Simba's first days as a king

Simba's first days as a king

Postby Bloodspill » July 28th, 2018, 12:54 am

Hi, I have no idea if there was a topic like that or something alike, if there is, then of course this is a topic to close. I wasn't exactly sure where to place it, whether in TLK or TLK2 category... Still, I decided the sequel forums would be more fitting cause it allows us to eventually mention characters such as Zira and Outlanders. So, the question is: what happened in between two movies? How do you image the very first days of Simba ruling the Pridelands? We're considering the very beginnings, days or weeks after the grand homecoming, after taking the throne, not the living, breathing, green Pridelands filled with green trees and lots of animals crowding under the Pride Rock to see Simba's newborn kid. The movie ends with the rain falling, probably the first rain in years, but we know it isn't exactly like the rain falls and everything grows back to life immediately. Let's assume it took some time before Pride Lands became "functional" again. It took some time before everyone interested got to know about the "return of the rightful king" - I'm thinking of herds of different kinds of animals, since in Lion King it seems like most of animals was all fine with living along with lions, most of them favored Mufasa's reign, etc. Let's remember the Pridelands were empty. So, what happened after Simba was crowned the king? The party? Or, rather, they all woke up next day and were as hungry as days before? What did they do?
I remember there was a story about Simba's first days in the dryed out Pridelands where the pride was forced to leave for a while to search food, and then I think at this point came Zira and her lionesses (?), I think it was published in Six New Adventures, but I can't remember correctly. Either way, despite the stories are legitimate and licenced, I don't consider then canon, they're just well written what-ifs... And in this topic, I'm asking for your what-ifs, not necessarily the same as presented in Six New Adventures. What happened after the big fight for Pride Rock? How was Simba as a freshly crowned king? Do you think he had any idea what to do, or he was completely, utterly lost? And what about the situation with Zira and the banishment?

Personally, I think it must have been very hard for Simba, much harder than whatever is presented further in the sequel. The sequel presents him as a conflicted and wounded person, still suffering and letting his emotions influence his actions, but at the same time he was older, he was already somewhat settled, used to the new situation, trying to live his life in happiness, whatever it means. After happenings from TLK... after taking the throne, getting rid of Scar and meeting his old friends, fulfilling destiny etc., I think there came the gravitational collapse of some sort. Coming back to reality. And the reality was hunger, land all destroyed and the overwhelming expectations coming from everywhere, everyone looking up to him and waiting for him to do something. And then there was Simba, still broken and conflicted, a young lion which literally came out of the jungle to do things he wasn't taught to do. I doubt Mufasa had time to give him the proper lessons of ruling. I think Simba must have been somewhat scared and uncertain, and he must have been relying heavily on Sarabi's help in all the "royal" cases. Possibly also Nala, Sarafina, others. I sometimes think this whole decision to exile Zira and Outlanders (I believe they weren't born Pridelanders and were the separate herd that joined Pridelands somewhere during Scar's reign) was heavily influenced by Sarabi or Nala's advice.

Now, that is something I'd like to read about more, in fan fiction, comics or something else. What do you think of this case?
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Re: Simba's first days as a king

Postby SimbasGuard » July 29th, 2018, 2:52 am

I did a quick skim of The Lion King Six New Adventure Books. Despite some of their stories being told in flashback, they are all set after the end of The 1st movie. However your theories make perfect sense. I would assume that The Lionesses would have had to go beyond The Pride Lands to hunt. Simba would have had to remain behind just to guard against any Rouges trying to claim The Pride Lands. This would have been tough on The Lionesses, because they would have had to make a kill for themselves and then a kill after that to feed Simba. Conversely Simba would have to wait for The Lionesses to bring him home his food. Being that The Lionesses would be bringing said food back from outside their own territory, the wait Simba would have had to endure could have been quite considerable, depending on how far out of The Pride Lands The Lionesses had to go to find food.

Simba would obviously have had to rely on Sarabi, Sarafina (My personal head-canon aside. I think it is safe to assume that along with being Sarabi's best friend she was most likely her 2nt in command.) Rafiki, Zazu, and Nala (I'm sure that after asking her privately, announcing that Nala would be his Queen was among the first things Simba did after becoming King) for advice on Royal responsibilities and protocol.

The Outsiders return and subsequent banishment is harder to pin down timeline-wise, especially when you try to take into consideration how old Vitani and Kovu were at the time of the banishment. In any event it is safe to assume that The Outsiders were away during The Battle For Pride Rock. Perhaps after realizing that Nuka would not grow into the heir he wanted Scar still wanting a male heir ordered Zira to go try again (I think Nuka could be Scar's Son, but that is doubtful given the timeline). Scar had obviously already told Zira that her next male cub would be his heir. The Outsiders would have went with Zira to ensure her safety and to look after Nuka (I doubt he could be trusted on his own) while Zira Uh...carried out her mission. It would also have made sense for The Outsiders to stay wherever it was that they were to ensure that Zira had enough food during her pregnancy. The outsiders could have easily left The Pride Lands only a day or two before Simba returned.

Zira probably did not want to return to The Pride Lands until Vitani and Kovu (Vitani is bigger because Kovu is the runt of the litter. I am not positive that Vitani and Kovu are twins, it just makes the timeline less complicated) did not have to be carried the whole way. When the Outsiders returned (As depicted by Rafiki in The Lion Guard episode "Lions of The Outlands") Simba was King, Zira insisted that Kovu was Scar's rightful heir, Zira attacked Simba, Simba defeated her and (perhaps after failed negotiation) Simba was left with no choice but to banish The Outsiders. All of this could have append just days before Nala gave birth to Kiara and Kion.
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