The random lion collection

The random lion collection

Postby Troll Berserker » January 4th, 2016, 10:35 am

Here's a repost from my Animation Source topic.
I decided to collect the images of random lions who appear in semi-official Lion King things such as comic books, games in child magazines etc. maybe someone would like to make a fancharacter based on them. Feel free to post here if you find something else. I'll add them to the list.
I know there were similar topics but they appear to be locked and I wanted both cubs and adults in one place. Thanks to Akil for providing scans of Simba's Pride books.


Shooting Star - 3 cubs making fun of Simba.

Simba Learns a Lesson - Multiple cubs, they all look the same.

Dirty Cub - Nala plays with two unnamed cubs.

Orphaned Birds - Tojo, Simba and 3 unnamed cubs listening to Mufasa. An adult brown lioness.

Simba's new brother - a brown lioness

Royal Duties - Multiple baby cubs

An Unusual choir - Multiple cubs (including Simba's clone) and an adult lioness who looks like Sarabi (but it's not her).

Games and activities:

Games in Polish magazine "Disney and me": (lion "a" looks like Kiara and lion "d" is similar to Nala but she has ear rims)

Possible new playmates for simba and Nala in Sweddish magazine: (lion b is Nala)

Diney's Active Play - multiple adults and cubs


Sarabi and the cubs in Hakuna Matata:

Simba wants to play - three adult males ... g~original

Simba's Pride Mouseworks Storybook
Outlanders: ... ks/SP9.png ... ks/SP1.png ... 2.png.html ... 3.png.html ... 4.png.html ... 4.png.html ... 5.png.html ... 7.png.html

Pridelanders: ... 5.png.html ... 8.png.html ... 6.png.html

Simba's Pride Little Golden Book
Some background lionesses: ... /pic13.jpg ... /pic16.jpg ... /pic17.jpg
"Wild lions do it!!" yes, but we're talking about a society of human-minded lions, not cub-eating beasts


Image Image Image
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