Competitions for Minecraft

What competitions will be held on the MLK Minecraft Server?

Building Competition
Team Build
Game Course
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Competitions for Minecraft

Postby Arani » May 10th, 2012, 2:09 am

Hello, all you MLK Minecraft players! It has been decided that more competitions will be held on the MLK Minecraft server! But to do that, we need your help! All we need you guys to do is vote on what 2 competition you would like to see held on the Minecraft server, and we'll take care of the rest! So, what're you waiting for, start voting! (Each person is given 2 votes so that we have more than one competition to work with, in case something happens with the popular vote, we have popular backups, ect.) There is an explanation for each competition below to help you decide. PM me if you have any questions!

Building Competition: This will be held on the Creative flat land on the MC server. Players are given a plot of land and a set amount of time to build the most incredible and unique things their imagination can think of. The winner will be the one who makes the best build. You can build anything you want (As long as it's appropriate, of course). Build things you never thought you could in this competition, and most importantly, have fun! Go to the Flat Land world to view previous competition builds.

Spleefing: This competition is held on the "Waterhole Desert" world. In this competition, participants compete against each other in an arena, attempting to dig out the ground under his/or her opponent into a vat of lava. The person who defeats all of their opponents wins! It's really very simple, and lots of fun! (Here is a video to show you what we mean - This was a special competition on another server, and we may not have as many players, but it's the same game.)

Skyblock: In this competition, each person starts off on a tin y block in the sky. You are given a few items, and then must do the rest yourself. There are a list of challenges that a player must complete. This competition will continue until a person completes all of the challenges. First to complete all challenges wins.

Team Build: This competition is basically a regular building competition, but with 2-5 people instead of one. This makes it possible to build much bigger and more amazing things that a single person could complete. Make sure you have a partner you can work with, though!

Game course: In this competition, participants race through a series of difficult challenges. This may be done in singles, or in a ground. The player(s) will go through multiple challenges, and first to the finish wins. Be warned: You'll never know what challenges may be hidden in this game. Here, the unknown is your biggest rival. NOTE: THIS GAME IS EXTREMELY CHALLENGING. YOU WILL GET FRUSTRATED, BUT THAT MAKES WINNING ALL THE MORE SWEETER. DO NOT BE ALARMED IF IT TAKES YOU 50 TRIES JUST TO GET THROUGH THE FIRST FEW CHALLENGES. THEY DON'T CALL THE GAME COURSE A CHALLENGE FOR NOTHING!
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