How much do you think the Pridelands suspected Scar?

How much do you think the Pridelands suspected Scar?

Postby FriendlyHyena » July 30th, 2018, 4:35 am

I know it appeared to be like an accident, but there were three things that really would stick out to me to at least make Scar look bad, actually, depending on if Zazu knew Scar hit him, four:

1.) Nala would recognize Shenzi, Banzai and Ed as the three hyenas that had tried to kill her and Simba the night before. Scar bringing them into the Pride Lands after that would be a HUGE red flag.

2.) The wildebeests - Some of them at least would have to know they were attacked by hyenas, and some of them might also recognize Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed as the attackers so Scar bringing them in, again, red flag.

3.) No body of Simba. There was definitely a body of Mufasa. There should have been one, even if horribly mangled, of Simba. No body, especially tied with the other things, would be a red flag.

4.) Zazu may have recalled being hit by Scar shortly before Mufasa's death. This would also be a red flag to him.

There is actually a fifth one: Simba returned alive after Scar had told the Pridelands that Simba was dead.

Scar had told the Pride that Simba had died. There apparently was SOMETHING done to get them to believe that Simba had died. So when Simba showed up alive, whatever Scar used to convince them that Simba was dead would be shown to be a fraud. If Simba truly HAD lured Mufasa into the gorge to try and off him and become king, why would he run away afterward? And more to the point, how would Scar know his "little secret" even if Simba HAD murdered Mufasa? Simba was SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD! Scar even stated to the Pride Lands that Simba was not dead and acted (genuinely I might add) surprised that he was alive. If Scar had known that Simba had caused Mufasa's death, that he would keep it secret all of these years would be a huge red flag to the Pride, even if brainwashing and PTSD would get Simba to believe the lie. Why not reveal the knowledge of Simba's guilt if he was so guilty?

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Re: How much do you think the Pridelands suspected Scar?

Postby SimbasGuard » July 31st, 2018, 6:33 am

No one in the Pride Lands would have suspected Scar because the obvious question is why would he want to assume that responsibility. One of which would have been as The Pride's Protector.

1.) Sarafina and the other Lioness probably did all they could to keep Nala away from The Hyenas, she may not have know that Shenzi, Banzi, and Ed were in The Pride Lands. Even then Simba and She were in The Elephant Graveyard in The Hyena's territory when they were attacked so there would have been no connection to Scar.

2.) No one would have thought to question The Wildebeests because, it was just an unfortunate occurrence. Once again they had no reason to suspect foul play.

3.) Simba's body being so small could have easily been kicked right along with The Wildebeests and then been subsequently taken away by any number of smaller predators. Like a Jackal

4.) Zazu was so panicked at that moment, plus he hit the wall hard enough to knock him out. It is very easy to believe that Zazu might think that he flew into the wall. Scar might have even told him something to that effect.

The reason neither Simba or The Pridelanders never suspected or questioned anything Scar was saying is.

#1. Shock that the supposedly dead Prince turned up alive.

#2. Scar didn't start out by accusing Simba of being a murderer, but he got Simba to admit that he was responsible for Mufasa's death. Being that Simba himself believed that he was responsible for Mufasa's death his confession was believable. Although Sarabi questioned it.

#3. When Simba reiterated his guilt, Scar seized on the moment, twisted the accusations, and didn't give Simba or The Pride Landers time to think about the circumstances surrounding the situation in question.
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