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Postby InsaneSeagull » February 18th, 2016, 11:05 am

Kion was indeed startled by Kiara's response, but it was mainly because that's not what he expected at all. He was very much aware that Pride Lands wasn't an utopian place where only butterflies fly around and nothing bad happens, but he somehow never imagined something like this would happen to his family member, not to mention his younger brother. He finally realized what leading the Lion Guard truly means as well. He must make sure something like this never happens again. By all means necessary.

He was sad to see that Kiara felt so guilty too. He finally approached her and put his paw on her face and said: "Hey, Kiara. Don't blame yourself. We'll find a way to make sure his death wasn't in vain!" And still, when he turned his head from her, he shed a little tear. He felt broken, but he knew that his sister definitely didn't need to realize that right then.

He walked away, wanting to spend some time by himself, but was spotted from the sky by Ono, who flew to him.

"Not now, Ono," Kion said with very hearable sadness in his voice.

"Is something wrong, Kion?" Ono asked, not really pleased to see his friend in sorrow.

"Umm... no," said Kion, but after a minute realized that he hated lying to his friends. "Well, yes. Kiara was watching over Kopa, but he fell and died, and now he's gone, and Kiara can't forgive herself. And neither can I."

Ono didn't have words, he really wanted to help his friend, but he knew that anything he would say would just be hurtful, so he just came and hugged Kion, and that lasted for about a minute.

When Simba called for Kion, he turned and walked to him, but he hardly found the energy to do so. But he knew that his father was hurt too, and that he wouldn't have called him for no reason, so he just came and said: "Yes, dad?"

When he heard that he was supposed to find out why Kopa died, he just nodded. "Alright, I'll go talk to my Lion Guard about it right away!" Finally, his leader pride came back, and his pain turned into the will for revenge and discovery. "I'll make sure to find even if he might still be alive somewhere!" he added, though, deep inside, he knew it was impossible. He gave an encouraging nod to Kiara too.
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