READ: Universal Rules

READ: Universal Rules

Postby Moka » June 14th, 2008, 9:40 am

Rules of My Lion King
The following rules apply to the site and the forum and everything within the domain.
The staff reserves the right to interpret, enforce and modify these rules.
They are subject to change without notification.

My Lion King has three types of offences: slight, general and severe:
  • Slight offences result in a "PM warning" from a staff member. You can think of PM warnings as a "nudge in the right direction." Slight offences do not increase your warning level.
  • General offences result in an "official warning" using the board's warning system. If you commit a general offence, you will get a notification PM saying a board warning has been issued to your account and your warning level will increase. You can check your warning level by going to your UCP and scrolling down to "Your warning level" under "Your activity." (If it's not listed then your warning level is 0).

    You may be issued additional punishments when your warning level increases:
      Warning Level [1]: Freebie.
      Warning Level [2]: One week ban. (7 days).
      Warning Level [3]: One month ban. (30 days).
      Warning Level [4]: Permanent ban.
    A warning will expire from your account after 90 days. We do not keep "permanent records." When a warning expires, your warning level goes down by 1.
  • Severe offences result in an immediate and permanent deactivation of your account. We do not tolerate severe offences.

List of Slight Offences
  • Disobeying the Signature or Avatar rules.
  • Light swearing. Please keep questionable words to a minimum.
  • Double posting within a day (24 hours). Double posting is the act of posting in a topic and then posting again in that same topic before anyone else has a chance to post. Use the edit feature to modify your posts and avoid double posting. Accidental double posting (submitting the same post twice) is obvious to us and will not be counted as double posting. Ask us to remove the accidental double post and we will.
  • Posting in inappropriate areas. Each forum has a description which you should read before deciding which forum to post your topic.
  • Advertising anything not related to The Lion King outside of the designated forum. Advertising anything not related to TLK can be posted in the OT Links forum (with its own set of rules inside of the forum that must be followed). Advertising anything TLK-related is allowed and welcomed. We have a forum for TLK-Related Links & Advertising.
  • Posting in any language other than English. While a few words in a foreign language may be acceptable in some parts of the forum that are not geared toward discussion, we ask you refrain from engaging in discussions in foreign languages. International members are more than welcome, but English must be used in all discussions.
  • Altering quotes in a way that misrepresents what was originally said.

List of General Offences
  • Discriminating against members for their race, culture, age, religion, political preference, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability. MLK is open to everyone who is interested in discussing The Lion King.
  • Trolling, baiting, flaming, abusing, or bullying others. Remain courteous and respectful to all members at all times.
  • Posting anything rude, insulting, vulgar or generally offensive.
  • Posting anything that will promote arguing. This includes confrontational topics that are bound to bring about arguing such as religion.
  • Swearing or otherwise creating a child-unfriendly environment. Let's keep MLK safe for all ages!
  • Stealing another's work. Do not claim anyone else's work (art, fan fiction, etc.) as your own. You may not use someone else's art in your signature or avatar unless you get their permission or they made it for you as a gift.
  • Continuously committing slight offences. If you commit a slight offence more then 3 times, we count it as a general offence.
  • Discussing moderation actions in public forums. If a member has a concern with a moderation action, that member is welcome to discuss it with staff via private message. The staff will never publicly discuss the warnings or suspensions of any member. We ask that you return the favor, whether it is about yourself or another member.
  • Backseat moderating. Backseat moderating is when a member of the forum acts as if they are a staff member on the forum. Members are urged to bring things to the staff's attention, instead of taking matters into their own hands.

List of Severe Offences
  • Distributing material that contains viruses, spyware or any other malicious code or harmful programs.
  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to another member's account or the site in general.
  • Sexually harassing other members. We will not tolerate sexual harassment, pedophiles, perverts, etc.

Special Cases
  • Being under 13 years of age and failing to properly fill out the COPPA form during registration. (More information)
  • Having multiple accounts. If you are found to have more than one account, all accounts will be immediately deactivated. You can open discussion with us to get access to the forum pending a judgement call from us.

For Your Information
  • If you want to change your username, you must contact a staff member via PM. You are only allowed to have 2 name changes a year, so be sure that the name you want is something you'd want to stick with for a while.
  • Members are allowed (and encouraged) to create duplicate topics if the topic they are replicating has not been active in 30 days (posted in within 30 days). If the old topic gets bumped for any reason while the new topic is active (posted in within 30 days), the old topic will be locked.
  • If you see anyone breaking the rules, you are encouraged to use the report link on every post or PM to bring it to the staff's attention.
  • We do not delete any accounts, topics, or posts by request (except accidental double posts).
  • We will lock topics by request of topic creator.

Useful Links
Please abide by these rules, and hopefully we'll all have a great time here!

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask me or another staff member. You can contact us via PM.
Thank you!
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Re: READ: Universal Rules

Postby Azdgari » February 23rd, 2018, 11:39 pm

Hi all,

I would like to note that it is absolutely against the rules of MLK to post private personal information (e.g. real name, contact information, photos, etc) of other members without their permission. Doing so is

a) a gross violation of personal privacy
b) can make members feel genuinely unsafe, and
c) is universally understood as an extremely uncool thing to do.

There are few things that can make a community less welcoming than sharing private information of others. I would like to make clear that doing so will result in an immediate and permanent ban from MLK. This is not a multiple strikes offense.
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