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[Private] The Pride Of The World [Flip_FTW & Elton John]

[Private] The Pride Of The World [Flip_FTW & Elton John]

Postby FlipMode » April 17th, 2016, 7:07 pm

Two years had passed since The Lion Guard had secured the Pridelands and word of the team's abilities and empowering teamwork had spread through the World. This would be the toughest mission they had ever faced, Kion had entrusted some members to stay behind at Pride Rock while he and Simba travelled to a far away land that was in desperate need of a team of such calibur.

Four areas filled with multiple lands between them. Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Each land in all four had been overtaken by villains and the resistance team were the remaining heroes attempting to stop them

There was something about this place, as Kion began to see its landmarks come into view, from the fantastical castle, the tree of life that looked almost as he had pictured it and the sorcerer hat. Kion had never seen these places, yet there was a familiar warming feeling flowing from them. He couldn't help but feel happy seeing it.

But these magical lands had seen happier times.

"So dad, remind me again what we are doing here?" Kion asked his father, Simba.

"Kion, you're the new Lion Guard. This place is a lot bigger than the Pridelands we are used to at home. But only you and your team can protect this World and restore it to its former glory. The legends say that this used to be a place inhabited by humans. But now it has been taken over by evil, the resistance fighters have called upon us and the Lion Guard to help them."

"Resistance?" Kion looked puzzled.

"As you face our enemies, you'll encounter friendlies along the way. Stay on the lookout, keep your guard up around anyone you meet until you are sure they are with the resistance." Simba explained.

"What if they are not?"
"Then they must be destroyed. Until all evil is gone from this place, our mission will not be complete." Simba continued.

"Sounds like it might take a while." Kion said, as he began to realise that this would be one of the most difficult challenges the guard has faced yet.

"Don't worry, food and water is available at Animal Kingdom. Wildlife still inhabits that place, go there for hunting." Simba said

"There is once other thing..." Simba broke the silence that had befallen the group. "Through the various lands you will encounter team members from team Universal. This team looks different to the other two. You will know when you find one of them."

"Dad, are the Universal team on our side?" Kion asked.

"We don't know yet, they seem to have an agenda of their own." Simba told him.

The two of them were on top of the tree of life discussing all of this, looking around at the lands that spread out around them. Even the beautiful sunset vistas at home couldn't compete, the emptiness of home really started to hit them.

As they sat and talked about the guard's newest mission, Kion sensed something behind them.

"Dad, wait, someone is coming." Kion turned around and dug his paws into the ground, laying in wait with his body close to the ground, just like his dad had taught him. It could have been someone friendly approaching, it should be, as the tree of life was considered a safe haven for the guard and the resistance to use to plan their next move. But Kion was not going to take that risk this early on.
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Re: [Private] The Pride Of The World [Flip_FTW & Elton John]

Postby Elton John » April 17th, 2016, 7:32 pm

It turned out to be the man with the magnificent mustache, the plumber whose jump is famous worldwide, it was Mario! Just back from saving the princess he decided to go to disneyworld for churros and dole whip.

Mama mia! It's Kion from the lion guard, I watch your show all the time... Except for last weeks episode because I was busy playing Tennis with Daisy, birdo and waluigi.

Mario went up to Kion and started to faint...

(Is this ok?)
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