A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love

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A fan fiction that I am still writing that occurs from Mufasa and Scar's childhood up through the banishment of the outlanders by Simba.

Chapter 1

”Daddy,” she urged her father awake. ”Come and see my cubs.” The old Lion King lifted his head and slowly walked out to see the presentation. He saw elephants, zebras, antelopes, giraffes, cheetahs and all the animals of the African savanna as far as the eye could see. All of them gazed at him atop Pride Rock…their king: the great Mohatu. The Lion King rarely left the den these days; a disease ravaged his old body and made him weak. Still, the king would not miss the presentation of his grandsons over old age. The pride winced as the king limped forward in agony.

Ahadi, the heir to the Pride Lands, stepped before him and said ”King Mohatu, it is an honor to present to you and your ancestors: your daughter’s son and future heir, Mufasa.” Rafiki carried the young cub in front of Mohatu. Little Mufasa figgeted in his arms. Mohatu smiled at the infant cub. Rafiki took the cub and walked him out onto Pride Rock for his presentation.

Mohatu turned to Ahadi and said with a raspy voice, ”And now that the Circle of Life is sealed once more, my young prince, I proudly bestow upon you my kingship…so that all of the Pride Lands shall call you their king…from this moment on.”

Ahadi took a moment to process what the old king had just told him. ”It…it is an honor, sir.” Ahadi stuttered.

”No…the honor is mine.” Mohatu rasped. ”To have such a headstrong and worthy heir is all an old king can ask for.” As the animals cheered for the newborn cub, the last glipse of daylight was spent illuminating the cub's golden yellow body. When the sun set, Rafiki lowered the little one back into his arms and carried him gently towards the royal family. Mohatu turned to his daughter. ”Uru, my dear, I can feel my time is short. Was there another?”

Uru replied, ”Yes, father,” and bowed her head, pointing to the other little cub at her paws. The cub had a gorgeous brown coat and black speckles on his forehead.

”What is the little one’s name?” Mohatu inquired.

Uru gave Ahadi a quick look. ”Taka.” Ahadi said. ”His name is Taka. It means…”

”I know what it means!” The old king growled angrily. Suddenly, he coughed and fell to the ground. He began wheezing and gasping for air. Uru watched in horror as her father hacked loudly and began to spit out blood.

”Daddy!” she cried. Ahadi, Uru and Rafiki watched as Mohatu slowly died from the blood filling his lungs. The old king closed his eyes as his body became lifeless and still. Uru stared blankly at her father's body. Ahadi walked over and comforted her. After a minute, her father’s death sunk in and she began to cry. Ahadi looked up at the sky. The first star of the evening became illuminated on the horizon. He nudged Uru and nodded at the brightest star. They realized it was Him. The large, yellow lion walked out onto Pride Rock and roared tremendously. The Pride Lands had a new Lion King. Rafiki lowered Mufasa next to his brother in front of Uru. She laid down next to them and began to clean them. She said to them, ”One day I will tell you the stories of how your grandfather was a great and wise king.” She smiled at them.

”Uru, it is time.” he said. Uru gave Ahadi a sharp glance.

”No!” Uru snapped. ”I’ve changed my mind. I can’t get rid of little Taka…he reminds me too much of my father.”

”Uru, we can’t have them both. You know the law. If a queen births more than one male…”

”If I may...” Rafiki interrupted, ”...the great kings will set aside their law for a mother’s love.”

”Fine. But Mufasa is to be my heir. Not Taka,” said Ahadi.

”So long as you don’t take my sons from me,” Uru said, looking down at her cubs. Taka was a darker tone and had green eyes like her, but Mufasa’s appearance favored Ahadi; a golden fur with handsome eyes. Despite their differences they both smiled back at their loving mother.

Chapter 2

”Rawr!” Sarabi pummeled Mufasa and pinned him, but he quickly rolled and shook her off. Sarabi fell into the dirt and huffed.

”Gotta be faster than that, Sarabi!” he teased.

While he was laughing, another cub pounced on him from behind.

”Good one Sara!” Sarabi cheered. Mufasa looked up with a maw full of dirt at the two victors: Sarabi and Sarafina. They beamed back at him, jumping up and down.

”Ugh! No fair…it was two versus one!” he said, brushing himself off.

Sarabi giggled ”Well that’s what ya get callin’ boys better and all!” Mufasa squinted at the grass behind them, spotting motion. He smiled and got back up on all fours, ready to spring the trap.

”Rrowl!” Taka leaped at the girls and sprung his ambush. He tackled Sarafina while Mufasa pounced Sarabi. Sarabi and Mufasa wrestled each other. The play-fight went on until all four of them were covered in dirt and smiling.

[indent]”Alright, fine. You guys win this round,” Sarabi said, ”but you better watch your back!” The girls laughed and hopped away from Taka and Mufasa.

When they were out of earshot, Mufasa said, ”Thanks for the save, bro.”

”No problem.” Taka said coolly. ”What are little brothers for?” They both laughed.


As the sun rose above the horizon, a beam of light inched its way into the den. When it hit Mufasa’s eyes, he jumped up and wheeled around. ”Daaaaaaaaaadd!!” he yelled. King Ahadi turned his sleepy eyes to his energetic son.

”Shush, Mufasa. You’re making a real ruckus,” Ahadi said.

”C’mon dad you said we’d see the kingdom today!” Mufasa said. Ahadi shushed his son again. Something brushed up against his leg. He looked down to see his other son, Taka, grinning up at him.

”You guys are gonna explore again? Cool! Can I come?” he asked.

”No, son. Stay put,” Ahadi told him. Ahadi walked over Taka and out of the den. Mufasa gave his brother an encouraging wink. Taka smiled weakly. Taka knew that Mufasa would let him in on all the places Ahadi was showing him later that day. It was a risky game that Mufasa played because it was against their father's strict orders. Even though Taka didn't understand these orders, he was glad Mufasa showed him the coolest spots in the Pride Lands.

Taka walked down for a refreshing drink from the water hole. Its so annoying, he thought to himself. Why would father spend all this time with Mufasa, its not fair. Does he not like me? What have I ever done? Why can’t we explore the kingdom all together? Why does dad ignore me? … The questions were stopped short by a ”Hello”,… it was his mother. The queen, Uru had much more tan fur than the yellow fur of Ahadi. She had beautiful green eyes, and strong shoulders. ”May I join you?” she asked politely.

Taka nodded, he was always unsure why his mother was so formal with him…they were very close, closer than Mufasa and Ahadi were. She said, ”Taka I want you to promise me something.”

”Anything.” he replied.

”I don’t want you to be jealous of your brother…” she smiled, ”..and, to tell you the truth, your father is very stubborn, you needn’t worry about him.”

”I don’t understand” Taka said.

”No” she laughed, ”I don’t understand him either…What I’m trying to ask of you is that you shouldn’t desire what others have.” She bent her head closer and said, ”Tell me what you have.”

Taka hesitated. He said, ”I have a family”


”A home; a safe, warm home” he smiled.


”I have…I have…”

”A heart.” she finished.

She hugged him and said, ”I will always love you.”

”Oof!” Taka collapsed on the ground next to Mufasa who had already gotten up from the drop. He looked up and saw where they had fallen. It was a lush valley, full of flowers and animals. The most noticable animals were the huge elephants that romed through. Taka smiled, this was the farthest away from Pride Rock Mufasa had taken him yet. Ahadi must have shown Mufasa the valley earlier this day. They walked on through, their heads busying themselves observing all there was to observe.

”C’mon!” Mufasa pushed Taka aside and jumped on a tree trunk with his claws.

Taka sighed, he wasn’t quite strong enough yet to preform this stunt.

Mufasa slowly climbed the tree while his brother looked up eagerly.

Mufasa made an impressive leap to a higher branch, but lost his footing and saved himself by grasping with his forearms. Mufasa rolled his eyes and lifted himself up. The shaking branch set loose a small egg, which fell downwards. Taka caught it, having excellent coordination. Mufasa raced down the tree and examined it in his brother’s hand.

He snatched it and teased ”I found it!”. Taka conformed. No profit would be gained by fighting his big brother. As the two brothers inspected every last twig of the place, they headed back home with the small egg safely in Mufasa’s paw.

Taka grabbed the egg from his brother. He wanted to be the one to show it off.

”Hey! Thats mine!” Mufasa said, and he tackled Taka. The egg slipped away from his hand, and landed safely in some grass. The two wrestled each other until Taka was exhausted, and Mufasa got up.

”Haha.” he chuckled.

”You always want to show everyone that you’re the strongest.” Taka stated.

Mufasa picked up the egg with his paw. ”Yeah, well its just ’cause I am.” He smirked.

Taka got up and pounced on him. The egg rolled into the grass again.

Uru was walking nearby when she heard them playfighting. ”What are you two doing?” she asked. Taka got up and stared at his brother. ”He started it!” they both said in unison.

Uru noticed the egg. ”What did you two find?” she asked. Before they could answer the egg began to crack open.

”Look what you did, stupid, you broke it” said Mufasa.

The queen said softly, ”Its not broken. Its hatching.” She walked over to it and held it in her paws.

A blue bird broke through its shell, and stared up at Uru. ”My! Its a hornbill!” she said. The three looked at the bird.

Taka announced, ”Well…shouldn’t we name it?”

Mufasa yelped out: ”Zazu!!” The bird turned its head and looked at Mufasa. He smiled.

Uru carried the tiny bird back up to the den, and the two brothers followed her.

The morning light entered the den as the crisp, cool night air retreated. Mufasa was the first to rise. He yawned a lion-wanna-be yawn and walked over to his father. He hid his eyes from the harmful light in his father’s dark mane. Ahadi awoke from the presence of his son. He growled a little and stood up. Mufasa’s head hit the ground and he was abruptly reawokened.

”Ow, my tongue!” he said.

Moments later he was better, and was following his father out of the cave. He watched his father’s yellow fur light up as he exited the den. Ahadi let out a true lion’s yawn and Mufasa mocked him as he did it.

Taka was third out of the den. He didn’t yawn, rather he escaped the other two by jumping down to the rocks below Pride Rock.

Ahadi caught the movement and asked, ”Hey, where are you going so early in the morning?”

Taka froze in his tracks. ”I was just…going to head out to the waterhole for a nice refreshing drink!” he replied, nodding at his brother.

Mufasa caught the gesture, and asked, ”Dad, can I go with him? I’m thirsty too.”

The king shifted his gaze to his older son. ”Well, alright.”

The cubs walked side by side towards the waterhole. Mufasa looked back. Ahadi was walking back into the den. ”We’re clear …” he said, ”so do you want to go today?”

Taka kept looking forward as he answered, ”I want to go back to that valley. It seemed so calm and tranquil.”

When they arrived, it appeared just as it did the first day they came. Elephants were grazing on the grass, some were chewing leaves off of trees, and others were bathing themselves in the river.

”Let’s check out that hill!” Mufasa said. So they climbed the hill to get a better view of the place. The hill was a bit rocky in some parts, but you could hardly tell, because beautiful flowers grew over the rocks and the hillside. Mufasa plopped himself down on one of the large rocks and Taka laid below him.

”Mufasa?” he said.


”When you’re king, I can be your advisor, right?”

”Better than that!” Mufasa laughed. He looked down at his brother. ”We’re gonna be the first brothers to rule the Pride Lands together!”

Taka was overjoyed. He couldn’t wait for that day to come. The first brothers to rule the Pride Lands. How cool would that be? he thought. His eyes closed and the two took a peaceful nap. Future kings could never get enough sleep.

The valley was beautiful today. Luscious vegetation grew near the river in between two mountainous hills. Everything was green, even the ground. The elephants were enjoying themselves under the deep blue sky and limited white fluffy clouds. Near the southern hill, on top of a rock covered with moss, laid two lions, just reaching their teenage years. One had beautiful golden fur, and a brown tuft of hair that was already spreading down his neck. He had strong forearms for a lion of his age, and thick, perfectly carved shoulder blades. The other lion who accompanied him had a reddish brown coat. He didn’t have a tuft nor inklings of a mane, but even while asleep his eyes were surprisingly charismatic, and sharp claws protruded from his paws. These two lions were brothers, enjoying their afternoon snoozing in the radiant sunlight. The day couldn’t have been more perfect.

Just then, a slight tremor woke the brown coated Taka. He lifted his head and examined his immediate surroundings, then the entire valley. The elephants had felt it as well. Another, more forceful, tremor woke the larger lion, Mufasa.

”Wha…” Mufasa yawned.

”Ssh.” Taka shushed him curtly.

Mufasa jumped to his feet when he felt the third tremor.

Taka slowly rose and slowly said, ”Earthquake.”

Mufasa looked at him, very quizzically.

Suddenly, a piece of ground cracked open and steam spurted upwards shortly followed by a burst of lava and fire. The thin crust area was erupting. Taka watched bug-eyed as another burst of lava splashed down on a full sized elephant, burning through the thick skin and immobilizing the beast.

”We gotta get out of here!” Taka yelled.

The lions sprang up the hill … it was the fastest way to Pride Rock. The elephants swarmed to find an exit. The hidden valley had a waterfall on the eastern side, so the only way out was west. But the entrance and exit to the valley was complex. It would only fit one elephant … and the beast would have to wiggle its way through. The lions, however, could climb the hill and evade the stampede. A larger burst of lava spewed out and kept spewing. Trees and plants caught on fire and then they were engulfed by the ever-growing crack in the earth. More eruptions took place. The whole place was erupting! Taka and Mufasa made it out and ran as fast as they could back to Pride Rock. They had to warn the King!

When the two brothers got to Pride Rock, the King was busying himself by taking a not-so-deserved nap.

”Ahad…father!…we…the valley it…and the fire!…elephants died and…then we ran…and the fire spread everywhere…the mountain!…so amazing…we ran back here!” the two brothers spurted out the story simultaneously and Ahadi lifted his head, already trying to fight off a headache.

”Whoa, whoa whoa, slow down,” he said ”what about flames and elephants?”

The two brothers looked each other. Mufasa explained the story from the start. ”We were in a valley when the whole place began to throw fire into the air. Everything was catching on fire and there was a red hot river. Elephants were in there and some were trying to escape but the entrance looked too small for all of — Look! You can see the smoke from here!” Mufasa pointed.

Ahadi quickly looked at the column of smoke rising from the valley. He jumped up and began to run towards it. His two sons followed him.

When the brothers caught up, they found a motionless King. His eyes were fixed on the valley, and his eyes were watery. When he heard Taka and Mufasa, he wiped his eyes with his paw and said, ”Don’t come up here.” He turned his large head back to the valley.

Taka got impatient. He went through the grasses to his right to find a vantage point. Mufasa began to follow, but decided to obey his father. Taka stuck his head out and found a nice view. He gasped quietly. Numerous elephant corpses were laying in various locations. The fire had stopped spewing, but the aftermath of the eruption was ominous. The waterfall wasn’t even flowing anymore. The water had redirected itself. The ground wasn’t green anymore. It had a grayish look, as if it was burnt or a foot deep in ash. Vultures were having a feast on the unlimited rotting meat.

”Taka! I said get away!” yelled Ahadi. He pushed his son down in the grass. ”Don’t disobey me — EVER! Now go back to Pride Rock. I will be there shortly. You too, Mufasa.”

Taka trotted off and Mufasa ran after him.

”What’d you see?” Mufasa asked.

”A Graveyard.” Taka replied, staring blankly.

When Ahadi returned to Pride Rock, he found the Pride awaiting his return. Most were shocked from the news that Mufasa and Taka had told them. Ahadi slowed his pace once he realized everyone was watching him.

”Oh…um, as you may have heard, the Elephant Valley has been destroyed by fire and lava …” he shifted his eyes ”Many of those elephants were my friends, the old ones would remember the time Mohatu granted them the valley and forbid the hyenas to interfere.” He cleared his throat. ”Well,” he said ”One of the largest supplies of water has vanished from the Pride Lands. Uru,” he addressed his mate, ”You and a few more lionesses should scout out the entire Pride Lands for more water supplies. We can’t all live off the waterhole by Pride Rock.”

Uru nodded. Then she said, ”Hanja, Bozi: lets go.” The three lionesses went south. They, together, would scan the entire Pride Lands until they found a larger supply of water. The little bird, Zazu, who was found by Taka and Mufasa, was on Uru’s shoulder. He would be a great aid in finding the water.

”As for the rest of you,” Ahadi said, ”The valley is a grim sight indeed. I would suggest not going there, possibly forever.”

Uru watched Zazu flew overhead. What a helpful little bird! she thought. An idea came to her. She would just have to wait until she and the others returned to Pride Rock to tell the King.

Zazu circled down to the Queen. ”My Queen, I have spotted a small lake east of here” he said.

”Good; good work, Zazu. I’m going to examine its quality and then we’ll head back. Hanja! Bozi!” Uru said. The two lionesses that were helping with the search appeared out of tall grass. The Queen said, ”Zazu has found some water, follow m… well actually follow him.”

The little bird flapped his wings and in an instant was airborne. ”This way!” he shouted, 30 feet in the air. The lionesses followed him and nearly stumbled into the lake when they got there.

”Oh my, its beautiful!” Bozi said.

Uru congratulated Zazu on the find, and then said, ”Come, we’ll go tell Ahadi what we have found.”

Back at Pride Rock, Ahadi was sitting at the tip of Pride Rock. He often sat here, liking the view that it gave with a feeling of flight. The wind in his mane was cooling in the hot sun. He heard footsteps approaching. It was Taka.

”Dad… Mufasa and I have been talking. When its his time to become King, he wants me to be King too…like two Kings, two brothers. I think tha…”

”Stop.” Ahadi interrupted. ”I don’t want to hear about it. Two Kings would cause confusion among the animals.”

”But Dad, I…”

”No! Enough! I will not sit here worrying about our limited water supply and soon to be food supply while you tell me about your plans for the future. You shouldn’t even be THINKING about being King. Mufasa was the first born son. He is to be King. You cannot change our traditions because you’re a jealous little snob of a lion!”

Taka began to cry.

Ahadi continued, ”Stop crying, you weren’t born yesterday. You’re almost an adult. Adult lions don’t cry.”

Taka looked up with watery eyes and said, ”But you did. Remember when you saw the dead elephants?”

”ENOUGH! GET OUT OF HERE!” Ahadi screamed.

Taka leaped into the air and ran away.

”Stupid tradition.” Taka murmured to himself. ”Stupid Dad. Stupid Mufasa.” Taka was muttering in a small spot near Pride Rock. He liked to call it the Mouse Den, simply because of all the mice he found scurrying about. ”Traditions are for cowards. Why can’t we just try something new?” he continued, ”Two Kings could run the Pride Lands more efficiently …” he stopped talking when he saw his mother, Uru, approaching Pride Rock in the distance. He wiped the tears from his face and head off to follow her. He hadn’t seen his mother in 3 days. He didn’t realize how much he missed her until she was gone.

The lions that accompanied Uru went their separate ways. Even Zazu went to his favorite tree to take a rest. Uru was alone, which meant Taka could talk to her about anything he needed to.

He caught up to her and said, ”Mother! I’ve missed you so much!”

Uru turned and smiled. ”Taka! How have you been?” She nuzzled him and licked his head and face.

”Oh I’ve been alright, I guess.”

Uru stopped and questioned him, ”Is something the matter? You seem troubled.”

Taka hesitated and said, ”Its Dad, he won’t listen to me.”

She asked, ”Oh? What won’t he listen to?”

”Well Mufasa and I have had a great idea for a while now. We thought that we could be the first Kings of the Pride Lands, that we would rule the Pride Lands together … a team of two brothers, you know?”

”Oh I think that’s a lovely idea! But, Dad doesn’t want that to happen, right?” she said.

”Right! He won’t listen at all.”

She nuzzled him again and said, ”Listen carefully: right now you have to do what he says. Right now he’s the King, and he can do what he wants. But when Mufasa becomes King, he can do what he wants. He’ll have the power to do anything, even make you King as well! By that time you’ll both be big and strong … Ahadi have no choice but to listen!”

By the end of this Taka was smiling so big that all his teeth were showing. ”Oh that would be great!” he said.

Uru put on a more serious face and said, ”Now remember, its our little secret.”

Taka nodded and nuzzled his mother. ”Well, I’m off to tell Ahadi the great news: we found more water! There’s a lake a little ways away. Its big enough for all the animals, and I don’t think it will disappear completely in the dry season.”

Taka smiled, ”Oh that’s great news as well!”

Uru and Taka walked up to the den within Pride Rock, where Ahadi lays waiting for the Queen and her word. When they entered the den, Ahadi sprung up and rushed over to his mate. They nuzzled each other.

”I’ve missed you.” Ahadi said.

”I’ve missed you too,” Uru replied, ”There’s a lake a little ways away. Its big enough for all of us, but we’ll have to see how it does in the dry season. We’ve never really had a good dry season anyway.”

The King laughed. It wasn’t even funny, but Ahadi has missed Uru very much. Taka looked around the den. Mufasa wasn’t there. He jumped out and started looking around for his brother, he just couldn’t wait to tell him the news.

Taka jumped into the air and landed outside. He was smiling. He was going to be King! Taka found his brother sitting under Pride Rock, in the shade, with Sarabi and Sarafina. The two girls were very interested in the story of the Elephant Graveyard. The Elephant Graveyard is what the ash-covered valley is now known as to the Pridelanders.

”What did the elephant do?”

”Did they get out?”

”Are they all dead?”

Mufasa really didn’t want to talk about it, but a growing adolescent sparked him to tell a story about the brave lion who was on an adventure and saw a tragic incident, and saved many elephants from their most certain death. Taka rolled his eyes. The others hadn’t noticed him yet.

”Oh, Mufasa you were really brave!” Sarafina said.

Sarabi agreed, ”Yeah! I wanna see the Elephant Graveyard for myself!”

”What?” Mufasa asked, surprised.

”Lets go see it!” she repeated.

”But, we’re not allowed — King’s orders!” Mufasa sputtered out quickly.

Taka made himself noticeable and said, ”Yes, we wouldn’t want to injure ourselves. Mufasa can I talk to you…..privately?”

Mufasa mouthed his thanks and said, ”Yeah sure, bro.”

The two brothers walked into the sunlight.

”What is it, Taka?” Mufasa asked.

”I just talked with mother, we’re gonna be Kings!” Taka expressed himself.

”You’ve still been looking into this?” Mufasa said, quite bored.

”I’ve never stopped. Listen, she says once you’re the new King, you can make anything happen, including making me a King as well!” Taka was ecstatic, ”So would you let me be a King, too?” he asked.

”Yeah, sure, we’d make a good team I think.” Mufasa said.

”Promise?” Taka asked.

”I Promise.” Mufasa said, impatiently.

”Ahadi?” Uru said softly.

”Yes?” he responded.

The King and Queen were laying in the den. Ahadi was trying to take another nap, until Uru interrupted him.

”When we were searching for water, the little bird, Zazu, the one Mufasa and Taka found, flew up high above and could view the Pride Lands much farther than we ever could. He was the one that found the lake.” Uru said.

”Is that so?” Ahadi mentioned, uninterested.

”So I think Zazu should be our eyes over the Pride Lands, alerting us of any problems and helping us understand things form a bird’s eye view…”

Ahadi interrupted, ”You mean like a Majordomo or something?”

Uru smiled, ”Precisely!”

Things were looking up in the Pride Lands. Although a large source of water was eliminated, another, equally large source was found by the King’s first Majordomo, Zazu. Taka had finally gotten the promise he was looking for, from the Pride Lands’ future King, and his brother, Mufasa. As each day passes, Mufasa and Sarabi spend more and more time together. Uru is noticing a love growing with the two adolescents. In time, the two lovers will become the Pride Lands’ King and Queen.

Years after the tragedy of the Elephant Graveyard, we rejoin the two brothers a few weeks before the Kingship is passed onto Ahadi’s heir, Mufasa….

Sarabi was licking Mufasa’s mane. The two were under a tree, in the shade protected from the sunlight. His mane had grown to its entirety. It was bushy and well groomed. You could barely see his ears in all the fur he had. The lion and the lioness were laying on their stomachs. They nuzzled each other. Mufasa’s snout had grown as well. In fact, Mufasa was beginning to rival Ahadi’s body size. The future King had thick, strong shoulders and muscles that bulged out in his forearms. No ribs were showing, they were covered by his immense abdomen and obliques. Sarabi had grown as well. She was beautiful and strong. She had strong forearms as well, which had developed after years of hunting. Sarabi was the best huntress of the Pride. She loved Mufasa with all of her heart, and Mufasa the same to her. They were a perfect pair.

”Mufasa!!” yelled an upset Ahadi near Pride Rock, less than a mile away.

”Oh no, I completely forgot,” Mufasa whispered to Sarabi, ”I gotta go.”

Sarabi’s smile faded but she continued to watch him walk away.

When Mufasa had reached Pride Rock, he found Ahadi staring at him from below it, in the shade.

”Mufasa I thought we agreed to meet here when the sun was highest in the sky. You’re very late. As future King, you must keep your priorities in line…”

”A King is nothing without his Queen.” Mufasa interrupted with a deep voice.

Ahadi continued, ”Follow me. We’ll take to the fields since the sun is lower in the sky.”

Mufasa swallowed. They headed off towards the Outlands.

Meanwhile, the other brother was visiting a familiar place. He was alone. Unlike his brother, Taka was somewhat skinny. He still had his teenage forearms and shoulders, and some ribs were showing. He wasn’t starving, or even hungry; just bored. Under an unknown incentive, Taka was investigating the Elephant Graveyard. This was an odd spot to be, especially after King Ahadi suggested not going there. Taka stepped up from a ditch and came into view of the largest elephant skull he had ever seen. He stepped closer but was interrupted by an insane laughter.

”Shut up, Ed!” yelled a familiar voice.

Taka grinned and said, ”Not quite the surprise attack you were expecting, Shenzi?”

The hyena named Shenzi came into view with another hyena named Banzai and the insane Ed.

”What you doin’ here this early anyway?” she asked.

”I came to warn you and the others. My father and brother are the delightful ambassadors of the Pride Lands. They’re headed over to talk with Imara and Zira. I think they’re gonna talk about you.”

Banzai blurted out, ”Why us?!”

Taka chuckled, ”Because, stupid, wasn’t it you who stole the kill from the Pridelanders?”

Banzai and the others stared at Taka.

Shenzi spoke next, ”So what are we supposed to do about it?”

Taka said, ”Prepare yourselves. You may have a collection of lions at your front door. If you intend on keeping these lands for yourself, then be prepared for the worst.”

Shenzi nodded and Banzai began to rally the hyenas.

”So what about you?” she asked.

”I can’t be seen associating myself with you. I won’t be here on either side of the battle.”

Imara was a rugged, dirty lion who ruled the Outlanders. He wore a brownish coat ever more browned by the pounds of dirt lodged between his fur. When he shook or turned quickly, a cloud of dust fell off of his mane. He was Zira’s father. Zira was a bit younger than Taka was, but still was mature enough to understand every situation that she was into. Her forearms had no fat whatsoever, and her claws seemed permanently protruded from her paws. She dug them into the ground whenever she walked. It was a gruesome reminder of her behavior and personality. Imara was totally unaware of his daughter’s affairs with Taka. The two had become romantically involved, but Zira would never show that side of her to anyone but Taka. Any inkling of weakness might compromise her, as well as her father’s, leadership.

They noticed two large golden lions walking towards them. Imara and Zira came out to meet them.

”Welcome, King Ahadi, to our home. Your majordomo informed us of your arrival. However, I’m still not sure why you are here.” Imara started off with a deep but raspy voice.

”We have come to discuss the hyenas within the Elephant Graveyard.” Ahadi said.

”Yeah, what about them?” Imara questioned.

”Recently they have became more aggressive. As the dry season is kicking in, they are becoming desperate to fill their bellies. We’d like to ask for your help to drive them away for good.”

Imara hesitated, then asked, ”Well can’t you do it by yourself? Your pride has over 20 members.”

”And there are over 80 hyenas in the Graveyard. With your help we can change the odds from 4 to 1 to 3 to 1. Please, driving these scavengers away would be a mutual benefit for both of our prides. Without these pests nibbling at their ankles, the herds will definitely return.”

Imara agreed. ”Well Ahadi you have yourself a deal. You will get our full support. Although I must ask…what is to become of the land once the hyenas are gone?”

Ahadi looked puzzled. ”Are you in need of a resource that the Graveyard happens to have?”

Imara said, ”No, I just don’t see the need for yet another expansion on your part.”

Ahadi nodded, ”Fine, it will become neutral territory.”

Mufasa and Zira never once looked at each other in this conversation. Mufasa knew about Taka and Zira. He had caught them alone once and his brother became very embarrassed and upset. Mufasa snorted, holding back a laugh, hoping no one had noticed. Any sign of mockery in this conversation and the whole thing would go cold. He tried to pay attention to what his father was saying. As future King, he might need to do this one day.

It began to rain. Three dozen lions made their way through the muddying grasslands. Their paws oozed through the thin, wet layer of mud and their forearms became crusty and dirty. Ahadi, Mufasa, Imara, and Zira led the group of lions. Uru and Taka were bringing up the rear. When they reached the Elephant Graveyard, Taka looked up the side of a hill where a large elephant skeleton laid. A bolt of lightning thrashed through the sky and he saw several beady eyes flash back at him inside the elephant skeleton. He was unsure of the situation. He had told Shenzi and the others that he wouldn’t even be here.

What was he going to do? He couldn’t fight his friends, but on the other hand he couldn’t let his friends harm his family either. He would just have to stick close to the other lions. A sudden, high pitched laugh broke his thought process. The group of lions were inside of the graveyard, standing proudly. It laughed again, lightning struck, and two hundred hyenas jumped and ran down the hillside. It was an ambush! Ahadi’s jaw dropped at the number of them. Then he came back to reality.

Imara gave him a harsh look, ”You said it would be 3 to 1!”

He turned to the approaching hyenas and growled, showing his teeth. Zira mirrored his actions. The battle had begun.

Three hyenas leaped on Imara’s back and started scratching, Zira swatted them off like flies, they both mauled the hyenas but more were jumping into the battle, it was impossible to finish the first few off and protect yourself at the same time, here they come, someone said, and, look out!, someone yelled, Mufasa and Ahadi were having their own problems, almost ten were circling around them when finally one broke the ranks and Mufasa batted it down with one strong slash, Taka watched the little hyena writhe in pain and bleed out, meanwhile more hyenas were running at them from all directions, he tried to avoid them but every time he did more would come and then someone would save him, a strong hyena jumped on Mufasa’s back and started to bite at his neck but Sarabi jumped and knocked him off, Mufasa smiled at her and then got back into the battle. A dozen hyenas slashed at a few lionesses that had broken away from the main group. Ahadi tried to get to them and save them, but more hyenas blocked him … he watched as the hyenas brought those lionesses to the ground and then shook the image out of his mind. Imara was breaking away from the main group as well. He was fighting very bravely, but the hyenas were beginning to overwhelm him. Imara spat blood at three brawny hyenas. One of them jumped on Imara’s back but he grabbed it and threw it down, and kept it down with 500 pounds of muscle while fighting off the other two. When he got the chance, he slashed at the creature until he no longer had to keep it down. The remaining two became even more vicious and mauled at his fur and his skin. Zira saw her father and tried to help him, but a hyena head-butted her and she nearly lost consciousness until another hyena bit her in the leg. She tried to get to him but a wave of hyenas brought her back to the group. She could see that the two brawny hyenas had him pinned down, and other hyenas were slashing at him anywhere they could. Imara was kicking them away, but he became overwhelmed. A hyena bit Ahadi in the leg and pulled, twisting it and making it bleed. Ahadi shook the hyena off and clawed it to the ground. Taka pushed a hyena off of his back and rejoined the center of the group, noticing Banzai getting mauled by a lioness. Uru pounced on a hyena that was attacking Mufasa, while Zira tried to fight her way to save Imara. Ahadi looked around at a smaller crowd and decided it was time to get out of there. ”Retreat!!!!” he yelled. Everyone heard him but it was going to be difficult for the group of lions to flee. A battalion of hyenas blocked them, but the group eventually made it to the muddy grasslands. A few hyenas chased after them, but doubled back once they noticed that they weren’t getting the support of the clan.

Ahadi limped his way into view. Zira frantically looked over the bloodied lions in search of her father. But he never made it out. She turned to Ahadi.

”Well that didn’t go to plan now, did it?” she said coldly.

Ahadi drew breath and said, ”They knew we were coming, there’s no other explanation.”

”And how exactly did they know that?” she asked.

Ahadi ignored the question, ”I think you should stay with us tonight … at least until we know the threat is over.”

Zira laughed, ”We all know now what happens when we listen to you.”

She turned and walked towards the Outlands. Her fellow lionesses followed her. Ahadi sighed. Uru comforted him on the way back to Pride Rock.

”This was the day that was supposed to bring peace to the Pride Lands for its new King. Now it’s worse off than it was. I’m ashamed of myself. Now Mufasa will have to deal with this mess. I just hope he becomes a greater King than I was.”

A refreshing breeze blew across the Pride Lands. The storm had passed, and the grass was beginning to turn green once again. The wind blew through Mufasa’s mane. Although some of the lions still showed dirtiness of yesterday’s battle, his mane was well groomed and cleaned. A proud Ahadi walked up to Mufasa and laid his paw on his shoulder.

”It is time, my son.” he said. They began to walk to the top of Pride Rock so that the animals below could see them. Mufasa stopped short and watched his father continue to the very tip. Ahadi put little effort into a hoarse roar. It was important that the new King should have the louder roar, and the more obvious they made it, the better. Ahadi turned his head to Mufasa and nodded. Mufasa approached him from the left. Without hesitating, he let out a tremendous roar that echoed through the Pride Lands into the ear drums of every animal. It lasted until he was out of breath. The animals made noises of approval, then the rest of the lions and lionesses roared which deafened the other animal noises. Ahadi and Mufasa descended from Pride Rock. Both Uru and Sarabi nuzzled their new King, while Ahadi watched proudly. The Pride Lands had a new King.

A small clan of hyenas was making their way towards the Outlands. A watchful lioness caught sight of the pack moving towards her. She immediately let out a deep alarmed roar. The other lionesses woke up and turned towards her. Zira scanned the area and located the threat. Then she looked around at her own pride and saw only weakened or injured lionesses. Even so, they lined up and formed an impressive and deadly force. It was rare for a hyena clan to attack lions, but after the moral boosting victory the previous night, they seemed to be thirsty for more.

”Into the caves!”, Zira called out.

The lionesses hurried themselves into the caves of the Outlands. She knew they stood a better chance in closer quarters, where they couldn’t easily be surrounded.

The clan dug their way into the numerous tunnels and caves of the Outlands. They numbered around 20, which was plenty to drive a small group of wounded lions out of their turf. With the loss of her father, however, Zira was leading an ever weakening pride without a dominant male. She was beginning to wonder if they could last long enough for a rogue male to notice them.

Damn you, Taka. Why can’t you be with me now in my time of need?

She cleared her head of these thoughts and looked around. As long as they weren’t surrounded they could hold off the hyenas for a very long time. The pack of hyenas began entering the caves when a loud roar was heard. The hyenas froze in their tracks and watched as a lion came into view. They hyenas bolted. They had no intention of starting a fight with a pride of lionesses in front and a strong lion attacking from the rear.

”Haha, those hyenas are nothing without a leader.” Taka said as Zira emerged from the cave.

”Thank you, Taka.” she nodded, ”It has come to my attention that we are no longer safe here on our own. I humbly ask… may we join the Pride Lands?”

Taka was grooming himself in the elephant graveyard. He gazed at the sun.

It’s past midday — they’re late. he thought to himself.

Just as he was thinking this, three hyenas ran around the corner. One of them slipped and tumbled into a pile of bones.

”Ehehehehehe!” Ed laughed.

”So, uhh, whats up, boss?” Banzai asked.

”You’re late again. Is it truly that hard to tell the time?” Taka said, ”Although, I can’t stay mad today. After all, our planned worked. Zira agreed to join the pride. I must thank you all for your brilliant play … you put on a wonderful show.”

The hyenas smiled with pride.

”Now, we should go over …”

”Taka?” he was cut off. ”Taka is that you?” Zira came around the corner. ”Taka what are you doing here I’ve been looking ALL over …” she stopped when she saw the hyenas, ”Wha..what are you doing talking with hyenas?”

”N…Nothing they’re just my friends.” Taka said, quickly, ”They were my friends in cubhood.”

Zira tilted her head and said, ”Well, alright. I need you to come with us. We’re moving on.”

Taka left the hyenas without saying a word.

The lions, who were still beaten and bloodied from the battle, made it to Pride Rock. Zira approached Taka.

”Taka, you knew it was the hyenas that killed my father and you are still friends with them?” she asked.

”It wasn’t these hyenas that attacked us, these ones are…different,” he chose his words carefully, ”now can we forget about it? I’m allowed to have friends.” Taka said, walking up the rock.

”My king…”, he said dully, ”Zira and the Outlanders wish to join our pride.”

Mufasa looked down at the group of lionesses and, without hesitation, called down to them, ”Make yourselves at home, everyone! I’ll have Rafiki look at those wounds of yours.”

The sound of crickets echoed through the fields. Ahadi and King Mufasa were on their backs staring up at the sky.

”The stars are truly beautiful on a night like this. I’ve come to appreciate such things now that I’m getting older. Or maybe I just notice things better without so much responsibility.” Ahadi chuckled.

A shooting star caught their eyes. It spanned the entire sky and then it was gone.

”What exactly are those, dad?” Mufasa asked.

”They are the lines that connect between our Kings of the Past. They are the messages sent between them, the plans for the future. They’re schemers, what can I say?” Ahadi relaxed.

”Is that true?” Mufasa said, doubtfully.

”We’ve come to accept it as the truth.” Ahadi smirked, ”We lions don’t often have the best explanations.”

Mufasa’s mind kept going back to the promise he had made Taka. Could the Pride Lands really have two kings? Mufasa had never mentioned this to his father. Perhaps now would be the opportune time.

”Dad?” Mufasa said.

”Mm?” Ahadi replied with a low voice.

”I need advice on something, I made a promise to Taka a long time ago, but I don’t think I can keep it.” Mufasa began.

”What promise was that?” Ahadi inquired.

”I promised him that once I became king, I would make him king as well. We would rule together as brothers.” Mufasa stated.

Ahadi stood up and stared at him. ”What? How could you make that promise to him? You know he will remember it!” he said.

”I know..but I was really young, he made me promise.” Mufasa said.

”Tomorrow you’ll tell him that he is not to be king … not ever. You are the sole and rightful king. Mufasa, let me tell you something. When you and Taka were born, there was a dilemma. You see, when a Queen gives birth to two male cubs, it is customary to get rid of the younger one.” Ahadi said.

Mufasa gulped. He had never known about this custom.

”Rafiki said we had to go along with the custom, but your mother insisted that the cub lived. She loved you both too much to allow such an act to occur. I dunno, I guess Taka reminded her of her loving father.” Ahadi said.

”But why does that custom exist in the first place? How could anyone allow it?” Mufasa questioned.

”Well, let me tell you the story of Karfurr. Karfurr was born after his two brothers. While he was growing up, he began to realize that his place in the Pride was not needed. It was an embarrassment to be a subordinate male and still be royalty. Wanting the kingship so badly, he devised a plan to get it. While his pride was moving to another location, Karfurr told the pride that there were lush valleys in the area, and he told them exactly where to find the valleys. Instead of finding a paradise, the pride encountered a much larger pride. The larger pride killed their males, while Karfurr watched from afar. When the majority of the lionesses escaped, they could do nothing but accept Karfurr as their dominant male. Because of Karfurr, this custom has been put in place, in hopes that nothing like this would ever happen again. Your mother and I, however, decided to take the risk. I am deeply troubled that Taka spent his adolescence dreaming about the kingship. Your mother and I will have to talk to him about it.” Ahadi finished.

Mufasa was very thoughtful. The news would crush Taka, but he had to tell him in case Taka became like Karfurr.

”Do you understand how dire the situation is?” Ahadi asked.

Mufasa nodded. ”I will talk to him first thing in the morning.”

Mornings. They were so dull for Taka. Nothing ever happened. Morning was for hunters. Their prey were sleepy and weak. He was not a hunter. He had never been invited, even though his brother had been. They left Taka out of the hunt because he wasn’t as strong as Mufasa. There was never a morning where something interesting happened for Taka. He spent his mornings laying around, thinking. Thinking is what he did best. Even while the pride slept, he thought. The topics he thought about varied, but were mostly about Zira, the kingship he was about to acquire, and how he would rule.

He kicked a bone off of Pride Rock and listened to it hit the ground. The pride was messy. They often left remains of their prey on Pride Rock. When I’m king, I’ll make a rule about that. He thought.

A lion approached him. He heard it and turned around to see his brother. ”My king,” Taka said, ”Shouldn’t you be attending your royal pig-out or smooching with your bonnie lass?” He said with a grin.

”Taka … I’ve got some very bad news.” Mufasa said in a low voice. ”I talked with dad. He said only I can be king. I’m not allowed to make you king as well.”

Taka’s grin drooped, and then his upper lip quivered. ”But you made me a promise.” He said, slowly.

”Yes, but I can’t keep it. Dad says …”

”Forget what he says! You’re the king! You do what you want without his consent now! He’s a nobody!”

”But I don’t want two kings ruling. Don’t you see? It would never work out, its never been done before…”

”You coward!” Taka snarled.

He swiped at Mufasa with his paw, hitting him in the jaw. He growled, but Mufasa kept his head down.

”Is everything you say a lie?” Taka rasped. His throat was burning as he held back the tears. ”Do you realize I’ve spent my entire life waiting for the day I’d be crowned king? What kind of brother are you to deny me that?” He spat.

Mufasa looked him in the eyes and said ”I’m sorry, brother.”

”Get outta my way.” Taka said, shoving Mufasa aside as he walked down Pride Rock. ”I will not forget this broken promise, brother.”

Mufasa sighed and walked into the den. He collapsed. The last thing Mufasa wanted was to upset his brother. They had been such great friends their entire life.

Taka was stomping through the fields when the hunting party intercepted him. Sarabi and Sarafina were dragging a wildebeest while the others looked around. Uru spotted her son. Knowing something was amiss, she left the group, signaling them to continue without her.

”Taka, Taka, what is the matter?” Uru asked. She raised his head with her paw. ”You’re crying. What has happened?”

”Muf-fasa is hogging the kingship t-to himself.” Taka sputtered. ”That s-selfish brat!”

”Taka, listen to me. Just because you won’t be king doesn’t mean you’re not important. You’re part of the royal family. All your subordinates will listen to you just as if you were the king.”

”You know they won’t. They’ve never listened to or respected me.” Taka seethed.

”Some do.” she smiled, ”All of the newcomers, especially that Zira, seem to hold you in high esteem.”

Taka lifted his head. An idea came to him. ”Thanks, mom.” He said, and he ran to catch up with the hunting party. ”Zira! Zira!” he called out. She turned her head and looked around frantically. Their relationship was still a secret. Nonetheless, she stood still, waiting to hear what he had to say.

”Zira, come with me.” Taka whispered.

”Taka, what are you doing?” she snarled. ”Need I remind you we’re not supposed to talk in public?!”

”I won’t ask again, come with me!” Taka ordered.

Taka began walking away. She hurried to follow him. While they were walking, Taka said, ”Let’s run away together. We’ll start a pride and run it the way we want to.”

Zira stopped in her tracks. ”Taka, you know I can’t.” she said, ”I can’t just abandon my group. They need me.”

”They’ll come with us then.” Taka suggested.

”They won’t. They’re not going to leave the Pride Lands. Life is good for them here.” Zira said. ”Life is good for us here.”

Taka shook his head. ”It won’t be” he said, ”I am not to be king.”

There was a building wind in the Pride Lands. The temperature was dropping. Taka was laying on Pride Rock. He knew another storm was coming as the cool air blew through his black mane. His stomach growled as he scanned the lands for the lionesses that were out hunting. He rested his head on his forearms. Getting up, he walked down Pride Rock to try and find them. His ears pricked up when he heard a rustling from the bushes.

”Ow!” a lioness said. Zira tumbled out of the bush. ”Erm…hello Taka.” she smirked.

Taka nodded and said, ”Why aren’t you with the others?”

”I’m sure they’ll manage without me. How have you been?”

”Fine. I’m fine.” he said. He got up and they embraced. ”I’ve missed you.” he lied. She just wasn’t what he needed right now. A nice, juicy Zebra leg would be nice, though. ”Is ”˜life still good for you here’?” he mocked her.

Zira opened her eyes and looked at Taka. ”You know we can’t leave.” she said.

”Right. Your family needs you.” he said coolly.

She backed up, still trying to maintain a pleasant attitude.

”Oh, please. They don’t need a leader anymore. Not with my brother strutting around.”

She gave him a stern look and started to walk away. He scoffed at her as she walked past him. Lionesses. he thought. Lightning clashed in the distance. The storm was coming quickly now. He could see the rain falling far away. The stars were beginning to come out one by one. He looked up at them. Although his faith in them was shaken, Taka still looked up. A rain drop fell on his muzzle. Another on his back. Soon it was raining hard and his body was drenched in rain water. The storm clouds were beginning to cover the sky. He squinted up at them looking for some kind of sign.

”Anything! Anything to know that you’re up there. Give me something just this one time. I’m lost. Please help me…I’m so lost.” A tear merged with the rain water that ran down his face. ”Help me find out where I belong. I’m asking…no…I’m begging you. Please answer me.” He dropped his head down, starting to cry. He collapsed in the muddy earth and buried his head in his arms. ”Just..this one time…please. I am a King’s son…please answer me.” He looked up. The storm clouds enclosed the last few stars and darkness fell over the Pride Lands. ”Why are you abandoning me? Please… lend me your wisdom.” he coughed. Mud was in his mouth. ”Am I not sincere enough?!” He spat it out and gritted his teeth. He shook his head and looked down again. ”Fine” he said, ”I’ll do this on my own. My father’s stories got me talking to a bunch of damn stars.” He got up, still covered in mud. He could hear the hunting party over the rain. He saw that they had captured a Zebra. Perhaps the Kings favor me afterall. he said contemptuously. Taka ran over to the pride and began consuming the animal.

The zebra was eaten. The storm was coming to an end. The last of the thunderclouds were still clashing in the distance. The rain was turning into a light drizzle. All the eyes were upon him as Taka entered the den. The drying mud in his fur almost made him unrecognizable. His mane was drenched. He was cold. Taka walked over to the nearest corner and sat down. He flopped down on his side and faced the stone wall so that no one could see his face.

He heard a warm voice behind him. It was his mother. ”Taka, where have you been?” she asked. ”That was a powerful storm, I was worried.”

”I’m fine, mother.” he said, not turning around.

She stayed with him that night, keeping him warm and shielding him from the cold breeze of the night. He didn’t tell her this, but he was grateful for her company.

The next morning Taka and Uru were the first to wake up. The sunlight reached their eyes first. Uru stretched her forearms and yawned. Taka put his paw over his eyes and rolled away from the sunlight.

”Taka, wake up. Are you still bothered by Mufasa’s decision?” She asked.

”I just found out that my entire life will be meaningless.” He said quietly. ”I might need a day or two to recover.”

Her heart sank from his cold words. ”Taka…don’t say such things.” She said. ”Come with me, let’s go for a walk like we always did when you were just a cub.”

”When I was just a cub, I believed that I was important. Now it doesn’t matter.”

”Please Taka. For me.”

”For you.” He said, getting up. ”Because you’re the only one who has ever been honest with me.”

”Thank you.” She said, as they walked out of the den.

Uru and Taka walked together for a long time without saying anything. Uru enjoyed the surroundings. The birds, the trees, the endless grasses and the beautiful sunrise while Taka drooped his head and watched his paws. As they reached the edge of the Pride Lands gorge, Uru stopped and looked at Taka. She lifted his head with her paw so they met eye to eye. Taka turned his head away.

”Look at me, son.” She said to him.

Taka obeyed. Their eyes met again.

”What did you notice during our walk?” She asked.

Taka raised his eyebrow and said, ”What?”

”I watched the sun cast a red hue across the bountiful lands that have been bestowed upon us. I watched as the lands became busy with abundant life, watched as the birds sprang from their nests, watched the ants begin their ascent high into the acacia trees. I watched the gazelles and wildebeests and zebras graze in peace and harmony, watched as the savanna grasses glistened from the night’s dew and swayed in the cool morning breeze. So, I ask again. What did you notice during our walk?”

”It was cruel of you to put me in this position.” He replied.

”I’m teaching you that we can only find the good things in life if we are open to them.” She said. ”If you keep your head down and ignore it all…well, you’ll miss out on a lot of beautiful things.”

”And tomorrow I will ask you what you remembered about today. Will you remember the birds and the grass? Or will the fact that our family is based on lies make you forget?”

”A long time ago, when you were young, you made me a promise. You promised me that you would not become jealous of Mufasa. Do you remember?”

”As a cub I was willing to listen, but nothing you can say can heal me now. I am not jealous of Mufasa. I never was and never will be. I would never envy someone who breaks promises and lies to claim kingship and power. Yes, I remember the day I made that promise. You said I should not desire what others have. That I have a home, a family and a heart, those which matter most. Well I’ve lost them. The home which I considered mine was taken from me when I was denied my right as king. My family betrayed me and my heart? Please. A heart which was so easily scorched by the conceited lies and hate which everyone seems so eager to dole upon me. No, mother, I’ve lost what matters most. I know what you’re trying to do, but don’t waste your time on me anymore.”

Rafiki gazed across the Pride Lands on top of his baobab tree. He was just a spec of black on the immense green treetop shown discretely by the bright sunlight of midday. Everything seemed in order until he saw a tawny-red adolescent lion approaching. Rafiki grabbed his stick and disappeared, hidden by the lush leaves of the fully grown baobab tree.

The lion’s strides were very snakelike — but elegant. It must be Taka! giggled Rafiki. When the lion was in throwing distance, Rafiki tossed a gourd at him. It splattered his front paws and Taka jumped back, rudely awakened from his thoughts. Taka looked up, but saw no sign of movement — except for the leaves in the wind, of course. His eyes narrowed.

”Monkey! I know you’re up there. Show yourself!” he shouted.

Another gourd came flying, which Taka dodged. It went Splat! on the ground next to him. ”Aheheheh”. He could hear from the treetop.

Taka rushed at the tree. He extended his claws to climb and clawed deeply at the trunk, but his own weight got the better of his strength and he rested back down on his back legs.

”Ohh I’ll get you, you worthless monkey!” he growled and scratched at the tree.

One last gourd came falling from above his head and hit him square in the forehead. ”Uuungh!” His face was covered in the goo. He shook his head with his eyes closed and spat the gourd chunks out of his mouth. ”Bested by a damned worthless monkey.” he laid on his side, continuing to clean the mess off his head and paws.

Rafiki showed his face for the first time, peering down at the young lion curiously.

”Useful in a tight spot, aren’t they?” Rafiki said. ”I’ve found another use for them! Keeping away pesky neighbors!”

Taka looked up at Rafiki and sighed. ”Listen, I just want to talk about something that’s been bothering me. I don’t want to get anything hurled at me any more.” Taka said.

”I swear my hurling days are over!” Rafiki said, laughing a bit.

Taka rolled his eyes. ”Look, you’ve been with the family for as long as my father has.” Taka said. ”Can you tell me why Mufasa was chosen to become king instead of me?”

Rafiki responded, ”My dear boy, Mufasa was chosen because he was the first born. He —”

”Yes yes but only by a mere moment!” Taka interrupted. ”We were littermates, right? Born on the same day and given the same ceremony! We were equals all our lives but now I receive first word that he’s to become king! A path which I can’t follow!”

”Mufasa was always the heir to the throne, what made you think so differently?” Rafiki inquired.

”He lied to me. He told me he would make me king. That we would rule together as brothers is what he said.” Taka responded.

”Even King Mufasa could not break the laws of the Great Kings.”

”Could not? Or would not?”

”Could not.” Rafiki reemphasized. ”The Pride Lands have always been led by one king, and so far it has worked out heh heh… — Mufasa’s path is sealed. You must go your own way and find your own place in the Circle of Life. It is expected of you to find your own pride now.”

”I can’t leave.” Taka said.

”Go on! Get out of here! Hurry up!” Rafiki said crazily, waving his arms.

Taka looked beyond out into the endless savanna. It did have a certain appeal. To wander the lands as a free lion, looking for a place to call home, away from his past-

Taka looked back at Rafiki. ”You want me to run from my past?”

”Noooo.” Rafiki said in a low voice. ”I want you to learn from it!” He grabbed another gourd and tossed it down, but Taka rolled away from it. ”See? You’re a quick learner! Now get out of here!”

”I can’t leave.” Taka said again.

”Pbbbff! What is so important that it is holding you back?” Rafiki asked.

”Love.” Taka said. He got up and walked back to Pride Rock without another word.

Hmph. Maybe the boy will turn out all right, then. Rafiki thought to himself.

”Asante sana! squash banana! we we nuga! mi mi apana! Asante sana! squash banana! we we nuga! mi mi apana! Asante sana! squash banana…”

The baboon’s chant faded as Taka walked out of earshot.

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Re: A Mother's Love

Postby ZimiJade » June 15th, 2008, 9:52 am

Thats pretty darn awesome ;)
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Re: A Mother's Love

Postby Moka » June 15th, 2008, 6:17 pm

Thanks :P Its pretty old, and most people I think lost interest with it at TLKPF, I guess I'm planning to finish it up. The chapters are short, but I'm kinda a slow writer so it takes a long time..

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Re: A Mother's Love

Postby ZimiJade » June 15th, 2008, 6:23 pm

I had a fanfic once, but then my computer crashed and stuff. So i lost it :cry: , i should of backed it up on something.
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Re: A Mother's Love

Postby Moka » June 15th, 2008, 6:28 pm

That would suck :(

If you still have the idea you should rewrite it ;)

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Re: A Mother's Love

Postby ZimiJade » June 15th, 2008, 6:31 pm

It did suck XD
I might rewrite it some day, it was about Kovu and Kiara's son and daughter. Lmao
The son was called a damned cub, [much like Zimira was], and he turned out to look just like Scar when he was a cub.
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Re: A Mother's Love

Postby Moka » June 15th, 2008, 6:33 pm

OOOOooOOOoOOoooh so its kinda like the brotherly competition that Mufasa and Taka had when they were cubs...except now its sibling...ly competition LOL

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Re: A Mother's Love

Postby ZimiJade » June 15th, 2008, 6:40 pm

Hell Yeahz =D :mrgreen:
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Re: A Mother's Love

Postby Moka » June 16th, 2008, 5:51 am

Taka grabbed the egg from his brother. He wanted to be the one to show it off. "Hey! Thats mine!" Mufasa said, and he tackled Taka. The egg slipped away from his hand, and landed safely in some grass. The two wrestled each other until Taka was exhausted, and Mufasa got up. "Ha ha ha." he chuckled. "You always want to show us that you're the strongest." Taka stated. Mufasa picked up the egg with his paw. "Yeah, well its just 'cause I am." He smiled. Taka got up and pounced on him. The egg rolled in the grass again.

Uru was walking nearby when she heard them playfighting. "What are you two doing?" she asked, motherly. Taka got up and stared at his brother. "He started it!" they both said in unison. Uru noticed the egg. "What did you two find?" she asked. As if the answer came, the egg began to crack open. "Look what you did, stupid, you broke it" said Mufasa. The queen said softly, "Its not broken. Its hatching." She walked over to it and held it in her paws. A blue bird broke through its shell, and stared up at Uru. "My! Its a hornbill!" she said. The three looked at the bird. Taka announced, "Well...shouldn't we name it?" And Mufasa yelped out: "Zazu!!" The bird turned its head and looked at Mufasa. He smiled. Uru carried the tiny bird back up to the den, and the two brothers followed her.

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Re: A Mother's Love

Postby ZimiJade » June 16th, 2008, 8:46 am

Haha, the hornbill makes his first appearance :lol:
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