GwOF 3 chapter 1 the civil war chapter rise of chaos

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GwOF 3 chapter 1 the civil war chapter rise of chaos

Postby SuperED » October 31st, 2014, 2:44 am

Here it is the most exciteing part so far ! Hope you kike it i still own nothing besides my ocs . Please note I do nit support the political ideals shown in this chapter
In the greek underwirld hades was waiting for a guest . That was inteuloted by the guest's arrival . The strange god of chaos Discord appere. " hello hades ! He insane jokester lauged . Hades groaned " hello Discord " . They Sat down at table " i called you here because i was wondeing what we should do. Frollo has rose from defeat and is planning to ridvtue mutiverse of all magic because of his personality his plan would equally dangerous to you as it is to me so any ideas ?" he asks ." ok before i tell you let me put on my serious hat first" discord laughed putting a stupid looking viking hat on his head . Hades rolls his eyes but says nothing " ok so anyway i've seen a prophacy about this 9 groups from within the factions will represent one of the 9 chiices of order these groups will hold great power and could eitger end the war or destoy the universe ." Discord explains "so who will be chosen ?" asks Hades with sudden interest . " Well let's just say its gonna be fun and its gonna involve some of my littke friends " Discord chuckles . Later the outlands . Cartman, kenny and Butters stood looking up at the sky." where are they ?!" Cartman growled " probbaly goofing off somewhere " kenny said annoyed . Suddenly a streak of rainbow hit the grwnd and created a huger crater in the ground . " what were saying about me being late fat boy ?" a arrogent voice said from im the hole said. Cartman and kenny looked into the hole " hey dash long time no see" he laughed as the oddly colored pagasus pulled herself out of the hole . Kenny looks at her strangly " ok 2
questions why was Pinke clinging to your back and where are the others ?" he ssks. She rolls her eyes " pinkie demanded that I carry her and my other friends said they'd catch up with us soon I have no idea how " she growled . They begin walking Dash walked because she was tired from flying .once they were at Cartman's house . " so hows life where you live ?" Cartman asked . Dash sighed" not good the princess is now a tyrant someone needs to stop her " Cartman nodded they knew each other because their bosses commonly spoke with them together and over that time came to care about each others prolems . So Cartman thought and came to a conclusion revoloution was the answer so he asked her if he knew about what communism and naziism were . She knew very little about it so the fat boy explains in full detail what they are. The two start a plan to upsurp the good ruler. Once all of Dash's friends arrived by usings Discord's teleport magic Dash and Cartman with the help of pinkie and Kenny held a meeting in the elephant graveyard . Every outlander and outlander ally was present . Once everyone was in the cave RD and Cartman stood adrssing the huge criwd ." hello friends today our forces face two dangeous threats the second rise of Claude Frollo and the tyranny of ceslesta the princess of the sun ! We must fully join together as one to defeat both these foes
and once we have we can make the multiverse 20 percent cooler!" Rainbow Dash said using her catch phrase in the speech . Meanwhile in the crowd Cartman's friends and Dash's friends were all getting to know each other . Stan and applejack were discussing their common interest in sports and fame . Kyle and Twilight were talking about books and their daily anger at cartman/ RD . Pinke and Kenny were both loudly cheering as their best friends spoke . Butters and Fluttershy just quietly talked . Rareity was gossing with Wendy and spike was talking with Clyde . The outlanders had allied themselves with certain equrian villians not only discord but also king sombra and the changelings.After the speech dash and cartman nered where the yellow and orange lanterns were seated. " arkillo , larfleeze to complete this mission we are going to need rings" cartman instructed . Arkillo hesitated slightly due to dash's species but remembers watching the rainbow factory and gives it to her . Larfleeze however refuses to give her one due to greed . Cartman threatned to stuff the alien's head up his ass if he didn't give rainbow one of the rings . Out of fear he complied . Dash's eyes glowed
orange with greed " the power is mine !" she laughed in a hysteria of greed . When she opened them again one glowed orange and the other yellow . The attack was a brutal one armies of royal gaurds fought equaly large armies of hyenas. Applejack and Stan weren't sure if they apporved of this Stan sighed " i think its time we stopped this takeing a green ring out of his pocket . Applejack gasped in realization " you got one of those too?" She asked he nods" I'm not scary or greedy enough for the yellow lanterns or orange lanterns but I keep this hidden to make sure I don't get caught using it . Should we use ours to deafen the invasion ?" Stan asks she shakes her head " nah there's way to many of them we'd lose to easily let's wait until Halloween passes at least " . He nods and they both can't help wondering what their two upstart friend Cartman and Rainbow Dash are right now . As a matter of fact they had reached the palace's of celestia and luna already the two princesses were backed up against the wall . Celesta was furious " Rainbow Dash you are the element of loyalty. what is the meaning of this ?!" She shrieked . The Pegasus laughed " I'm still loyal just someone else besides why would I be loyal to you when you shut down my business ?" She asked smirking . Now it was Luna's turn to yell " that factory was a horrible death camp you killed hundreds of innocence including your own apprentice !" Dash scowled at the memory of her old apprentice but quickly changed her face ." Relax all you have to do is give your kingdoms to our forces and this'll be over." Cartman soothed . " we won't do fat one even if we die someone will stop you like Candice or shining armor !" Celestia snarled . Cartman shook with anger " first off I'm not fat secondly those two can't help you the changelings killed them !" They gasped upon hearing this . As the eyes of their captors blazed a frighting yellow the two former monarchs were tied in chains of fear by Pinkie and Kenny who were gaur ding the door . Once they were helpless Rainbow and Cartman decided celestia would become the first victim two the newly rebuilt rainbow factory . As she was carried off by Dodger and some hyenas the two had a word with Nuka , Kiara , Hades , Arkillo , Larfleeze and king Sombra chose to to make Luna a avatar servant of avarice ." She screamed in absolute terror as Rainbow Dash's ring consumed her . With them defeated Sombra and Discord split the kingdom of the sun and the moon while the changelings kept canterlot . The outlanders and other villains also became major political powers in the region although not technically gaining territory . By rigging the votes Trixie became leader of the soldiers but Dash and Cartman become generals making their friend sergeants . They were now prepared for whatever Frollo could throw at them or so they thought . However The terrible two as Rainbow Dash and Cartman became known realized they were a great team and became best friends they also secretly felt something else too...
Well everyone hoped you liked it next up the Halloween special ! I love Halloween ! I'm actually going as Cartman ! In the comments tell me what your going as I'd love to hear ! Peace out !

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