passing behind him. His brown eyes darted back to Timitu. "Does she not?”

Timitu smiled slightly. “She does. For she is not mine, and I am the only with such a colour of fur as hers. Perhaps she is Kell’s.” His smile faded. “But then that means something must have happened to Kell. Someone should tell Mo. When she is old enough she should really go back to him.

“What’s going on you two?” A friendly crimson coloured lioness asked as she approached the two. A great smile came over her face as her eyes fell upon Timitu. “It has been a long time since you have been here. What has brought you?”

“Timitu found a cub.” Drayon said.

“You did? Where?" Her excitement caught the attention of some of the others and she paused to look at them as they finally went back to what they were doing she lowered her voice and continued. "You know you should leave them. We don’t have much more room around here.”

“What are you talking about Elliott, we only have one baby.” Drayon replied.

“And he is enough as it is.” She said rolling her eyes.

Timitu tried to smile. “Yeah well she is in the den with Jemima. I think she might be Kell’s little one.”

“Why isn’t she with Kell and Jem then?”

“That I do not know. I never found them. Alive... or dead. Hopefully they made it away. But she was not the only cub there. She was the only one still alive when I got there though. She is extremely lucky to have survived.”

“You should go see Mo, if this is the case. Does she have the paw print, is that how you know.”

“She does.”

“What?” a voice called out from behind them. The group spun around to see a rather tall skinny male lion, his face looked rather young but his mane was darting to run thin and was white. On both shoulders was a paw mark much like the cubs. Only his displayed the claw marks out. A birthmark that had passed down through generations, and defined him as the great king wherever he went. “What is this you say about a cub being born with the birthmark of my blood?”

Timitu lowered his head in a bow of respect to the lion standing by him. “She is in the den. I think she might be your nephew’s.”

“Let me see her.” The lion took off without a moment of hesitation the others followed him catching the eyes of the others outside the den alerting them to something in the den that they might wish to know more about. They slowly got up one by one to join the gathering in the cave.

Jemima looked up at the sudden audience with a rather confused look. "Mo just wishes to see the new cub." Timitu said as he stepped aside letting Mo approach carefully. All attention was turned to the newborn cubs now in Jemima's paws both sound asleep. The orange coloured one was on top of the other one. Her marking easily seen by everyone now looking in.

Mo bent down to sniff her “She is Kell’s alright. Why isn’t she with him?” He turned to Timitu.

“Looks like a hyena attack, look at the mark on her face. She is lucky to be alive, and possibly is the only cub who is heir to your throne now.” Timitu replied.

There was nothing said for a moment as Mo closed his icy blue eyes, the thought of the possibility of his nephews and family's death running though his mind. Truly this tiny cub could be the one they had all hopped for all these years. She could be the last cub. But she came to them at such a bad time. Mo opened his eyes and turned back to walk out of the cave having many of the others at the entrance scrabble back to their places to clear a path. Mo did not miss a step as he walked out turning to Timitu and Drayon who followed closely on either side of him. "She must live. Poor little thing. Let’s keep her warm for the night. I will return when she is a cub. If her parents are not found by then, she will be mine. I will look after her. She is after all the last living of my blood if it is true, and so she should be treated as such. But being so young she should not be away from a mother, so I let her stay here till she is ready to leave.”

Timitu and Drayon nodded in response. Mo stopped once he got back out of the cave and back to the rock they had greeted on. He turned back to group he originally met on the rock moments earlier. “Look after her well. I must go now.”

“Wait…” Timitu yelled out. As Mo headed off. He stopped in his tracks and turned back to the lions on the rock once again. “What should we call her?” Timitu asked.

There was some silence for a moment as Mo turned back toward the forest to think. Finally he turned back to them. “Call her Nora.”
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Re: Nora's Story (ALL books)

Postby Timitu » November 20th, 2014, 10:53 pm

Chapter 3: Takeover

The next two months seemed to fly by fast for the pride as Nora and Gelato grew into two young cubs. There was never a dull moment the older they got, for the whole pride. Timitu, though normally a rogue of the land, returned often. She was Nora's favourite of all the others there. It was always a highlight for her when he would come to visit. This was special because she was also never told about how she came to be in the pride itself. Nora also never really questioned it. She was treated like a sibling to Gelato, and that is how she felt. She never had any idea that she was different from the rest of her pride.

When Timitu was not around Nora enjoyed time to herself or playing with Gelato. Though Gelato easily made friends in neighbouring prides friends of their own pride, Nora was not as interested in many of the other cubs. She was shy and would go off by herself if the other cubs came around to play.

Late one afternoon Timitu had just returned to the pride for a visit with a rather large kill for the pride to eat. After a big dinner Timitu took to the top of the rocky den looking over the sunset. Nora of course, having a good sense of finding him made her way up there with him. Walking up she nuzzled his face and rested down in his paws looking out around the land as the sun set. “Timitu, what is it like to be a wanderer like you?” She asked breaking the silence.

Timitu was shocked at the question. “Not really easy, but it is who I am.”

“Can’t you find your family?” Nora asked.

He smiled awkwardly back at her. “I know my family.”

“Then why aren’t you with them?”

“Cause the pride is a rather large one, they have no need for me anymore. So I am off in search of my own pride now.”

Nora rested her head down on his arm and a thought came to her unlike any she had ever had before. “Why don’t I know my family?” Nora finally asked.

Timitu’s smile faded for a moment. “You know you ask too many questions I can’t answer.”


“I don’t know the answer.”


“You do way too much thinking Nora." Timitu stood up stretching his paws as she slipped out of them. She looked back up at him with her big brown eyes. The gash in her face healed up nicely but left a rather noticeable scar. "Come with me Nora, let’s go for a walk." He said slowly climbing down off the den area watching as Nora got down bit by bit. Then he started walking off into the grass toward the waterhole.

Timitu walked through the long grass, Nora bounding at his side trying to keep up. “Your too big Timitu, I can't walk as fast as you can.” She shouted as she bounded along to keep up.

“Trust me it won't be long before your beating me.” Timitu said slowing down so she could catch up. “So now it is my turn to ask the questions.” He smiled. “Why don’t you play with Gelato and his friends?”

“They are annoying.” Nora said with a slight disgusted look on her face. "Well not Gelato. Though sometimes he is. He is really weird. Are you sure he did not fall out of the den on his head when he was younger."

Timitu held back a laugh. "Where did you learn that talk?"

"Gelato's friends... see what I mean." Nora replies shifting her eyes back and forth.

"Perhaps." He said smiling down at her. "But if you don't learn to play with the other cubs how will you learn to wrestle. You need to be big, strong and quick to one day defend our pride if any bad guys want to get in."

"I am strong. I can fight you. And you’re the toughest lion I know.” Nora said leaping at his front leg as hard as she could.

Thinking quickly Timitu rolled over on his back and acted the part of the one being defeated. Nora crawled up onto his chest looking down at him with a smirk. "See I pinned you. That was easy."

“You think so do you?” He said pushing her off with one paw and holding her gently but with some force into the ground. “Well now I pinned you.”

“Let me up Timitu.” She growled playfully her little claws scratching at his paw.

“Naa one second. Let me see your eye. How is it doing?”

“Same as last time you looked.” Nora said staring back at him.

Timitu laughed slightly. “It is looking good. It will show for the rest of your life though I think.” He said lifting his paw off of her and letting her up.

“Rarrr” Nora jumped back at him just as Timitu caught the sight of Elliott walking toward him. Her concerned look caught Timitu off guard and he did not even notice the little cub at his feet.

"What is wrong?" He asked his ears lowering at the sight of her concerned face.

“Timitu, I am afraid you have to leave. Danny is returning, and he will not take kindly to you coming back to the pride.” Elliott said quickly.

“What? I thought he was not part of the pride anymore.” Timitu replied rather quickly, remembering Drayon’s oldest son who was kicked out form the pride earlier by brutally murdering his younger half-brother.

“He wasn’t. Your sister left with him but now that they are going to have cubs of their own he would not take kindly to the old king returning.” She said. “I am sorry Timitu. I know this place means a lot to you.” She looked down at Nora who was still trying to get Timitu to play with her.

Timitu’s gaze fell to her as well for a moment. “Will she be ok? I mean her and Gelato are young and still a threat to him.”

“He would never hurt Jemima’s cub. It is his own flesh and blood as well. Though not his own son but that of his sister. He would not harm him. And Nora is no threat to him. I would not put it past him to groom her to be his future queen.”

The distressed feeling came over Timitu. He did not want Nora to face a takeover. He knew from Danny's history that it would be a violent take over if Timitu was to stay. He also knew his life was not life for a tiny cub. He could only hope Mo would return soon to take her away before Danny even knew of her existence. After a long pause between the two of them Timitu finally spoke. “Well can I have a moment with her before I leave?”

Elliott nodded and slowly walked back to the den.

Timitu walked away just as Nora went to jump at his paw again and she fell. “Come on Nora. I need to talk to you.” He said walking with his head lowered in sadness. He only walked a short distance before he stopped once again and sat down. Nora walked up beside him looking up at him with curious eyes. “Nora, I am going on a little journey. But I will be back.”

“Why are you leaving?” Nora thought for a moment and then a big smile came over her face. "Are you going to find a mate, and bring her back and get some cubs for me to play with that aren’t as weird as Gelato.”

Timitu chuckled though his tears. “Yes Nora, That is what I am doing. But till then you have to promise me to find yourself a friend to play with. You can't be all by yourself all your life.”

Nora nuzzled Timitu's paw her smile fading. "Ok Timitu. I promise I will find a friend before you come back. But then when you come back I will have more friends.”

“I hope so." Timitu said looking up into the night sky. "I really hope so.”

“I will miss you.”

“I will miss you too.” He said with a quick nuzzle as he leaned down to her. He then smiled at her. “Now before I go, get Elliott while she is not looking. Like you do with me. Sneak up to her and pounce on her.” He said looking up over toward the crimson lioness sitting with her back toward Timitu still within sight waiting for their talk to be over.

Nora nodded and took off into the grass careful not to be heard. When she made it near her target she jumped out of the grass at Elliott's tail taking a bite out of it. She let go just as Elliott jumped a few feet into the air. Nora laughed at it. She landed on the ground spun around in the direction of the little cub her hair all up on end.

“Did you see that Timitu? Look how high she jumped.” Nora laughed turning to look back at her old friend. Her laughter faded. "Timitu?" She got up onto her feet and walked a little in the direction of where she last saw him her eyes darting around the darkness. "Timitu?"

"That was not funny Nora." Elliott growled as she walked over to her. “Come on we have to get you cleaned up.” She said as she picked up the cub in her mouth and turned to walk away. Nora's eyes fixed onto the spot where she had last seen her friend till it was out of her vision and then she closed her eyes.

Nora was taken back to the pride once again and plopped down in a group of lionesses. "She needs a bath I think." Elliott said as Nora slowly opened her eyes once again.

Jemima smiled and picked her up. "It is her turn anyway. Gelato will lose all of his fur if he keeps this up."

Gelato turned angrily to look at his mother as she pushed him away to get Nora to clean her. He was a rather tall, lanky cub with a fluffy dark tufts of hair growing in on his head. He turned his attention toward Nora who sat there not moving as she was groomed. "What did you do today Nora?” He asked.

“Timitu left me.” Nora whispered to the cub in front of her.

Gelato ran over to her and sat down in front of her. “Really, I played tag with the others all day. It was crazy. I was the hunter 27 times today.”

“I thought being the hunter means you have been caught." Nora said looking at him though half closed eyes. "And therefore are not quick enough to get away.”

“Naa, I love being the hunter. I love sneaking up and catching someone when they least expect it.” He said as he said as he watched a bug fly around before jumping off the rock and catching it. Nora did not move. Her heart was broken. Timitu often left but she sensed that this one meant a lot more.

It was the worst sleep Nora had ever had that night. By the time the morning sun came up she was already out of the cave and sitting on top of the den waiting for Timitu. Watching for him in the distance. Nora did this day after day and when dinner came she did not eat. She just sat there looking at it. Gelato often finishing up her food.

“I think we should get Mo to take her now, she needs something else in her life.” Elliott told Drayon as the two sat and watched her one evening. “Timitu was like a father to her. She should have gotten her taken out before we removed Timitu. He could have still been here. Danny is still not returned."

“I can be a father to her.” Drayon replied. “I am strong and defiantly better looking than Timitu.” He said with a grin at Elliott.

She pushed him back with her paw. “Stop it.” She said with a laugh. "She needs more than that. Someone she can connect with. She felt a connection with Timitu because he saved her life."

“Yes but she does not know he saved her. So how can that be a connection? Just anyone could take her place."

“There was still something there though. Mo is of her blood. We can only hope she will find a connection with him as well.”

“What are you two up so late out here for?” A strong dark coloured lion with a dark mane said walking into the group looking over at Elliott and then at Drayon.

“I am just leavening.” Elliott replied standing up and just slightly nuzzling her friend beside her. “Taking Nora to go be with Mo. I think she needs that now.”

“Good, she sure does not belong in our pride if she is just going to sit there and starve herself to death only to bring the scavengers to us.” Danny replied his cold dark green eyes falling upon Elliott.

"You know of the cub then?" Elliott asked the lion standing in front of her.

"Of course... Word about that little runt gets around fast when she has the paw print of her father. It is amazing she is... alive." He turned to look at her as she rested over by the cave.

"Yes... Well she will not be your concern. She is Mo's do deal with. I will take her to him now." Elliott said bowing her head in reluctant respect for the lion standing in front of her. She walked over to the little cub. Nora did not move as she approached. "Come on Nora. I have a new place to show you." She said picking her up in her mouth and walking off into the night trying not to even look back at the evil that would soon take over her pride, her home, her family.
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Re: Nora's Story (ALL books)

Postby Timitu » November 20th, 2014, 10:54 pm

Chapter 4: A New Home

It was rather late into the night when Elliott reached the boarder of Mo's Land. She walked through the grass towards the boarder itself and just as she was about to pass a large dark fluffy lion popped has head suddenly out of the grass and stared at her with his dark brown eyes. She stared back at him in shock theirs eyes meeting in a sudden cat like staring contest. The large dark lion slowly raised his paw up in front of her holding it in front of her face as if to stay stop.

He spoke in a deep voice, “Before you can pass you must answer these questions three.”

Elliott backed up with a confused face and slowly put the cub on the ground. The big lion watched her as she did so. Nora just flopped down not really caring about anything going on around her.

The lion stopped and looked at the cub. “She is not very lively." He said in his more normal voice. His eyes returned to Elliott. "We ask you don’t bring your dead or dying here.”

“She is not dying Mackie. She is now Mo’s heir to the throne the only one of his blood still alive besides himself.”

The lion leaned down to smell her. “She does not look lively are you sure she is still alive.”

“She is still breathing. She is just upset, she needs something to live for. She just had the one she was closest to leave her.”

“Cheer up cub.” Mackie said sticking his paw under her and lifting her to her feet. “You should be the happiest lioness here because this land will one day be yours. You’re a little princess you know.” He said looking over at the paw mark. He looked back up at Elliott, “Wow you’re not lying. She really is the next queen of this land.” Mackie bowed down to her and for the first time her vision seemed to fall upon the strange lion as she looked at him unsure of how to react, though not even paying attention to his words. “You may of course pass and see Mo. He will be thrilled to see her I am sure.” The lion lifted his paw and pointed it inward.

Elliott picked up Nora once again who was a little more alert as she looked around the land as she passed it. Several lionesses laid up in the branches of the trees near by fast asleep. They followed a nice dirt path till she could hear water running. Then as they walked up a hill, she could see a waterfall that led to a small pond and then out into a stream. The rich vegetation around the area had grown many plants and trees providing the place with shade. It was probably the most beautiful place she had ever seen. The large den that the waterfall fell right nearby was rather large. Something you could only expect for one of the greatest of kings. Elliott having been there before herself did not stop to look at the sights making Nora even more interested in them as she walked past everything and along a rock path stepping up into the den with the little cub still in her mouth. Nora’s worried eyes scanned the place as well, once again no cubs her age in sight. Elliott set Nora down between her paws and looked around the den of sleeping lions and lionesses. “Mo? Mo you in here?” She whispered.

“Mo is up on look out for a little while longer. You can meet with him up there.” A skinny scruffy looking tall lion with brown fur and a black mane said glancing over at them before he yawned and went back to sleep.

“Thanks Mikando.” Elliott said as she picked up Nora once again and walked out of the den heading over to a large tree at the top of the hill from where she came from moments earlier and set Nora down once again. “So you saw us come in did you?”

“I see it all.” Mo said with a playful smile as he hoped down from the tree and walked up to Elliott. “How is she doing?”

“See for yourself?” Elliott replied looking down at the cub between her paws.

Mo looked at her and smiled. “She looks just like him. Only lighter and brown eyes.”

“Timitu had to leave, she has been starving herself for days now. She needs someone else to look up to. I thought it would be best if she go with you before she gets attached to the others around our pride.”

“Drayon is not a good father for her.” Mo said turning and looking away.

Elliott lowered her ears. “You know he still wishes you were his friend again Mo.”

“Some things just cannot be forgiven. He has to learn the hard way I guess." Mo replied.

“I see, well perhaps sometime you will reconsider. Till then…” Elliott said leaning down. “Nora you stay with Mo. He is a wonderful lion and he will look after you. Our pride is not that far away, if you don’t like it in a few days Mo will take you back to us ok.” She said as she nudged Nora toward the strange lion.

“Don’t worry Nora. Here you will be treated like a queen. For that is what you will one day become.” Mo said reaching out a gentle paw and pulling her over. She sadly flopped down onto his large paw and watched as Elliott said goodbye to Mo and then headed off down the path once again.

Mo leaned down and picked Nora up in his mouth and put her in a standing position from which she slouched down. “Come on Nora. I have some food for you. Just for you. Hope your hungry.” He said as he got up and started to walk toward the den. He turned and looked over his shoulder at her as she slowly got up to a standing position and began to follow him her head hung low.

“Nora, this is your new home. And it will be for the rest of your days. I know you miss someone deeply, and you miss your pride. They will miss you too. But it is said only you will be able to bring the prides together again. We need you to be strong. When you are strong, and only then, will Timitu be able to return. It is not safe for him right now. He needed to go somewhere safe." Mo stopped to look back at her as she walked sadly along behind him. Mo approached her and bent down. "If Timitu did not leave you would have lost him forever. For now, it is just a see you later."

Nora looked up at the big strange lion in front of her and for the first time she saw the paw print on his shoulder much like hers. She glanced at it quickly, and then back at the lion. "How do you know Timitu is ok? Is he here?" She asked softly.

"No, he is not with us. But I know Timitu. I have known him since he was a cub. I know he is the best. He has survived many years on his own. He can do it again. He is a good friend of mine and I look out for him as well."

Nora smiled slightly at this.

"Now come on, you must be starving. If you want to be big and strong you need to come and eat like a queen." He said as he bent down and picked her up in his mouth. He then took off running toward the den. Nora giggled with excitement as she moved through the air as fast as a grown lion. Once at the den her smile faded as he slowed down and put her up on a small rock like bed in the corner with a whole leg of a zebra sitting in front of her. “Eat it up Nora.” He said reaching his paw up and patting her on the head. "You see that lion over there." Mo said pointing to a tall skinny lion in the corner who Elliott had found in the cave earlier. "His name is Mikando. He grew up with Timitu. One of his closest friends. I am sure the two of you will have a lot in common." Mo started to walk away but then stopped and looked back at the little cub who sat there looking at the food. "Timitu is a wonderful lion and he would not want you to starve would he."

Nora shook her head no.

“Well then eat your share. Make him proud when he comes and sees you again one day.” Mo turned around and headed over to his sleeping area of the den. “When your done come over and get some rest. We will have much to talk about in the morning.” He said before he flopped down.

Nora looked down at the leg and then began to eat it. She was not really used to eating meat as much, She had only had it once before and it was much different from the milk she had been getting the rest of her life. She enjoyed it but it was difficult to chew and normally made her jaw sore. But she began to eat anyway and her rumbling stomach began to demand more as it began to get food once again.

After finishing almost the whole leg she got up and looked around. Seemed most of the others were fast asleep. She was rather thirsty though. She got up from her eating area and jumped down off the rock and walked out of the den. Immediately she felt a strange cold wind. Her eyes scanned the area around her as she heard some noises. A thin green mist covered the ground at her feet. Feeling slightly nervous she ran over to the pond area and got a quick drink before running as fast as she could back into the den and over to Mo.

Making it to his side she then quickly curled up beside him nuzzling against his front leg trying to keep warm. Her eyes were pressed shut hoping that nothing would have followed her into the den and that if she decided to open her eyes again that she would not see a large toothed monster about to devour her. Remaining tense Nora kept her claws out in case she needed them to attack. Too afraid to open her eyes she kept them closed till she became exhausted from fear and from eating so much and soon she was fast asleep beside Mo becoming relaxed and off dreaming about the happier times she had had before all this had happened.
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Re: Nora's Story (ALL books)

Postby Timitu » November 20th, 2014, 10:56 pm

Chapter 5: A New Family

The sun fell over Nora’s face only a few short hours later. She pressed her tiny eyes shut and then opened them slowly again into the blinding light. She quickly looked away and stretched forgetting where she was. When she noticed no one else was in the den with her anymore she stood up and walked out into the sunlight where she spotted Mo sitting on the rock ledge looking out over the river. She approached him and sat down beside him.

Mo sat for a moment before turning to look at her. “So how was your rest? Feeling any better yet?”

“No.” Nora said with a yawn. She looked down taking a moment to realize the rumbling from the water fall so close under her feet.

“Well come with me.” Mo said putting his paw around her and pulling her into a standing position. “Let us go for a little walk.” He said easily jumping down the stone path to the ground below. Nora did not move she still looked down at the ground in front of her. “Nora?” Mo said turning to look over his shoulder. “Timitu would not want you to be sad, he would want you to be strong. He has friends throughout this pride, you are not the only one. So come with me, let’s talk. I have much to learn from you.”

Nora turned back to him and saw a gentle smile come across his face. The young cub stepped forward and then began to jump down the rocks till the got to the ground and followed him away from the den running to try and keep up.

Mo led the way out into a large grassy field. The bright morning sun dancing off the long blades of grass as the wind tossed them from side to side. Both lions said nothing for some time.

“How did you know Timitu?” Nora finally asked Mo.

“Once, not that long ago really, our prides were all connected. We are all sort of family, even if it is distant.”

“Then what made you guys split up?”

Mo smiled for a moment. “Times change. We all changed. It became obvious that we would go our serpent ways, and this would be good for our prides. Timitu’s Pride was the larger of the two.”

“So Timitu was part of your pride once?”

“He was, as well as Elliot and Drayon and the others. It was getting to be too big, fights were happening and there was not enough food to feed us all in one hunt.”

“Are you happy now that you guys are apart?” Nora asked catching up again.

“Not happy exactly. But not unhappy either. I did what I felt was best for them even if it would hurt to leave my friends behind. I would never let anything happen to them or ever abandon them though. If they needed me I would fight to the end for them still. That is what a good leader does Nora.”

“Then why did Timitu leave us?”

Mo bowed his head slightly as he stopped on top of a large hill and sat down. Nora walked up beside him. “I don’t know Nora. He must have had a reason. He would never leave for nothing.”

She sat down beside Mo and there was once again nothing said as she looked out over the land. “So is this all your land.” She said changing the topic.

“Most of it. And Nora, one day it will be yours!”

Nora looked up in shock at Mo. “What? Why would it be mine?”

Mo reached out his paw and touched her shoulder at the paw mark on her shoulder. “You’re the only cub I know born with that mark. Much like my own.” He said looking down at his own shoulder.

“But you have two. I only have one.” She said looking over to her right shoulder that had no markings.

“Yes but it is still there. More than anyone else I know.”

“So are you my dad?” Nora asked hopeful.

Mo looked shocked for a moment then looked down at her. “No. I am not your dad.” He said with a smile.

Nora looked down sadly. “Oh.”

Mo noticed her sadness. “I did know your father though. Quite well actually. We had been friends for years. He and your mother were very valued friends of mine. And I do miss them.”

“Mo?” The dark lion said approaching them. “Can we walk back to the den? I need to talk to you alone for a moment.”

Mo nodded. “Come with me Nora. I will take you back with me.”

“I can’t talk with the cub here though.” The lion whispered.

“Makie it is ok. I just need her to come to the den then we will have time to talk.”

“Oh.” The lion said with a smile and fell back to look at Nora as she walked back rather sadly. “So how are you liking it here?” He asked.

Nora smiled slightly. “It is ok.” She replied.

“Ok… Just ok?” Makie replied rather silly like. “Mo you got to have some fun. What were you doing just sitting around talking to her?”

“Yes, what else did you want me to do?” Mo asked.

“Have some fun. Chase some birds. Like this.” Makie said running off into the distance chancing some birds and jumping in the air trying to catch them.

Nora laughed as she watched the lion playfully leap at the birds. “Overgrown cub that Makie is. I don’t know when he will ever grow up.” Mo said with a laugh.

Nora followed Mo back to the den and then he turned to her once again. “Nora you stay within the dens sight when I am gone. I have to go talk to Makie. You understand?” He asked.

Nora nodded as she sat down on the rock.

“I won’t be too long.” He said with a smile before heading off back down the path to where Makie was still chasing the birds.

The rest of the day seemed to go by fast. Nora spent much of her time by herself playing with bugs but found herself getting entertained by Makie as night began to fall. It was not long before everyone was passing out fast asleep. Nora in her spot she had been earlier with Mo. She soon fell into a deep sleep.

She walked along a river chasing after a butterfly till she came to a shadow in front of her. It was a cub only a bit older then her. She stopped for a moment looking at it. It only looked at her and then turned and walked away. Curious, Nora followed the cub along the path. She followed him through the shadows. “Who are you?” She asked, but the cub did not answer. "Did Timitu send you? Are you here to be my friend?"

Nora continued to follow the cub up over a hill and across the land. The cub continued to look over its shoulder and at her and then once it broke into a run. She followed it desperately trying to keep up. She came to a sudden stop when the cub suddenly disappeared.

All around her were footprints of blood. She looked around her ears and tail lowering as she walked forward very cautious. She saw figures, shadows all around her suddenly but could not make out who they were.

“You will pay for this!” A voice boomed. They began to run toward her. Frightened Nora turned and ran for her life her heart beating. She was chased to a high cliff point. She was trapped. There stood an adolescent male. He was talking to another male that looked much like him close to the same age. But before anything could be said the other lion came and attacked him. A fight broke out and suddenly everything faded back to Nora standing at the river again. Nora could feel her heart racing as she looked up to see the figure. Suddenly two very unkempt wings came out of his back. He turned to look at her, and then looked down at the water before looking back up at her. “Nora, I am waiting for you.”
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Re: Nora's Story (ALL books)

Postby Timitu » November 20th, 2014, 10:58 pm

Chapter 6: Levar

Nora’s eyes shot open her heart still racing. She looked around the den. She was still safe with her new pride. She lowered her head to her paws when suddenly she caught a strange sent. She lifted her head again and looked around. Outside once again was the low green mist. She wanted to put her head down again but couldn’t. She got up and looked back at Mo who was fast asleep. Just a quick look would not hurt. She thought as she walked over the pride members carefully and headed out of the den. She could see nothing. She quickly hopped down the path of stones till she got to the river.

“The cub was looking into the water.” She said quietly to herself. “What was he looking at?” She walked cautiously up to the river itself and looked down into it. The reflection of the night sky and the moon were distorted as a light cool breeze came by, but as it stilled Nora was looking down at two cub reflections in the river. Her and a greyish brown cub with a small brown tuft of mane on top of his head brushed back.

Nora froze as the cub walked up to the water and leaned down to get a drink. “She is a little young to be on her own this late. Wonder if the Hyena’s will get her.” The cub said with a slight smile before drinking from the cool pond.

Nora frowned. "Excuse me? I am not too young.” Nora said looking up at the actual cub standing on the other side of the water.

The cub stopped moving his head still bent down by the water, only his greyish blue eyes slowly peered up at her looking at her and studying her for a moment. But it was only a moment and then he turned and ran as fast as he could away from her. Nora shocked and confused by such a reaction took off after him.

“Wait?” She called out but the cub did not respond. “Wait… don’t run.” Nora called out as the cub began to climb a rocky hill. Nora wasted no time and followed him though her climbing skills were no match for this strange cubs. “Please don’t run. It is dangerous out there.” She called out. “There was a kill tonight, something is out there. I saw it in my dream. And you took me there. Don’t run.”

The cub stopped suddenly and then turned to look at her once again for a moment. “What dream?” He asked studying her from over his shoulder.

Nora was still trying to jump up the ledge he was standing on. “I had a dream that you… or some cub took me to where a lion had been killed. A fight broke out and then I woke up.”

“I am not afraid of anything.” The cub said turning to look away.

“Well the one is out for revenge. It was his father that was killed I think.” Nora said giving up on trying to climb up now that the cub had stopped. She sat down trying to catch her breath.

“His father? What kind of dreams are you having?” The cub asked. “Where a lion kills his own father.”

“No, No." Nora took a few more breaths trying to calm down. "It was an adolescent lion I think, a different one. He sort of looked like… like you. Only older. Is he your father?”

The cub did not move. “My father? I have no father.”

“Me neither.” Nora replied. “But you should come back to my den. You will be safe there. Whoever it was, I just would hate to see the only cub I have seen in so long die.”

The cub turned to look at her his eyes glowing in the light. “I can’t die.”

“How come?” Nora asked a little skeptical. "Everyone can die. Why are you so special."

“First, how is it you even see me?” the cub demanded.

“I just looked into the water and I saw you. I did not notice you approach. It was like my dream. But I see you the same way I see everything else. My eyes are open. This is not a dream. You are really hear this time.”

“No one can see me. No one ever has.”

“I see you. So how come you can’t die?” Nora asked.

“Never mind that, cub!” He said angrily.

“You’re not much older than me.” She glared back at him.

“You’d be surprised how old I am.”

“How old are you then?” Nora asked slyly.

“Do you ever stop asking questions?” He growled angrily.

“I am sorry. But I think you should come and stay with us. I don’t have anyone my age to play with.” Nora replied with a smile.

The cub smiled, amused at her statement. “I am not your age.”

“Whatever.” Nora replied. “Anyway I am heading back, you can come if you want.” She said as she began to jump down the path she took to get up till she reached the ground. She began to walk when suddenly she was confronted by the cub who randomly landed in front of her.

“You say you have a home, a family?” The cub asked.

“A home, a pride. I don’t know my family though.” She replied.

The strange cub sat down for a moment and thought to himself. “And you can see my right?”

“Yes of course I can.” Nora said looking at him weird. "Why do you keep saying that?" She paused and thought for a second. "Oh... did you fall on your head as a cub too." She whispered.

“Ha, it worked. It finally worked.” The cub replied with a smile paying no attention to her for a moment he finally turned to the very confused cub in front of him. “So, what is your name?”


His eyes widened, and he looked at the mark on her shoulder. “Nora?”

“Yes my name is Nora? Why are you surprised?”

“No reason.”

“Well what is your name?” Nora asked.

The cub did not speak for a moment. “Levar.” He finally replied.

“Levar?” Nora stopped suddenly and looked at him in shock.

The cub looked nervously over at her. “Why have you heard of me?”

“Phh, No. Just thought that it was appropriate to sound shocked since you were so shocked with my name.” She replied with a bit of a smile.

“Very funny.”

Nora then stopped. “Do you remember what direction home was in?”

“I thought you would know?”

“I have only been there a day. How am I supposed to remember?”

“Well, well, well. Look it is two lost cubs.”

Nora and Levar turned to look at a rather scruffy looking male lion. An obvious rogue who looked like he could use a meal. They must have gotten outside the boarders of her new home. Into a nomads land.

“Looks like I will be finally eating well tonight.”

The cubs took off running as fast as they could through the grass as the lion gave chase. Levar was getting ahead of Nora. “Levar, help.” Nora called out just as the lion pounced on her catching his pray. His hungry jaws closing in for the killing bite when out of nowhere there was a rather deep earth rumbling growl. Levar's paw scratched the lion across his eye, Nora looked up in shock as almost an acid like burning went through the lions face burning 4 deep scars over his eye. The lion backed up dropping Nora and crying out in pain.

"Let's get out of here." Levar said quickly to Nora as she got up to run. The two cubs took off together the lion even more angry hot on their trail. The two cubs did not have to run very far when all of a sudden Mo appeared jumping over the two cubs protecting them. Nora watched as a quick scuffle broke out between the two males.

Mo stood tall as the male gave up. "That cub you have there is a demon." The lion growled. "You see my eye. It came from that THING'S claws."

"You’re lucky that is all you got tonight. Get out of here, you are in my land now. If I have to look at you one more time you will lose your life too." Mo snarled as he watched the lion walk away. Once he was far enough away Mo turned toward Nora. “What did I tell you Nora?” Mo asked.

“But…” Nora said turning to look at Levar. “Where did he go?” She asked out loud when she noticed her new friend was gone.

“Where did who go?” Mo asked still rather angry.

“Levar. My friend."

“Levar?” Mo stopped suddenly for a moment. Looking around cautiously for a moment.

“He was with me, I followed him. I know I shouldn’t have. But I had a dream and...”

“Nora, you can’t go following your dreams into the night like that. You could get killed out there. You’re so little. If someone does not eat you, then you will surely starve. Then you wish you would have been eaten.”

“I just wanted a friend. I don’t know where he is.” Nora said looking around. "LEVAR!"

“It was just a dream Nora.” Mo replied as he patted her on the head with his paw. “But you have to promise you will stay with the pride from now on. Maybe Gelato can come and play once in a while. But you can’t be off running after these dreams each night, or you won’t live too long.”

“He was real, I promise." Nora said lowering her head.

Mo looked around for a moment then back at her. “Hey, I am just glad you’re alright. It is something to be learned, and you’re safe now. It won’t happen again will it?”

“No.” Nora said sadly.

“Ok then. Want to race back to the den?” Mo said smiling down at her as he got ready to run.

Nora looked at him rather confused as he bounded off into the night happily. She then smiled and took off after him as the two ran off through the grass toward home unaware of the glowing eyes in the distance watching her.
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Re: Nora's Story (ALL books)

Postby Timitu » November 20th, 2014, 11:00 pm

Chapter 7: Family

The next day Nora was rather sore from the crazy night she had just had. She could not get that cub she met out of her mind. Could he have possibly been a dream? Was she sleep walking? He seemed so real. It had been so nice to see a cub her own age. He may be a little odd, and kind of grumpy but there was just something else about him. How could he just be a dream to her? And if it was just a dream what cut that lions face like that. It could not have been her. Surely that was not also just part of a dream. And if it was all just a dream, could this cub be real.

Nora plopped down in the sun that morning resting her sore legs. Surely those were not imaginary he thought to herself. She rolled over once she felt too warm on one side and her eyes opened suddenly looking out over the river once again. The water sparkling with the sun and the mix of clouds. The same colour as the eyes of the cub she had seen the night before.

Nora sighed and closed her eyes as the sun went behind the cloud giving her a break from the heat. She just listened to everything around her. The quiet of just the birds in the trees and the bugs in the ground and the rush of the water running. She could feel it almost putting her to sleep.

“Nora, Nora come quick.” Woken up from the edge of sleep Nora lifted her head as she heard Mo call her name. She scrambled to her feet and took off toward Mo who was sitting on a nearby hill just outside of the resting area.

When she reached the hill she looked over and saw the one lion she could not mistake with two others she had not seen before. Before Mo could say anything to her she took off running happily down the hill toward the lion. “TIMITU!” She yelled out.

When she reached him she jumped at him playfully and he pushed her over with his paw and playfully wrestled with her some. “See, I told you I would come back.” He said with a smile.

“I thought I would never see you again.” She grabbed his paw playfully and hugged it. “I missed you so much.” She said. Nora looked over at the other two and then looked at the lioness who was looking back at her. “Is that your mate?” She whispered.

Timitu laughed. “No Nora.”

“Is that?” The female lion said looking over at her.

“Yes, that is your daughter, Nora.” Timitu replied looking at the two lions in front of him.

“You mean,” Nora started.

“Yes, this is your family Nora.”

Nora approached them and Jem bent down to her level. “Mom?” Nora asked. Jem smiled and nodded. Nora then bounded forward and nuzzled her. “I have a family now. A real family. A mother.” Nora then looked over at Kell. “And a father.” She quickly ran through his paws nuzzling them and then bounded up to Mo who was on his way down the hill to them. “Mo I found my family. I found my parents.” She said happily. “And Timitu is back.” She then turned around and happily bounded back before suddenly coming face to face with another young cub, a bit older then her. She came to a skidding halt.

“This Nora, is your brother, Koroan.” Kell told her.

“My brother, I thought Gelato was my brother.”

Mo laughed. “No Nora, his mother just took you in.”

Nora looked back at him, one eyebrow up and one down as she looked him over real quick. "You’re not weird are you?" She asked.

“Oh there is so much to talk about.” Jem interrupted. “Let’s go to the den and rest. We have much to hear of our pride we have missed so much.”

As they walked back up the hill and back toward the den, Nora bounded all around them with high energy. She could not believe it, it was almost like a dream. She had always thought she never had parents, and now she had them. Though it would take a lot of getting used to.

The rest of day was spent exchanging stories, and just being together as a family. Nora had never felt so much a part of a family as she had, and it was odd because she had only just met her parents. There was a connection right away. Her brother seemed pretty cool, he had a birth mark just like her. Though he was a little older for her to really get to play around. It took her mind off of Levar, at least for a bit.

As night began to fall however and the excitement winded down as everyone went to sleep Nora's eyes kept drifting over toward the exit of the cave. She was happy to meet her family but now that they were back and safe, she wanted to go see her friend. Everything was rather overwhelming to her, and she had such big news to share with him. Nora walked out real quick thinking she might just go get a drink and see if he was there. She walked out to the water and did not see him. Slowly she bent down and got a drink hoping he would be there when she looked up but there was nothing.

“You're not going out there tonight. Come on Nora it is bed time.” Nora turned quickly to see Mo as he picked her up by the scruff of the neck and took her back up into the den. He set her down near her parents. “You now have your family to sleep with. You got to enjoy it. Some cubs don’t have that.” He said with a smile as he walked up to his bed area and lied down.

She sat there for a moment and then looked back toward the outside once again. She remembered Levar not having a father. Did he even have a family, would he have even survived the night out there alone? She had to go out and see him again. She already felt a strong desire to see him again. She lied down between her new families but she could not sleep. Hours crawled by for her bit by bit. She watched the moon move slowly in the sky till she could no longer see it and the den was very dark. Finally she got to her feet and looked around and everyone in the den. She moved closer to the exit... and then a little closer. No one seemed to notice. Finally she walked out the entrance and slipped out of sight of the cave. The green mist had already started to forum along the ground “Levar? Levar?” Nora called out quietly.

“What?” A voice replied.

Nora turned and looked back into the den. Everyone was still fast asleep so she began to climb down to the grass level. “Where are you?”

“By the water!” The voice called.

Nora turned to the voice and slipped away from the den heading though the grass to the clearing by the water itself. She looked around seeing tons of strange bugs by the water, crawling one by one on top of each other. Beatles, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, you name it every creepy crawly ever. Grossed out Nora lowered he head covering her eyes from the horrible sight backing away from it. “Ewww where are you?” She whispered again.

“Right here. Look up you silly cub.”

Nora uncovered her eyes and where the bugs had been stood Levar. “Oh good you are still alive.” Nora said happily running over to him.

“If you could call it that.” He replied leaning down to get a drink.

“I thought you were eaten, or that you would have starved. Why did you run when Mo saved us? You could have come home with us. Now Mo thinks I am crazy.”

“I didn’t run, it is a long story.”

Nora sat down. “I am listening.”

He glared up at her. “Never mind it right now. I don’t want to talk about it.” He said stalking away down the river.

“Why not?” Nora said getting up and following him.

“Do you think you have to be a part of everything?” Levar asked angrily not even looking at her.

“Yes.” She said running up beside him.

“WELL YOU DON’T!” He replied angrily and she stopped walking as he continued to head off.

Levar continued to walk but then stopped. He sighed. “Look I am sorry. It is hard to explain. My past is not something I wish to tell to a cub.”

“How many times do we have to go through this? You are a cub too.” Nora replied angrily.

Levar rolled his eyes. “Whatever!” He said as he then turned and walked back to her. “Look for some odd reason you seem to be able to see me. I never had anyone else see me since…”

“Since when.”

“The accident.” He replied. “So there must be a reason. But what is it?”

“Accident?” Nora asked walking up to him. She sat down really close to him. "Is that where you got these scars?” She asked reaching up and touching his forehead with her paw. She felt a sudden weird feeling come over her as if she was being sucked into his body, she quickly pulled away and looked at him and the two cubs locked eyes for a moment before they broke the gaze together.

“Umm. Ya. Sort of I guess.” He replied for a moment starting to move away from her for a moment then he stopped.

Nora grinned for a moment and then looked back over at him. “How did it happen, where you in a fight? Do you remember it?”

Levar smiled. “No... I cannot remember. Lately things are very... strange for me. I cannot explain it." The cub turned back to her and looked at her eye. "What about you? How did you get that scar? Looks worse than anything I have."

“I got that when I was a baby. I don’t remember getting it. It was an attack though on my parents.” Nora stopped. “My parents… that’s it. Levar you have to stay with us. If you don’t have a family we will be your family. My parents have been found and Timitu is back. You need to meet them. Show them I am not crazy. And we can be friends and play together forever and...”

Levar looked shocked for a moment and a sudden look of worry came over his face. “No! Nora... I can't.”

“Why not. You can be family. I really like you and yet we only just met. That means there must be a connection between us. If I like you I am sure my parents will too.” Nora said walking up and nuzzling Levar who looked at her shocked for a moment and then nuzzled back.

“They would not want me Nora. I am an outcast. I have been for a very very long time.”

“Not you, not a cub. You can’t survive out there. You need to be with a family.”

“You would be surprised Nora.” He said resting down by the water.

“I don’t understand you Levar? Please meet my family. You will like them, they will like you.”

“Look I know you don’t understand, but I really don’t belong with a family right now. Just trust me on this and relax. I will be okay. I have been for years.”

Nora looked at him oddly. He had not even been alive for years. But rather than fight it she simply just lied her head on his shoulder and almost instantly started to drift off into a deep sleep. Perhaps if she kept him there till morning her family would see him and surely they would take him in. With one last yawn she drifted off to sleep.
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Re: Nora's Story (ALL books)

Postby Timitu » November 20th, 2014, 11:02 pm

Chapter 8: Forbidden Friendship


Her head shot up to see Mo standing there with her parents standing beside him.

“Why where you out here again. You did not go out chasing that dream of yours.”

“No, he was really here. I saw him.” Nora got up looking around. How could he have slipped out from her without her knowing? Surely he leaving would have woke her up even a little.

“Who was there?” Jem asked as she walked out.

“Levar. He is my friend.”

Mo and Jem looked at each other for a moment. “Nora that is impossible. He can't be your friend.”

“Why not?” Nora asked.

“Drop the topic Nora. It is not one to talk about. Don’t go chasing after dreams of Levar again though. You will wind up his dinner.” Kell replied rather quickly before turning to walk away from the scene.

Nora could not understand. She had finally found a cub her own age to play with and was having fun and no one seemed to want her to go out. She perhaps understood about not going out at night, but if Levar would come around during the day at least they could play together. Why did he only come and see her at night. And why would he run away before others could see him.

The hot afternoon came once again and Nora lay on the rocks bored, looking out to where her friend was. She drifted in and out of sleep till her ears caught some noise. She remained still listening carefully. Timitu was talking to Mo and it was rather apparent that the two of them did not know she was still awake. She closed her eyes pretending to be asleep listening to them.

“Mo I think you really need to take back your land. Danny has taken over the other group again. You know that with him around I can never return there. The Pride needs you.” Timitu pleaded.

“If I was to leave what would my pride have. Danny has a lot of power on his side. I am just an old lion." Mo turned to look over his pride safely resting in the sun without a care in the world. "I can never let my pride down."

"Mo, with all due respect, Danny will not stop with that pride. He will take over everything he can. It won’t be long before your pride is next. And if he has killed everyone else loyal to you who will be by your side when he comes to attack your pride." Timitu lowered his head.

Mo sat in silence for a moment then sighed. "Okay. Tonight we will go in while he is sleeping and drive him away. Catch him off guard. Let's just hope that this works the first time though Timitu. Because after this I will be his enemy as well.” Mo replied.

The rest of the conversation was cut off when the sun disappeared for her and she opened her eyes. Her heart jumped for a moment when she saw her father standing there looking down at her. "Nora, you awake?"

"Now I am." She rubbed her eyes pretending she had been asleep.

"You should really try to spend some time with your brother Koroan. He is so happy you survived that horrible attack. You really should try to get to know each other. You are family after all. And neither of you two have had someone your own age to play with for a while." Kell nodded toward the river bank. Nora turned hoping to see her new friend but spotting her brother instead. "He is down by the water. Maybe you should go over and see him."

"Okay." Nora said getting up from her resting place. She was eager to get back over to the river once again and see if she could see anything that would prove of her friend’s existence.

She ran down the path to her brother who looked really bored. He was laying on the ground trying to catch a butterfly once in a while with his paw. He was a little older then when he would have first met Nora the day she was born. Before Nora could say anything Koroan asked, “Know any fun games?”

“Ummm No. What were you playing?” Nora asked.

“Hunter. I was trying to catch this butterfly.”

Nora watched it fly around and then got a smile. “Let me see if I can do it.”

“Okay but they are hard to catch. They dart around faster than you think.” Her brother replied.

Nora lowered herself into the grass and began to stalk it a few steps. Then stopped, then a few more steps and then a high pounce into the air and she grabbed it with her paws and fell to the ground. “I got it.” She called out as the cub ran over. She opened her paws and watched the poor scared butterfly fly away.

“Wow that is amazing. And you’re younger than me. Where did you learn that?”

“She gets it from her father.” Jem said as she walked up to them.

“Then why don’t I have it?” Koroan asked.

“You can’t have everything.” Jem replied with a laugh.

“Tonight, Mikando will stay and be watching you two. The rest of us have to go out for a hunt. It is much too dangerous for you cubs so stay with him tonight and be good. We will be back before you guys wake up in the morning.”

“Is Mo going to go take his pride back?” Nora asked.

“Where did you hear that?” Jem asked.

“From Mo and Timitu. I heard them talking.” Nora replied.

“Well yes that is part of the plan for tonight. It will be nice to have the pride together again.” Jem then nuzzled the cubs. “Now you can continue playing, just be back at the den before the sun goes down or poor Mikando will be worried.”

“Don’t worry mother we won’t be late.” Koroan called to her as he swatted at a large beetle on the ground.

Jem smiled and leaned down to Nora. “You keep an eye on your brother. He can be quite the trouble maker.” She said with a laugh before she walked back across the river.

The two cubs played together till night time came. Mikando laid outside the den on the ledge as Koroan and Nora laid on their backs in the grass looking up at the sky. “Isn’t it so pretty?”

“Did you know the great kings who have passed on become the stars?” Koroan told Nora.

“What about the queens?” Nora asked.

“Hmmm. They are probably up there too.” Koroan replied. “I just wonder what happens to Normal lions like us.”

“Maybe we are the smaller stars.”

“That would make sense. Yeah I guess I could see that.”

“So what are they looking down at us right now?” Nora asked again.

“That is what I was told. They can always see you.”


“I know, that means they watch you when you go to the bathroom at night. I always go during the day now that mom and dad told me.”

“What if you have to go at night?” Nora asked with a laugh.

“Then it is a long night.”

There was silence once again between them. “Wow their sure were a lot of kings and queens. To fill the whole sky. It is huge.”

“Ya, now I wonder if we get to be up there someday, will we get to spy on what is going on down here?”

“What are you guys talking about?” Came a whisper from over by a tree.

Nora spun around. “Levar?” Nora said with a smile as she saw the cub in the distance. She scrambled to her feet and ran over to him playfully pouncing on him. A fire seemed to spark in Levar’s eyes and he flipped her over onto her back pinning her to the ground growling down at her.

“HEY GET OFF MY SISTER.” Koroan yelled running at him bearing his teeth.

“I wouldn’t try it cub.” Levar said as he shook his head from his current state realizing Nora was not a threat and letting her back up.

“No it’s okay Koroan. He is my friend. I just startled him.” Nora replied as she got up from the ground.

“Yes, don’t jump at me again. I can really... hurt.” He said sitting down in front of her.

“Levar this is my brother Koroan.”

“Charmed.” The dark cub replied eying the cub who was about his own age in appearance. He then turned to Nora and nuzzled her. “Look I found out what makes you so different. Why you suddenly were the first to see me again after so long.”


“Because you were meant to be…”

A loud roar filled the land and Nora and Levar suddenly separated. Nora backed up in fear as suddenly Mo came to a stop standing over her a look on his face like she had never seen before. "GET OUT OF HERE. HOW DARE YOU COME BACK!” He yelled. “I WILL KILL YOU IF I EVER SEE YOU AGAIN.” Levar turned and ran as fast as he could off into the distance.

Mikeando ran up to Mo and the others were soon around. “Go find him Mikando. If you catch him kill him. No questions asked.” Mo said with a growl turning away and walking back to the den.

Jem walked up to Nora and nuzzled her. “You alright. He did not hurt you did he?”

“What?” Nora said pulling away. “Why would he hurt me? Why you guys would hurt him. He is just a cub.”

“Oh never mind, your safe. That is what matter.”

Kell came and nuzzled her from the other side. “Don’t you go around him again? He is nothing but trouble. You’re lucky to even be alive.”

“What could he do to me?” Nora asked angrily.

“He took you down easily.” Koroan replied walking over to his family.

“He took you down?” Jem asked in shock. “Oh hopefully they catch him. Come on you need to get some rest.” She said picking Nora up and walking back to the den.
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Re: Nora's Story (ALL books)

Postby Timitu » November 20th, 2014, 11:05 pm

Chapter 9: Together Forever

Nora was more confused that night then she had been her whole life. She could not stop thinking about Levar and what all the others had said. She hoped he was alright. Something deep inside her seemed to tell her he was. Nora did not sleep too much that night, she was rather mad at the adults around her and began to distrust them. Anyone that angry at a cub was just crazy.

By morning Mo had made the announcement. The pride was victorious and the two prides would reunite once again. Once again another life change for Nora that she would have to face, at a time when she was now beginning to not trust those in her life even more. Timitu was leaving once again as a rogue that he was, and the prides were joined once again.

As Nora watched Timitu walk into the sunset, this time fully aware she had a different feeling about everything. It did not matter too much to her that he was leaving once again. Life had just been so weird that it almost seemed like a routine that her life was not working out for her the way she wanted and there was no control over it. What Nora wanted more than Timitu back was to have Levar be one with her pride. But unlike the chance of seeing Timitu again, Nora knew this would never happen.


She turned to see Mo walking up behind her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Nora said turning to look over the land.

“You wonder why you can’t play with Levar?”

Nora’s head snapped back when she heard the mention of his name. She then turned and looked back. “There is just a lot I don’t understand.”

“You're still young Nora. If that cub really is who he says he is, it can only mean trouble if you are with him. He is not like your brother, Gelato... or even me.”

“I know, he is so interesting.” Nora said trying to hide a smile.

“But he is not to be trusted.”

“How do you know so much about him?” Nora asked.

“Like I said, he is not who you think he is. I know him and his past well.”

“He would not tell me his past.”

“I would not think he would. Not if he wants to get to you. He is dangerous to you Nora. I can feel it. You must stay away from him.”

“I just wish I knew why?”

Mo smiled. “Your life is full of that why question. Sometimes the answers are not always there. You will learn that though life. But that is not to say you should never ask.” Mo leaned down and nuzzled Nora. “In time I will tell you what you my reason. But it is not a tale for a cub your age to hear. Perhaps he too agrees and so did not share it with you.”

Nora looked confused. “He keeps acting like he is not a cub. When he is. He is not much older than me.”

“Perhaps not in looks, but if he is who he says he is, he is not a cub either."

“How come he still looks like a cub then?”

“I really don’t know.” Mo replied. "I don't even know why he is hanging around right now."

Nora sighed.

“Anyway Nora, you have a loving family here. And you are the future queen of this land. None of us want to see you get hurt. We are only asking this of you to keep you safe. We still want you to have fun but we want you to return to the end at the end of your fun.” Mo smiled trying to cheer her up.

“I returned every night I was with Levar. He never hurt me.”

“No but he is capable of doing so, like I said he is different.”

There was silence once again. “Where did Timitu go again?” Nora asked.

“He is back out, in search of his mate he has not seen her for a long time. Along with his cubs.”

“He has cubs?” Nora asked. “Why did he never bring them to me to play with?”

“He has not seen them in years. Which I guess makes his cubs not so cub like anymore." Mo chuckled. "That is why he is gone. He wants to see them again.”

Nora paused for a moment. “As long as he is happy I will be happy. And as long as he will one day return to our pride I will be happy.” Nora said as the wind blew through her fur. She turned to Mo. “I just want things to now stay like this. I just hope things never change. Ever. I am tired of just getting used to something and something ruining it.”

Mo laughed. “Well I wish that would be so as well. But time always has a way of changing things. And you never know what tomorrow will hold.” Mo nuzzled her again. “I will leave you here to think if that is what you wish. Just make sure your back at the den soon. I believe the pride is going to be coming home with a kill tonight. They were worked up for it.” He smiled and then turned and began to walk back toward the den.

Nora watched him leave and then turned back to look over the land. “One day this will be mine. But who will I share it with.” The thought haunted her. She felt a sudden sickness at the thought of this being hers. Almost like a feeling then that it would never happen. She shook her head. “I wonder if when I am queen I will be able to see Levar again." Nora paused for a moment thinking about her brother's talk earlier with her about the great kings. She could already start to see a few bright ones in the sky above. "If Levar is so evil, where would he go through? If I am to be a star, what would he be if so many hate him?" She looked down to a beetle crossing over one of her paws. She watched it continue on its way and then looked around her for a moment as a cool breeze brushed against her as she stood up and turned back toward the den. "Don't worry Levar, when I am Queen, we will be together. Forever."

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