Simba calling Timon “Pops”

Re: Simba calling Timon “Pops”

Postby CEVRAM » August 1st, 2023, 11:01 am

[quote="BrianGriffinFan"][quote="CEVRAM"]The difference 4 years can make... When I first created my account here, this place was still somewhat active but now it's basically a virtual ghost town. I didn't take the chance nor time to engage and interact in the forum back then and it seems to have been a major missed opportunity on my part given the current state of affairs.[/quote]

I’m sorry about that. Well I’m glad you’re here at least and we can talk to each other, I guess.[/quote]

We can indeed, and who knows, perhaps more people will join in the party going forward, or so my optimistic side wants me to believe. Anyway, it's great to have company here nonetheless.
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