My first fanfiction, The Lion Guard.

My first fanfiction, The Lion Guard.

Postby Elton John » November 18th, 2014, 11:37 am

My first fanfic and the first draft of it. Review it for me, and be honest. I'd prefer critical honestly over trying to be nice but not exactly telling the truth.

It's based off what we know about The Lion Guard. Every named character is movie canon or lion guard canon. We don't know the genders of the other four LG members so I took some liberties.

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful midsummers morning on pride rock. All the animals in pride rock were gathering to see the new prince. It had been many years since the birth of the last one, who was now their king. His name was Simba. He had gone through a lot of hardships to make it where he was, and made a few mistakes when raising his daughter Kiara.

"Well, Rafiki is almost here" Simba said to Nala, Kovu, Vitani, Timon, Pumbaa and Kiara. The children of Kovu and Kiara, and the children of Vitani and her husband were there too, looking bored and not understanding what was going on. Kovu asked Simba "Have you thought of a name for him?" Nala then said with a radiant smile "Yes, we have."

The newborn prince was being cuddled in his mothers paws. Kiara then said to Kovu "His name is Kion"

Zazu then arrived, giving a little bow as a sign of respect to Simba. Rafiki then walked up pride rock, and gently picked up Kion. It was time to show him to the world. Everyone who wanted to be there, was there. Rafiki walked to the edge of pride rock, lifted Kion into the air, and everyone started cheering in excitement.

Timon and Pumbaa were right next to Simba when all of this was happening. They were crying tears of joy at the thought of teaching him about the best bugs to eat. The cheering died down and everybody started going back to their normal routine with smiles on their faces and thoughts of the new cub.

Chapter 2

Several months later

Kion was seen running around the pridelands. For the first time he was allowed to leave the care of his mom. Bright eyed and full of optimism, Kion was having the time of his life. Simba, having learned from his mistakes with Kiara, allowed Kion to go unsupervised, having faith that his son would make good judgement.

Kion then saw all the other cubs at the watering hole. He was so happy to finally be able to meet them. Making new friends was all he could think about. As he walked up to them, he heard snickering and saw looks of disgust.

"Hi, i'm kio...."

"This is going to be our king one day?" blurted out one girl cub.

"He's not fit to be a footrest" said another.

"Nobody wants you here, so please, just leave" said one right in front of his face.

Kion started tearing up a bit. Vitani saw what was happening, and looked a bit concerned. Kion then ran away, trying to be as far from anyone that he could be. Vitani then started chewing everyone out "WHAT DID I JUST SEE HERE?" Everyone then started saying that they were teasing him, but in reality they said what they meant.

As Kion ran away, he started thinking about why would anyone saw such mean things to him. "I'm not wanted here" said Kion.

Then a gentle voice said "why would you say that"? Kion then turned around and saw this cheetah girl. "Nobody wants me around" said Kion. "I know what it's like" said the little cheetah, with a sad looking smile on her face.

"My name is Kion, what's yours?" the cheetah, surprised that a lion of all things would be so pleasant to her. " name is Fuli". It was a wonderful name Kion thought to himself. "I just discovered that I have no friends" said Kion. Fuli then said to Kion "If you want, I can be your friend". Kion stopped crying, and began smiling again. "I want you to meet my parents" exclaimed Kion. With a somewhat somber smile, Fuli agreed and they went to pride rock together.

Chapter 3

As they walked, they started talking to one another. For the first time in a month, Fuli started feeling happy again. When they arrived at pride rock, the Fuli then exclaimed " here?" Kion, with a puzzled look on his face stated "Yeah, why?" Fuli muttered "it's nothing."

Zazu then spotted the two, flew down, and gave a bow to Kion and stated "Prince, your father has been worried sick about you". Vitani had told Simba about all that occurred.

"Wait, you're the prince, does that mean your father is..."

"Simba, why?"

"Why didn't you tell me this?"

"I wanted you to like me for who I am rather than my social status."

Simba and Nala then walked up to the two, with smiles on their faces "Who is your new friend, son?" said Simba. "My name is Fuli, your majesty" Nala then smiled, and then looked at Kion. Simba then said to Fuli "Your parents must be wondering where you are right now".

" parents are dead, and it's all your fault"

Chapter 4

About a month ago, Fuli was running around with her mother and father. Simba was out making sure that no hyenas were around the pride lands. Simba, so sure that everything was okay, went home a bit hastily. As he left, two adult male hyenas started sneaking up on fulis mom. They then jumped on her, biting her neck so hard that she passed out.

A look of horror on Fulis face was seen as the hyenas started walking towards her. Her father then leaped out, fighting them. He won the battle, but lost the war. Her mother never woke up, and as she looked at her fathers dying breath he said "If only Simba was here"

For the past month fuli was barely scraping by until she made three other friends who had helped her survive the ordeal.

At the present, Fuli started crying. Now knowing the recourse of his actions, Simba apologized to the little cheetah. Fuli started to run away and Kion chased after her. "Wait!" he exclaimed. Fuli stopped, turned around, and said "You have your parents to go to, so just leave me alone." Kion then exclaimed "You're my friend!"

"I want nothing to do with you anymore"

With a bitter look on her face, Fuli then charged off. Kion felt so horrible. He met and lost his only friend in the same day. As he walked back to pride rock, Vitani said to Kion "I know things are tough for you now. Trust me when I say that I know what it's like to lose someone special to me". Vitani then gave Kion a hug, and Kion started feeling better.

"I have no friends now" stated Kion. Vitani then wandered off, looking for Fuli.

Chapter 5

Fuli was almost out of breath. She thought that what she did was horrible. "I'm supposed to be mad at Simba, Kion had nothing to do with what happened." She looked at the moon, with a disheartening frown.

"You know, maybe you should reconsider things."

Fuli then looked over, and saw Vitani. "Who are you?" Fuli shouted. Vitani had then told her the events of what happened before she met Kion. Fuli was thinking "what have I done?"

"It's not too late, i'm willing to bet that he will forgive you"

"......I don't know"

"You need to believe me when I say that you mean the world to Kion"

"who is this Kion?" then shouted Beshte, "Is he your boyfriend" said Ono. "When can we meet him?" stated Bunga.

With a sigh of relief, Fuli then told them the events of the day.

Kion then ran up to the five of them. "Fuli!" 'Vitani!" ".....You three?"

Fuli then apologized to Kion, and rubbed his neck as a sign of affection. He felt a little embarressed, but happy at the same time. "A friend of Fuli is a friend of mine" stated Beshte. The six started walking towards pride rock, not knowing the events that recently transpired.

Chapter 6

Simba was worried half to death. "What have I done?". Kovu and Kiara looked at Simba, not knowing what to say. Nala then told Simba "Maybe you should go looking for him". Simba then looked at Kovu and then Kiara, they knew what to do. As Kovu and Simba started looking for Kion, a few shadowy figures appeared. Startled, the two lions then brought out their claws, growling, and ready to fight for their lives.

"whoa there Simba, don't have a heart attack. It's only us"

It was Timon and Pumbaa. They were back from a nice bug dinner.

"Have you two seen Kion?" said Simba. "No.....something happen?" belched Pumbaa.

Simba started explaining what happened when a large group of Hyenas started attacking the four. It was a battle that while won, had injured Kovu and Simba greatly. "Pumbaa, you go find Rafiki and tell him to come here and then go tell the lionesses what happened".

Rafiki used some of his medicine to treat their injuries, but they were too weak to fight anymore that day. They were too weak to even walk home. Zazu was out, looking for Kion and Vitani and the other Lionesses were heading towards Simba and Kovu.

That was only the first group of hyenas. There was another group, twice the number in size heading towards the three.

Zazu then found Kion and the others and told him what happened. Rushing to find his dad and Kovu they feared the worst had happened. They saw them and Kion was so happy that his father was still alive, as well as Kovu and timon. They waited for the lionesses to come but none of them did.

Unfortunately, the lionesses had their own Hyena problem at the moment.

Chapter 7

The group began to worry. "What was taking them so long?" stated Vitani Kion had a sudden realization and a look of horror on his face.

"What if they aren't here because?"

Suddenly a large group of Hyenas appeared. Snarling, claws out, ready to kill and prepared to die in the process.

"We have to fight back!" stated Kion. The six looked at each other in agreement. Kion shouted to Vitani "make sure that dad and Kovu stay safe!" he looked at Beshte and said "You make sure that they do not break our defenses." he then said to Ono, Bunga and Fuli "Right now, we have to fight back if necessary"

"I'm with you all the way, Kion" said Fuli

Ono and Bungaa nodded in agreement.

Beshte was then surrounded by hyenas. Not wanting to let his new friend be killed Kion brought out his claws and let out a mighty roar, which frightened the hyenas a little. The five then started fighting them, working together taking them out one by one. Vitani was impressed by the little prince, but ever vigelint to protect what she considered to be her family.

The surviving Hyenas ran off. Kion had shown just how brave he was. They were tired, and fell asleep. Fuli was cuddling next to Kion, with a smile on her face as she had her first pleasant dream in a while.

The next day Simba invited the four to stay with them. They agreed, and Kion asked the four to talk with him alone.

"My dad can't fight every battle. Sometimes he will need a little bit of help"

"Or a lot! exclaimed Bungaa.

The five looked at each other, knowing what they had to do.

"We need a team name. What are we going to call ourselves?" said Fuli.

"The Lion Guard"


So yeah, what did you think?
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