Trials in the Pridelands

Trials in the Pridelands

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This is our role-play. I figured I might take the text and put it in a nice fanfiction format for you. And now, without further ado, Trials in the Pridelands.
The morning sun rose over Africa. Today was a special day, for the son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi, Simba, had been born. In response to the same call, all of the savannah's animals converged on the same spot: Pride Rock, the throne of the Lion King. As the morning continued, Rafiki, the wise old mandrill, ascended Pride Rock. He anointed Simba with dust and fruit juice and then held him high for all of the animals to view. Just then, the clouds parted and a beam of sunlight illuminated the cub. All of the animals bowed. When the ceremony was over, Rafiki returned Simba to his parents. The mandrill couldn't help but notice how proud they were at this moment.

Sarabi looked adoringly at her son. She couldn't have been prouder, her newborn son the prince of the Pridelands. She carried him back to the den by the scruff of his neck with Mufasa by her side. When they lay down and Simba was put to sleep, Sarabi whispered to Mufasa, "I am so proud of our son. He will be the talk of the Pridelands for years to come. Don't you think so, Muffy?" She looked down at Simba, as he slept so peacefully between his mother's paws.

"Yes, he will be a great heir and a great son!" Mufasa replied proudly, his chest puffed out.

Zazu entered the den and saw Mufasa and Sarabi admiring their son. Though he didn't want to interrupt this beautiful family moment, he had an urgent message that needed the king's attention. "Sire, did you notice that Scar and Zira were absent from the ceremony this morning?" the hornbill began.

Mufasa's face had gone from a smile to a frown when he heard this. "Shall we go and confront them, Sire?" Zazu asked.

"Yes, Zazu, I suppose so," he said sadly.

Sarafina entered the royal cave and went up to nuzzle Sarabi, her best friend, while Zazu was talking to Mufasa. "He's lovely," Sarafina whispered looking down at little Simba. She was pregnant herself, and the child would come very shortly. She hoped that Sarabi's cub and her cub would be friends.

Zazu left the den and flew over to Scar and Zira's den to announce that Mufasa was on his way. When he arrived, he wasted no time in addressing the two lions. "You two better have a good reason for missing the ceremony this morning," the hornbill began.

Scar stood up and touched a claw to his lip. "That was today? Oh, I apologize. Did you remember, Zira?" 

"No..." she replied, standing to reveal her bulging belly. She clawed the rocks, creating a deafening screech. "Completely slipped my mind."

Zazu was unamused by Scar and Zira's response. "Yes, well, slippery as your minds are, King Mufasa is on his way, and he's as mad as a hippo with a hernia," he said, trying to keep a neutral expression on his face. But he could tell that his words had angered Scar and Zira. He knew that if Mufasa didn't arrive soon, he might die. "Sire, are you almost here?!" the hornbill shouted as loud as he could, hoping that Mufasa would hear him.

"Yes, I'm sure he's coming." said Scar, glad something had kept his brother away. Charming and witty as he was, a tongue-lashing from Mufasa wasn't something to look forward to. 

"But in case he didn't hear you..." said Zira, crouching and inching closer to the hornbill. She knew her actions would scare him, even if she truly did nothing to hurt him.

Zazu began to back up. "Please, Zira, don't look at me that way..." he said, never taking his eyes off of Zira. Now Zazu was seriously afraid. He thought that he might be killed at any moment. Before anything could happen, however, he heard Mufasa's voice at the den entrance.


"Impeccable timing, your majesty," Zazu stated.

"Oh, hello, Mufasa." said Scar, in that slow, innocent tone of his. 

Zira lay down and sneered at the king. He had come in right before a meal. If Zazu wasn't the king's advisor, she'd have eaten him a long time ago.

Mufasa hopped down the rocks towards Zira and Scar's den. "Sarabi and I did not see you at the presentation of Simba!" he said to his skinny brother.

"I'm so sorry, YOUR MAJESTY." said Scar. "The little hairball, whoever he is, needs to get used to disappointment. As do you. Besides, we couldn't make our way up there if we wanted to. My child is due any time now! I couldn't leave Zira, and she couldn't leave."

Zazu looked at Scar and then back at Mufasa. "That is no excuse, Scar. Sarafina is just as pregnant as Zira is, and yet she still attended the ceremony, am I right, Sire?" he asked Mufasa, knowing that this comment would likely enrage Scar and Zira further.

"Yes, Zazu is correct." Mufasa said. His chest was puffed out, to give him a more manly feature. He walked closer to his scrawny brother and his heavily pregnant mate, with Zazu by his side.

"So... What are you going to do, hm? Boil our brains? Mufasa, you don't scare me." said Scar. 

"I should!" He said walking closer to his brother. He puffed out a lung-full of air, and walked out of Scar and Zira's home. "Good bye, small brother!" He laughed, jumping up the tall ledges of Pride Rock.

When he returned, he saw a small cub next to Sarafina. "You have a cub!" He exclaimed. "What will you name her?"

Sarafina contemplated this question. "I think... Nala," she said.

"Oh, Sarafina, your cub is lovely!" said Scar, seeming to come out of nowhere. "I'm so sorry that she isn't mine! And you regret it too, I'm sure."

"Just ignore him, Sarafina," Zazu said, glaring at Scar.

The other lionesses had noticed Scar's presence and gathered around Sarafina as a protective measure. They were ready to try and run Scar off if he tried anything.

"Girls, girls..." said Scar. "I was only wondering: who is the father, then?" He wished it had been him. He swore that he would be the father to one of Sarafina's cubs. She was lovelier than Zira, and her cub was too. Maybe she'd give him a good heir.

One of the lionesses glared. "If you must know, Scar, it was that rogue male that came to Pride Rock recently," she stated.

"Rogue male, hm? Yes..." Scar thought about this, and his face twisted into a grin. "Which way did he go? Or is he still here?"

"He's gone by now, Scar. I do not know which way he went or where he went," the lioness answered, hoping that this answer would satisfy Scar and get him to leave.

"Yes... Of course..." Scar exited the den and descended from Pride Rock. He tried to smell every smell without it looking like it, in case one of the lionesses was watching. Suddenly he caught a faint smell that was male, but it wasn't his or Mufasa's. Sarafina's scent was closely intertwined with it. His face twisted into a grin and he followed the smell thoughtfully. He, without warning, came upon a young male on a rock. He was exactly as Scar pictured him, and then some. 

"So, little rogue. What's it like, alone?" He hoped the younger lion would trust him. He had great plans for him.

"Who are you?" The lion asked, wanting to know what was going on.

"Wouldn't you like to know...." said Scar, trying to taunt the young lion into attacking him. Then he would know that he was ready for Scar's plans.

"What do you want? Why are you bothering me?" he asked, extending his claws in case the newcomer attacked. He was starting to tense up.

"Oh, don't be scared, young one. I have no rank in society, so I don't really have the chance to fight. I didn't inherit strength, either." He tried to make it look as though he were lying. If he set low expectations, the lion wouldn't attack him. Or is that what he wanted? He needed to see if he could fight, but he needed to form trust with him. A male could be of great use to him.

The rogue got off of his rock and walked toward Scar. "Look, whatever this is, I'm perfectly happy, so if you won't tell me your name or tell me what you're trying to do, just leave. If not, I will attack," he stated.

"Right." Scar watched warily as the lion's muscles tensed. They were large, and Scar could be dead in a matter of minutes. He made a face and tried with all his might to sound sincere. "I am Scar, older brother to King Mufasa." Older brother? Where did that come from? But he had said it, and now the lion would want him to tell his life story of something. He groaned inwardly and waited to be pelted with questions.

"Finally, some answers. Now, just tell me what you want with me or allow me to be on my way," the male growled. His muscles then relaxed as he sat down, awaiting Scar's answers.

"Want?" Scar honestly didn't think he'd get this far. "Well, I just think that having a male in our pride would be a benefit... to all of us. Especially Sarafina. The poor dear has her Pridesisters, but she needs her eternal partner. And think... your daughter growing up without knowing anything of her father! It's unheard of! My brother will be more than happy to invite you in, I promise. I just thought I'd consult you first."

"Daughter? When did I have a daughter?"

"You mean you didn't know? Well, you had better hurry and see her! Sarafina will be overjoyed!" His improvising had actually taken a wrong turn... Scar wanted the rogue to trust him, and he brought him closer to Sarafina instead. He needed to work on that. But he couldn't spoil what he had put so much into.

"Very well, Scar. Take me to her," the lion stated.

Scar nodded and walked up to Pride Rock, and into the den. The lionesses growled, but stopped. IT MUST BE THE ROGUE, he thought.

The male went over to Sarafina. "Sarafina, do you remember me? It's Shujaa. I'm the rogue who came here not too long ago," he began. He was hoping that she wouldn't be hostile. So far, she wasn't, and neither were the lionesses surrounding her. Shujaa was thankful for that.

Sarafina looked over to the entrance, and saw a male lion. The lioness looked deep into his eyes. "Shujaa?"

"Yes, Sarafina, it's me. I have returned to you, my love," Shujaa told her. He was so thankful that she wasn't hostile.

"You're back, then. Where did you go?" Sarafina hissed.

"Well, I went back to being a rogue after I left. Scar told me about you and Nala. It was he who convinced me to return. When he informed me that I now had a cub, I knew that I just couldn't keep on roaming," Shujaa explained. He hoped that this was a good enough explanation.

"Why would Scar do that?" Sarafina said to herself. She looked up and Shujaa and smiled slightly, "I don't know yet, it's too early to make up my mind. It's been quite a long time," she trailed off.

Shujaa smiled. "Just give me a chance, Sarafina. I won't leave you again," he stated.

Just then, Nala opened her bright green eyes. Her mother gasped, "She's beautiful!" Nala looked up at her mother and smiled a cub smile. She then looked over at Shujaa, and shuffled away a bit. "I expect she's a little scared because you're so tall," Sarafina laughed quietly.

He looked at Nala and offered his paw. "Don't be afraid, little one," he said in a gentle tone.

"Her name is Nala," she beamed.

Scar watched the reunion and supposed he couldn't do anything more, so he returned to his cave.

"Where have you been? I'm starving!" Zira roared. When she noticed he had no food, she growled at him. Then Scar noticed a cub in her arms. It looked more like Zira than him, and it was a girl besides. But he was kinda stuck with her, so he lay down.

Zira calmed down. "So, uh, Scar," she began, "You say you have a plot. You know, to be king." 

"Yes... I do." 


Scar rolled his eyes and said, "Well, it involves hyenas." 

"Are you mad?" 

"No!" he growled, "They are a vital weapon." From there, he began to explain his plot. "...And then," he finished, "I'll kill Mufasa!" Scar exclaimed.

Zazu poked his head in the den and heard Scar's plan. He looked around and saw that Mufasa was close to the den. "SIRE, SCAR AND ZIRA ARE TRAITORS! THEY ARE PLOTTING TO KILL YOU AND YOUR SON!" the hornbill shouted.

Scar tensed. "Eat him." he said to Zira hastily.

But Zira was already up. She had set her cub aside, then showed her teeth, extended her claws, and shot out of the den, not caring if she fell. She soared closer and closer to Zazu. Her claw was inches away and she reached out to grab him. As she did, her claws caught on three of Zazu's tailfeathers, and Zira's eyes widened in hope and insanity. Birds couldn't fly without their tailfeathers. They lose balance. As Zira fell, she hoped Zazu would come with her.

He did, and she held him under her paw, ready to snap his neck.

"Put him down." Mufasa roared tremulously, running towards Zira and Scar. "And leave the Pridelands while you're at it. YOU'RE EXILED!" He shook with anger. 

"Exiled, brother? You don't want to exile me! You can exile Zira, but not your own brother!" Scar whined hopefully.

"I'm sorry, Scar, but both of you committed treason. According to the law, the punishment is exile. And your cub doesn't deserve exile, as she did nothing against us! You might as well just name your cub and hand her over now so she can have a good life with the royal family," Zazu said as he landed on Mufasa's shoulder. He knew that Zira would probably try to kill him again, but he had to do his job.

The king nodded at Zazu's statement. "Do as he says," he growled.

Scar sighed. He opened his mouth and said, "Her name will be Ko--" 

"Vitani. Her name is Vitani," interrupted Zira. After what Scar did, he was on his own. And she was a greater force. 

Scar sneered at her, and Zira smiled malevolently. After he was exiled, Zira would make sure he would die. Or at least come close to it. Without having to be told, she walked in the direction of the border to the Outlands.

Zazu looked at Vitani and then at Mufasa. "Well, Sire, perhaps we should get your new cub back to the den," he stated. In his mind, the hornbill was wondering how Sarabi was going to react.
"Scar!" Zira roared.


"Do you see what you've done? Now no one cares for you." 

"Don't you?" he asked sweetly. 

"No! 'You can exile Zira.' I won't stand for it." 

"Zira. Whether or not we are exiled, we can still kill Mufasa. The plan isn't that complicated." 

"You just don't get it, do you?" They walked in silence the rest of the way.

After a while, Scar spotted a hyena. He ran up to her. "Taka? Is that you?" she asked.


"Shenzi? You know this hyena? Should I kill her?" Zira asked.

"No! Er, no. She's an... old friend..."

"So, Taka, what brings you all the way out here?" the hyena asked.

"Exile. A simple plot, overheard by the king's majordomo. It really dampens my life."

"Well, if you want to go back to the Elephant Graveyard and stay with me and the clan for a while, you're welcome to," Shenzi said. She knew that the other clan members would probably complain, but she had made up her mind. She was going to help this old friend of hers.

"Yes... Thank you." Scar said, following Shenzi to the Elephant Graveyard. 

Zira grumbled along the way, trailing further and further behind. Scar treated a hyena better than his own mate! It was just unbelievable.

"You're welcome, Taka. Now, when we get there, you can rest. After that, if you want to, you can tell me about this plot of yours. I'm sure Banzai and Ed will be interested to hear it as well," Shenzi said. After she finished speaking, she continued leading them to the Elephant Graveyard.
Back at Pride Rock, Mufasa and Zazu had just finished a conversation regarding Vitani's future. They had decided that the cub would be adopted into the royal family as Mufasa and Sarabi's daughter and Simba's sister. They returned to the den, Zazu flying ahead and Mufasa walking with Vitani gently clamped by the nape of her neck in his jaws. Zazu went over to Sarabi. 

"Your highness, you have a new addition to the family. May I present Vitani, formerly the daughter of Scar and Zira, now the princess of Pride Rock. Scar and Zira were caught in a moment of treason as they plotted to kill the king and Simba and sent into exile. His majesty decided to take their daughter in to give her a better life," Zazu told the queen.

Sarabi could hardly believe her ears "Is it true?" she said, looking up at her mate, "Your own brother had a plot to kill you, and our little Simba?" She was dumbfounded. But a new little cub crawled up to her and snapped her out of her anger. "Hello, Vitani," she smiled. 

She called Simba over to let him and the new cub nurse, because the newborn looked very hungry and it was suppertime for cubbies. "Zira didn't even think about nursing this poor cub, did she?" she said to no one in particular. She secretly liked having a new female cub in the pride, she had always wanted a female cub too.

Zazu smiled. "No, Zira didn't attempt to nurse her. She didn't even try to pick her up when the king sentenced her and Scar to exile," he explained. Inside, Zazu felt sorry for the newborn. However, Vitani would now have a good life with the royal family.

Sarafina also looked towards the cub. "That looks like Scar and Zira's cub!" she said to Shujaa. "I wonder where they are?" she asked. Sarafina placed Nala beside Shujaa, "Watch her for a minute, will you?" She padded over to Sarabi and Zazu, "What's this little cub doing here, then?" she asked Sarabi. The cub looked a little frightened, scruffy and very thin.

Zazu looked at Sarafina. "Scar and Zira were caught plotting to kill the king and his son, so they were sent into exile and the king and queen decided to adopt the cub as their own. Her name is Vitani. Indeed, she was originally Scar and Zira's cub," the hornbill explained.

"Oh, bless her," Sarafina replied. She felt very sorry for the cub. "I can't stop thinking about Scar... doing something like that. That's understandable, but Zira! Well, you learn something every day, don't you," she later added. She nuzzled her best friend and went back to Shujaa and explained the whole thing. She picked up Nala by the scruff and began to carry her to the Waterhole. "Coming, Shujaa?"

Shujaa rose. "Yes, Sarafina, I'm coming," he said, following Sarafina. As they walked, Shujaa admired his baby daughter. She looked so much like her mother. "I can see that she's going to be as beautiful as you," he told Sarafina.

By now, Simba had finished nursing and turned his attention to the new cub. He reached out with his tiny paw and touched Vitani. As he did so, he looked at Sarabi and let out a small mewing noise as if to say "Who is this?". The lionesses all let out a collective, "Awww."

Sarabi was admiring Simba's cute reaction to the tiny Vitani. She was eating a lot. She and Sarafina would take turns nursing the infants. It was a lot of work raising young ones, and all too soon they would be grown. But they had some time before that happened.
Simba was watching Nala and Vitani as they rested near some rocks. At the moment, Vitani's back was turned to him, and so Simba saw a perfect opportunity to get some pouncing practice in. He quietly crept up and then, without warning, pounced on Vitani. "Ha! Got you, 'Tani!" he exclaimed.

When Vitani didn't speak immediately, Simba began to tease her playfully. "What's the matter, 'Tani? Can't think of anything to say?" he said. At this moment, Simba was so proud of himself. Lately, it had been Nala and Vitani who had been teaming up on him. Now, he had scored a victory of his own.

"No, I was just ignoring you!" She said with a slight tone in her voice. She waited till Simba wasn't noticing and pounced on him. "Who's the winner now?" She laughed along with Nala.

Simba pushed Vitani back. "When I'm king, you won't be doing that to me anymore!" he stated as he got into position to pounce again. The prince was so determined to improve his pouncing skills and beat his sister in play-fighting. As long as these bouts didn't get too rough, Mufasa and Sarabi had encouraged it so that they could sharpen their skills. Simba stared down Vitani. "Come on, sis. I won't hurt you," he teased.

"You can't hurt me!" She laughed, as she pounced on Simba again.

Simba was utterly humiliated by having been pounced by his sister not once, but twice. He looked at Nala. "Nala, help me!" he shouted, hoping she would come to his aid. Long moments began to pass as the roughhousing between him and Vitani continued. It was beginning to get a bit rough.

Mufasa interrupted, "Vitani, please get off of Simba." He ordered, stepping up proudly.

Vitani followed the orders. "I'm sorry, father." She lowered her head.

"Listen to your father, you three," the Queen of the Pride Lands said from under a tree. Although she didn't see who bit whom, she could guess the cubs responsible for the injury. She went down and picked Simba up and cleaned his wound. "Does that feel better?" she asked. Secretly, she hoped it would be, because if not, they would have to call Rafiki. *He takes forever with all his rituals and chants, but if it helps Simba feel better, well, that's all that matters,* Sarabi thought.
Then she released the cub to go and play some more.

"So, what do you two want to do now?" Simba asked Nala and Vitani. He was hoping that going to the waterhole wasn't one of the suggested options. They had been there so many times. Then, an idea came to Simba. "Hey, why don't we go for a little walk? I'm sure the three of us can find something to do there," he stated. He looked at both Nala and Vitani's expressions to see how they might reply. He hoped that he wasn't going to get the "We better not be going any place dumb," statement from Nala.

Simba's hopes didn't come true. "We better not be going any place dumb," she said, while giggling with Vitani. 

"Yeah, okay. I'd like to come on a walk with you. We might find something exciting," Nala said, hope glistening in her green eyes. "Are you gonna come 'Tani?" she asked.

"Yeah, 'Tani, come with us. I promise not to pounce you again," Simba told her, hoping that this would convince her to come along. Although they sometimes bickered, Simba was still close to Vitani and didn't want her to stay behind. Their parents had always told them that as brother and sister, they should always stick together.

"Okay!" She smiled at her brother and ran towards him, with eager eyes, to play.

"And where are you three going?" said Sarabi.

Simba looked at his mother. "Uh, we were just going to...the waterhole," he said, hoping she would believe it. 

She didn't show any signs of disbelief, but she said, "Well, alright. But make sure you take Zazu with you,"

He looked at Nala and Vitani. "Come on. Let's get Zazu and go," he said to them. Simba was irritated at having to take the hornbill along, and he was sure Nala and Vitani were as well. 

They traveled, to the waterhole, with Zazu overhead. Simba was sure he couldn't hear them, so he looked at Nala and Vitani once more as they walked. "Let's think of a way to ditch him. Any ideas?" he whispered so that only his friend and his sister could hear.

Before they could answer, Zazu flew down, first taking notice of Simba and Nala. "Oh just look at you two. Little seeds of romance blossoming in the savannah. Your parents will be thrilled," the hornbill said. He then turned his attention to Vitani. "And you, Princess. I'm sure you'll make some young male lion very happy one day," he continued. 

Simba looked at Nala. "Nala, do you have any idea what he's talking about?" he asked.

"Not at all," Nala replied with a confused look on her face.

Zazu noticed their confused expressions and smiled. "One day, Simba and Nala, you two are going to be married!" he said proudly. 

"Eww! I can't marry her, she's my friend!" Simba replied. 

"Well, I'm sorry, but you two have no choice. It's a tradition going back generations," Zazu explained.

The cubs still weren't interested. "Well, when I'm king, that will be the first thing to go," Simba stated. 

"Not as long as I'm around," Zazu countered. 

"Well, in that case, you're fired," Simba said. 

"Nice try, but only the king can do that," Zazu informed him.

"Well, he's the future king," Nala countered.

Noticing that he was near the waterhole, where many animals were grazing and drinking, he hopped up onto a nearby boulder. "OH I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE KING!" he shouted as loud as he could, causing all the animals to panic. Just as he'd hoped, Zazu was lost in the ensuing chaos. Simba then beckoned to Nala and Vitani, and they followed him. 

Nala hurried over to Simba, and soon they got far away from that hornbill. "Finally!" Nala said enthusiastically. "So, what are we really gonna do?" she asked.

"Well, pouncing is out of the question, so why don't we explore and see what we find?" Simba suggested. It wasn't the best idea, but at least he wouldn't come back to Pride Rock with another bite mark, and as long as they didn't stay out too late, he and Vitani probably wouldn't get in trouble. His thoughts complete, Simba began to walk around, eagerly exploring the vast Serengeti that he called home.

Vitani started lurking around behind rocks. Then, she fell down a huge hill and landed in the Elephant Graveyard. "Simba! Nala! Help me!" she cried out.

Simba ran to where his sister's voice was coming from. Nala was close behind. When he arrived, he called out for Vitani. "Vitani, where are you?!" he shouted, waiting to hear her voice so that he could go and get her.

"I'm down here!" Vitani yelled to Simba and Nala, coughing as the dust covered her face and body.

Simba ran down and found Vitani. "Are you all right?" he asked her. Looking around, he noticed that they were in a strange area that they had never been in before. "Let's..." Simba began, but was cut off by a shape fluttering down in front of him. 

It was Zazu. "You three are going to be in a lot of trouble! Do you know how long I've been looking for you?" the bird began. Simba was about to reply when the sound of laughter rang out. To the group's horror, three hyenas emerged from the shadows, obviously drawn by the commotion. 

"Hmm, what do we have here, Banzai?" one of them, a female, asked. 

"I don't know, Shenzi. What do you think, Ed?" Banzai said. Ed only responded with insane-sounding laughter. "That's just what I was thinking, a quartet of trespassers!" Banzai replied. Just then, Shenzi's attention was drawn to Vitani. 

"Wait a minute. Scar and Zira told us about a cub fitting your description," she told her.

Hearing her name, Zira approached Shenzi, but still lurking in the shadows, in case Shenzi was gossiping about her. Then she spotted Vitani. "Vitani," she muttered, and slunk away to tell Scar and her son. They would want to see Vitani and the future king.

Simba glared at the hyenas. "I don't know what you're talking about, but we don't want to hear it! Vitani is my sister and she always will be!" he shouted. The cub could feel the fury rising within him. He wished he was big enough to fight the hyenas on his own. Shenzi, Banzai and Ed merely continued to circle, waiting for a proper moment to strike.

Out of nowhere, a cub came bounding up to the cubs. "Hi, I'm Nuka." His brow furrowed at the cubs' confused faces. "Guys, back off." he commanded the hyenas. He knew they would be annoyed, but his mother had told him exactly what to do, and the last thing he wanted to do was get on her bad side.

The hyenas growled but obeyed. Simba took a look at the new cub. "Uh, now isn't a good time. We're trying to stay alive," he told him. 

"Survive. That's a good one," Banzai remarked quietly. 

Simba maintained his defensive pose, looking at Nala and Vitani momentarily to see if they were all right. Inside, however, Simba was the most scared he had been in his life.

"Did you see what I just did? Do you care at all?" Nuka was surprised that the cubs didn't jump for joy at the thought of it. He was about to suggest playing tag when he heard massive pawsteps. They were definately a lion's, but they were too heavy for his mother or father. He was confused. He saw a flash of gold. Who was this guy?

Simba was about to reply, but he too saw the gold flash. He realized who it was. "Dad! I'm glad you're here!" he shouted. 

The hyenas also recognized it as well. "MUFASA!" Shenzi and Banzai exclaimed in unison. They were terrified. 

In his mind, Simba wondered what the king would do to him and Vitani for being here, as he knew full-well that this was a forbidden area.

"Mufasa?" asked Nuka innocently. "Who's Mufasa?" He knew very well who Mufasa was, but innocence made it all easier.

"He's Vitani and I's dad and the king of Pride Rock. I think he's here to get us and our friend," Simba explained. As he spoke, he watched his father as the great lion battled the hyenas. He wondered how his father had gotten here as quickly as he did. Then he remembered Zazu. The hornbill must have flown off and informed Mufasa.

"Wow. King. Do... do you think he'd let me come with you? To the Pridelands? It's real lonely here." He wasn't sure if the cub had heard him. He was quite absorbed in Mufasa's fight with the hyenas.

"I don't know. You should probably ask him," Simba replied. Just as he finished speaking, the hyenas ran off in terror, having lost the fight. When they were out of sight, Simba looked at his and Vitani's father. 

"Simba," he said angrily, "Vitani,"

"Uh, hi Dad. We came here to save Vitani when she ended up here. We didn't come on purpose," he stated, hoping that he and Vitani wouldn't get in trouble.

Mufasa sighed. "It's okay son, no one comes here on purpose! And who is your new friend?" Mufasa spoke slowly walking towards Nuka then sat down near him.

"Uh, Nuka, sir," this time Nuka wasn't acting. This lion was huge! His father and mother were nowhere near his size. "Sir, I uh... I... can I come live with you?" He was sure Mufasa would be suspicious. What cub would live here, save Zira and Scar's? But his face was adorable, his mother always told him so. How could this great king resist such a face when he wasn't mad at his cubs?

"Where are your parents?" Mufasa asked with a confused look.

"My parents? I dunno. My parents left me here, I think. The hyenas took me in. It isn't a very happy existence."

Simba was shocked at what he had just heard. "Why would they leave you here?" he asked, still not sure why Nuka's parents would abandon him in this dreary place.

"I'm not sure," he continued, "I don't know what they were like. I was just a newborn, I think. In any case, I'm here and not really enjoying it." He was scared that his lies would eventually just fall apart, but he had to press on.

"Well, I think you'll be much happier at Pride Rock than here. There's plenty of food and water there," Simba said. As he spoke, however, he was still a bit wary of Nuka. What if he was just saying what he was saying just to get into a better place? Simba decided that he would watch Nuka and report him to Mufasa if he was indeed lying.

"You'd really let me?" Nuka looked up at Mufasa. He was giddy with excitement. He would live in a place of sunshine and food and water and... the list went on.

"Yes, you may,"

In his mind, Simba was still trying to imagine why a pair of lions would leave their cub behind in a place like this. "They must have been jerks," he said. He looked at Nala, who he hadn't heard in awhile. "What do you think, Nala?" he asked.

"Yeah. Poor Nuka," she replied.

Simba turned back to his father. "Well, shall we go home?" the prince asked, eager to go home and see his mother again. From the expression on her face, Simba could tell that Vitani felt the same way. He wondered how his mother would react to the story of this little "adventure."

"Yes, we will leave now," Mufasa said, getting up from his sitting position, then shaking his mane free of the dust and ashes. He began to walk away from where they were. Vitani didn't speak, she just got up and walked beside her father.

Simba looked for a moment as Nala joined Vitani and then looked back at Nuka. "Are you coming, Nuka?" he asked as he went to join his father, sister and friend. Simba was incredibly eager to get out of this area.

"Yeah!" said Nuka, excited to be somewhere besides the dreary place he grew up in. He followed the cubs, on to a new future.

They continued walking until, finally, they arrived at Pride Rock. Simba, with Vitani in tow, ran to Sarabi. The cubs greeted their mother. "Hi Mom. We're back," Simba said. After the ordeal with the hyenas, he was so glad to see her again. He then looked towards Nuka and then back at Sarabi. "Mom, this is Nuka. We found him on our adventure," he stated.

Sarafina approached suddenly, and she looked down at her daughter, "Are you okay, love?" she asked quietly. She gave Nala a disapproving look as they made their way towards the lion's den. She laid to her belly and licked Nala's cheek, "You could've got yourself killed. The Elephant Graveyard is forbidden, it's not for young cubs to run around and play in." she added. 

Nala nuzzled her mother back and her blue eyes looked down at her paws, "I know mother. I'm sorry. It was an accident." she whispered and snuggled into Sarafina's side.

Her tail curled by her side and Sarafina looked to Simba and Vitani. It seemed as though they had brought another cub home. 'Boy, he looks like Scar...' she thought to herself.

Nala let out a small yawn, "That's Nuka, mom, we found him in the Graveyard." Nala added.

Shujaa walked over to where Sarafina and Nala were. He had just heard everything Nala said and looked her in the eyes. "I'm just glad you're safe, Nala. Be sure to never enter those lands again," he stated. 

Nala gave her father a soft nuzzle back, "Sorry, I'll be more careful next time. Promise," She left her mother's side and want between her father's legs. She purred softly, nuzzling them. Her blue eyes looked up at him and she smiled, "Can we go watch the stars tonight? Oh, can we...PLEASE?" she begged, flashing a toothy grin towards her mom.

Sarafina smiled at the sight of Shujaa and Nala, she let out a soft sigh. She waited for Mufasa and Sarabi to talk about the new cub, but her eyes looked over at Shujaa. "I don't see why we can't go look tonight, it looks like its going to be a cool night." she said approvingly.

"I agree. We will go tonight," Shujaa stated. 

The rest of the day passed, and soon it was night. The stars gleamed overhead like diamonds in the sky. Shujaa, Sarafina and Nala watched this beautiful sight from the top of Pride Rock. To Shujaa, the sky was perfectly reflective of his mate and daughter. "It's beautiful, but not as beautiful as you two," he told Sarafina and Nala.

Sarafina smiled and her light tan furry cheeks blushed a red softly, "You're too sweet, Shujaa," Sarafina giggled. 

Nala giggled softly she stepped over to Shujaa and nuzzled him once more. Looking up at the stars her eyes lit up, "Hey, dad, what exactly are stars?" she wondered.

She stood to her paws and left Nala with Shujaa to get some quality time alone.

Nala snuggled between her dad's forelegs; she was cold. She enjoyed this time spent with her father; it was nice.

Shujaa smiled proudly. "They're the spirits of the great kings of the past. They watch over everyone and everything," he explained. Oh how glad he was that he hadn't stayed a rogue. If he had, he would never have beautiful moments like this. As he watched Nala and how her eyes shimmered like the starlight, he reflected on how happy Sarafina and Nala had made him.

Nala looked up at the sky in awe, "Whoa...there's dead kings up there?" she whispered softly. She snuggled in closer to Shujaa and shivered once more, the cold breeze was blowing past them. She let out a small yawn and smiled. 

"All right, Nala. I think we should get to the den. We'll do this again soon, all right?" Shujaa said as he stood up. He then began to walk back to the den. As he did so, he noticed how Nala never left his side.

Nala looked up at Shujaa, "Okay, dad!" Nala said smiling a big grin. She followed close by her dad's side, her paw playing with his tail. As soon as she could see her mother's eyes she stopped playing and settled in her side, she snuggled close. She looked over up at her parents, "Night mom and dad." she whispered before closing her eyes.

Shujaa smiled. "Coming back was the best thing I've ever done," he said, nuzzling Sarafina in return. He then looked at Nala as she fell asleep. "I can't believe she's set to be queen one day," he said to Sarafina, trying to restrain the tears of happiness that were welling up in his eyes.
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Re: Trials in the Pridelands

Postby KingKovu44 » February 22nd, 2012, 5:25 pm

Wow, I'm impressed. Thank you so much for doing this.
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Re: Trials in the Pridelands

Postby changa » February 22nd, 2012, 5:45 pm

Oh, sure :) The thing is, I'm not even halfway there.
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Re: Trials in the Pridelands

Postby KingKovu44 » February 22nd, 2012, 5:49 pm

Well, I'm excited to see the rest. I like how you used our actual typings to create the dialogue.
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I'm also the #1 fan of Tigress from KFP, Gia the jaguar from Madagascar 3 and adult Nala from TLK!


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