The rebirth of the Great War of fiction 8 no longer sisters

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The rebirth of the Great War of fiction 8 no longer sisters

Postby SuperED » October 4th, 2014, 3:59 am

Hey everyone important new chapter is here ! I own nothing it my oc's .
The sun was setting in the once lush and beautiful I Pridelands . Ever since king Nuka and queen Kiara had taken over the kingdom began a rapid decine . Some who had lived in the time of Scar's rule said it was only a matter of time before history repeated itself ... A pair of green eyes watching from a bush were full of sadness as the mysterious outsider thought to herself " what has my sister helped create ?!" The stranger knew this was a important day for the king and queen for today was the day they presented their offspring to the public after
3 long months . All the residents of the two kingdoms came to see the presentation of the cubs but unlike the birth of Kiara's father Simba the faces of the Pridelanders were ones of sadness and despair . As Rafiki climbed up pride rock he had to admit he had mixed emotions about this birth . He knew that the false royal couple's rule was a tyrannical one but also slightly proud to see the two lovers happy especially after all the sadness and rage they'd see in their cub hoods . When he reached the top Nuka's face was a combination of a smile and a smirk as the mandril looked to his left he saw the smirking faces of the hyenas , Todd , Dixie , Scamp , Angel , Charlie , Belladonna , Mooch , Cadpig ,Lucky , Two Tone , and some of the other higher
outlanders . Rafiki remembered the looks on the hyena trio!s faces from when Nuka , Vitani and
Kovu were being presented he rolled his eyes and followed Nuka into the royal den . There he

saw Kiara licking 3 healthy cubs . 2 males one female .The oldest who looked like his father with his mother's eyes and fur color Giza the middle child the female who had her mother's looks with her Father's build and eye color her name was Akili and the youngest make an exact clone of Nuka but with a stronger body and and a slightly lighter red in his fur Mkuu as Rafiki raised them up the outlanders cheered so did the Pridelanders but with much less enthusiasm . The stranger also watched and was aware that due to getting pregnant on the same night that Kiara's
friends would also be showing of their offspring to the public so she decide to drop by to see her
sister . She soon reached the junkyard that the bus in which Todd , Dixie , Scamp , Angel and

the junkyard dogs lived was located . She scratched at the door and Dixie opened it ." Hello mrs Dixie is Angel home ?"" She asked politely ." Yes but she's as tired as bear with sleeping pills " Dixie said smile in gas she turned around ti look at her resting best friend then turning back around "why is there something wrong ?" The country dog asked in concern ." No well I just stopped by to see her puppies I'm her sister " the female explained . Dixie's jaw dropped and she smiled excitedly suddenly Scamp entered the conversation from the back . " Angel never told us she had a sister !" He said very excited to meet his mate's sibling . As soon as she heard the word sister Angel's eyes shot open and she rushed to to the front of the bus , narrowed her eyes and

forced a smile ." Oh I Paige what a nice surprise "Angel said not really meaning it at all . Todd
also came out " hi I'm Todd a good friend of your sis the said with a smile Paige had to admit she could see why he and Dixie were mates he was very handsome . So was Scamp " could you guys give us a minute ?" Angel asked trying not to growl they went back into the bus and as soon as they did Angel whipped around to face her green eyed , silver furred younger twin sister " what the hell are you doing here Paige ?!" Angel snarled ." I'm just here to see the puppies and say hi Angel " Paige says truthfully. " Well your not welcome here get out!"" Angel told her motioning
towards the southern boarder of the outlands . " Why do you hate me so much ?!" Paige asked in
the verge of tears . A creepy frown spread across her sister's face ' why ?! Oh I don't know how
about you had and still have the life I wish I had ! You were the favorite pup , you were the
babied younger sibling , you have a human home and a big family' I'm so jealous of you and you don't deserve all those things !!" Angel snapped . Paige began to plead " Angel I'm your sister can you please put your petty jealously and hate towards me aside so your pups. can meet their aunt !?" Paige begged . Angel rolled her eyes " alright but if you get in my way your out of here !" Angel warned . Paige nodded quickly and the two walked into the bus .Paige soon met the pups of the two pairs Angel's pups consisted if Scrap a male who had his mother's body and color but his dad's face . Eric another male who looked like Scamp with Paige's fur color named after Cartman ,Bunny who looked like Angel but with Scamp's fur color, and the last pup Dixie junior a girl resembling Angel who the mother had named after their godmother and her best friend . Todd
Dixie's pups . Kids were Tj a Clone of his fox father with his mother's color Rebecca a clone of Dixie , Ed junior the derpy one out of the litter resembling Todd with Dixie's large tail named after Ed the hyena, and Miley who had her mothers features with her fathers color and ears .
Paige was introduced to the other new babies there was Spike who had mooch's body with Cadpig's spots . The second In their litter is Eisenstein who looked and acted like a male clone of his intelligent mother ., and their youngest slack who looked like Mooch and was even lazier . Out of the littler of Lucky and Two tone two pups came out both healthy and strong the girls name is clover the boy's name is charm . Shenzi and Banzai also had boy and a girl the. boy who looked like Banzai without the eyebrows he loves food . While His sister mostley resembles Shenzi with Banzai's eyebrows she loves to gloat and take charge . The next limiter was very strange it seems Bolt and Mittens had produced dog / cat hybrids in a 1 Ina billion chance ! The first born is named Gloves after her mother ( mittens ) while the other 2 were boys and twins named thunder and zapper . Next. She met the pups of Two Tone and Lucky Diamond the girl and Charm the boy were exact clones of their parents . Finally she was introduced to the only pup of Charlie and belladonna . What surprise cheer most however was not the large baby boom it was the treatment of Pridelanders . Not only was the once proud kingdom reduced to workers and slaves but there were even death camps for those that did not obey . She learned that those were Cartman's idea . As she looked on horrors day after day the sick feeling in her gut only got worse not to mention that her own sister was a ringleader in this horrible society . Angel yeah right ... One night she heard whispering coming from a bush she saw it was two Pridelander lionesses . They said that Kiara's brother Kopa was planning a coup against the royal couple . Paige accidentally showed herself to early and they were afraid that she'd tell her sister or the others . Treason was punishable by death or torture . She promised that she wouldn't tell the outlanders about the plans but soon wondered if she could keep the secret . Paige managed to keep the promise in fact once a week she would smuggle in food and weapons by using her relation to Angel as a advantage to outwit the guards. By the end of the month the Pridelander rebel forces were on their way to deafening their oppressive ruler also gaining secret support from heroes across the universe notably their allies the green and violet lantern corps . This was also around the time Scamp and Todd asked if she wanted to become an official outlands citizen . This question angered Angel and Dixie all the outlander females had become jealous of Paige and this jealousy grew larger because of the power ring of avarice . When she politely declined Angel and Dixie eyed her suspiciously . She then told them that would be her last night with them . The following night these were the paring words the sisters shared before Paige left ." I think your up to something because you didn't join but I'm happy as long as I never see you I'll be happy . " Angel said with a growl . Paige held back a smirk " you'll be seeing me sooner then you think " she said calmly . As she left the outlands she could feel Angel death glaring her and she knew what ever distant almost non existent bond they shared as pups was gone they were mo longer sisters . Next order of Business officially join the Pridelander rebels ...

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