His last moments with her

His last moments with her

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Scar and Zira were sleeping on the throne in the den. Little Nuka tried playing with his brother, but his brother was too weak to play. Nuka sighed and laid down, the thump on the ground rudely woke up Zira.

"Ugh, Nuka. Can't you be a little quieter? I'm trying to sleep!" Growled Zira, placing her head back down on her paws.

"B-but mom, Surgi won't get up. He keeps groaning and saying his stomach hurts." Nuka sighed, looking at his sickly brother. Zira's head whipped up and she bolted next to her son, Surgi.

"Dear, dear. What's wrong?" She asked Surgi, who was next in line for the throne. "What hurts, when did it start?" Panicking for the heir.

"M-mom! My stomach h-hurts, my-my head too." Opening his eyes to show her the blood shot green eyes. "My eyes have been blood-shot for three days." He closed them and tried moving. A cracked happened somewhere near his lungs. A rib has cracked. He started hyperventilating, but couldn't cause it hurt. "M-mom. It hurts.." He whispered in pain.

Zira soon figured out why he was sick. From lack of food. She licked her small son and then woke Scar up. "Scar. We have a problem. Your heir has cracked a rib. It's because of the lack of food. The nutrients can't get into the bones. He'll die!" She started sobbing, placing her head on his shoulder.

"Dear Zira, please stop sobbing. You'll muck up my fur with your tears." Pushing her head off his shoulder, and walking over to his son. "Surgi, son. Why do you think you feel this way.?" Looking down at his son, seeming that he could care less.

"I-I haven't eaten anything in four days..I think that might be it." He dry-coughed then opened his eyes. Seeing his father's face.

"Daddy, will I die?" He asked, feeling the lump in his throat, though he couldn't cry, the tears wouldn't come out.

"No. You won't die. The lionesses will find the food, and we will live." He turned around and went back to the rock.

"Scar! Do something about this! Go summon Sarabi and have her go hunting. Even if it's out of territory. Do it or he'll die!" Zira snapped at him, looking at him with glaring red eyes.

"Zira, Zira, Zira. You know my laws. My lionesses don't travel out there. Unless you want to go, with our sons." He put his head on his paws and closed his eyes.

"Summon Sarabi, and tell her to hunt. Then I'll go." She growled, picking Surgi up as Nuka trailed behind. Scar sighed, got up and exited the den. He waited until the perfect time to yell;


And that's the last time Zira ever saw him.
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