Beauty Of The Savannah

Beauty Of The Savannah

Postby KingKovu44 » May 29th, 2012, 3:06 am

A love poem from my OC Shujaa to his mate, Sarafina in the Trials In The Pridelands series. No flaming please.

Beauty Of The Savannah


A lioness of supreme beauty

In all of Africa

There is not a lioness like you

You are so beautiful

Your fur is so soft

Your eyes are so beautiful

The great kings and queens of the past

Were so gracious

To allow the savannah to be graced with your presence

Now that I have returned

We shall raise Nala to be strong and mighty

With any other cubs we may have

We shall do the same

Now, my beloved Sarafina

My beauty of the savannah

Let us admire the Pridelands together
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