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Revenge - Shadowfax and Tsuki [Private]

Re: Revenge - Shadowfax and Tsuki [Private]

Postby Tsuki » July 9th, 2015, 7:48 pm

Zuberi hissed at Nova as she snapped loudly.

"Do you want to give us away?"

He looked back over at the cave, his whiskers twitching. How were they going to get Vex out of there without a confrontation? Jengo sounded like a nasty piece of work and the further away from him they were the better. But they couldn't leave Vex. If Zuberi did leave, he would be on his own and, though he didn't like to admit it, he needed Nova's help.

"We need a plan."

He looked over at Sera.

"You seem to know more about these leopards. Maybe you could get Vex of there?"
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