Dark Sky: Rising Storm

Dark Sky: Rising Storm

Postby Jaynr » July 25th, 2009, 10:14 pm

Hey guys :) I figured I might as well post a link to my most successful site to date, Dark Sky.

DS is a role-place centered site, with a concentration in Zelda and The Lion King. However, we also have sections for Harry Potter RPs, as well as several sections for plots made up entirely by members! We are always looking to expand, and so any and all ideas are welcome and encouraged!

Currently, I'm trying to encourage everyone to take part in a site-wide plot for the Zelda Roleplay, this is the 3rd or 4th installment...

Trouble is brewing...
Less than a year after the violent conclusion to Hyrule's civil war there is no end in sight to the turmoil. Across the land there have been mutterings of a plotted takeover by the Hyrulians. The beginnings of this rumor are unknown, but the concept has spread like wildfire.
Frightened, each species has begun to doubt the long-standing alliances and pump up their defenses. The unease is becoming dangerously high, and like a volcano, war could errupt at any time. The only question is...who will draw first blood?

Safety in Numbers
Now is a time of fear and hatred. All across Hyrule and the surrounding lands, individuals are flocking to their homelands. Those who choose to remain are discriminated against, feared. They pull together into small groups, hoping to weather the storm.

But what will happen to those in the middle?
Families are torn apart. Neighborhoods are full of tension. What will happen next?

We've been going strong for four or five years now, and our members have formed a sort of close-knit pack, rather like MLK, where members are all friends, and all willing to open their arms to new members! Our staff is fairly small, as our members are well-behaved, but those with positions are those who really deserve them. Our Assistant Admin, Chione, known to everyone as Sofa, is an energetic, friendly person who is always willing to jump on board and lend a hand. Her primary RP area is Zelda, but she's the head of a few of our other sections as well. She is a good friend of mine in real life, and everyone's friend on the forums! Canis_Nocturne, known as Dana, Nin or Noodles, is amazingly well-versed in just about any fandom you throw at her! She is the head of the Harry Potter role play section, and (though she doesnt know it yet) next in line for full-blown co-admin-ship! And then there's me, Jaynr, the head admin and site-overseer! Those who know me know that I love new members, and am fiercely dedicated to DS!

The rules of the site are logical and easy to follow. Best of all, nobody will bite off your head if you make a mistake :) We're an understanding and forgiving bunch. Besides, we all make mistakes sometimes!

Dark Sky is always looking for members, so please drop by! There's at least one person on at almost all times! Feel free to jump right in!

Dark Sky
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