Piece I wrote for our cinema

Piece I wrote for our cinema

Postby Loki_adores_Scar » September 5th, 2019, 9:47 pm

I wrote this piece for our cinema (Originally in Dutch)

Summer 2019: Where are we going? Let‘s go to the savannah of Africa, on a safari among the giraffes, zebras and last of course: lions! But you don't really have to go that far this summer (depends on where you live of course..) Just with one single cinema visit you are there! I think you have read me by now.., I'm talking about The Lion King! This summer you can watch the Disney lions Simba, Nala, Scar and Mufasa lifelike in 3D! Obviously they cannot escape the weird bird Zazu, the giggling/drooling hyenas and the comic duo Timon & Pumbaa can‘t be missed too!

The original Lion King from 1994 was a big blockbuster at the time and I think with this version it don‘t be much different. The Lion King already is one of Disney most successful franchises for years. The musical, which stops this summer here in the Netherlands but has been playing non-stop in London and in New York for years, remains a great success.

As for the Disney Remake Live Action films there‘s always the question whether it actually works just as it did in the original. The story of The Lion King is one you should definitely not add too much changes in , Disney also hasn't done that except for some expansions and some small things. Where I believe this version of director Jon Favreau rocks in, has everything to do with the breath-taking real-looking shots. The African landscapes are absolutely stunning to see and I particularly was impressed by the scenes that showed the starry sky. During the nature scenes, pay attention to the details. I must admit: The talking and singing animals are a bit of a strange sight, but of course a Lion King movie without the well-known songs is a no go! The intro is again very amazing. During the first part of the film, the cute cubs totally steal the show. The first look on baby cub Simba was without any doubts definitely an "aww moment". The Lion King from 1994 really is one that pulls your tears out! The expectation is that not everyone will keep it dry while watching some scenes in real life. However even though they look more real, I thought they didn't had the same emotion as in the animation. I thought the interaction between the animals (especially during action scenes!) looked epic (,especially on moments where they weren‘t speaking or singing haha). The home front of Timon & Pumbaa was designed to be a bit more detailed and it got more residents, that also caused some nice effects.

English version
Disney chose to let James Earl Jones return (Mufasa) as the only one of the original voice cast. People now are wondering: Why just him? A few of the missing ones are Rowan Atkinson (Zazu) & obviously Jeremy Irons, who with his English accent, really brought Scar to life. He even appears to have shown interest in this remake, but Disney chose actor Chiwetel Ejiofor to crawl into the thin skin of this lion. However he wasn‘t bad and "Be Prepared" sounded very entertaining (too bad they shortened the song, but that‘s not his fault), but it really is no match for Jeremy Irons' performance! And concerning Beyonce (Nala), the opinions are quite different. The new song "Spirit" sung by Beyonce doesn‘t sound wrong but for me certainly didn‘t reach the goose bumps level aka "Circle of Life" & "He Lives In You", although there is also a bit of nostalgia attached to that. By the way the song that you hear during the credits is called "Never Too Late" from Elton John. Timon (Billy Eichner) & Pumbaa (Seth Rogen) provide the necessary humor. This works out very well and Seth Rogen makes Pumbaa a popper! Laughing moments guaranteed!

Dutch version
The original Dutch Lion King is really nostalgic for me. That's why I thought it would be nice to also view this Dutch version. Although again it is not comparable with the 1994 version, I am sure that children will be impressed. Personally I had to get used to the voices but this version certainly did well in the songs. Hats off to the young talents who took care of the voices of the Simba & Nala cubs. They do an honour to the Dutch version of the song "Just can‘t wait until I'm king!" On moments I couldn‘t tell if it sounded any different than the original. Actor Jurgen Theuns also emerges strongly in this song as the silly bird Zazu. Scar was voiced for this version by Marc Jonkers. Also in the Dutch version of 1994 the voice of Scar (Arnold Gelderman) totally gave you the shivers, so the expectations for the voice of this evil lion is also quite high here! One moment, Jonkers‘ Scar sounded like an old lion, but when the tense music plays in the background (sometimes this was too loud to properly understand all what was said), it suddenly jumps over and he sounds pretty frightening. Scar’s own song is also very well sung. Against that, I am less enthusiastic about Mufasa (how is it possible with James Earl Jones in the original version!), The hyenas and Rafiki. Timon & Pumbaa are again spoken in by Belgian actors, which makes the fact that they come from another piece of land more alive.

In addition to the few changes in the story, Disney has given the animals a more realistic look to make the film appear more natural. The character who definitely looked the most unrealistic in the cartoon was (I just like to address him too often!) Scar with his black mane and orange-looking fur. That Disney chose not to stick to that look completely seems actually quite logical. However, you can still tell the difference between him compared to Mufasa & Simba. Of course the scar, from what he owes his name, can‘t be taken off! By the way, do you know there‘s a book that tells a part of the past of the 2 brothers? This book is called A Tale of Two Brothers. If Disney ever wants to make a Lion King movie again, I hope they prefer this prequel (in cartoon form!) over re-making Simba’s Pride!

The Lion King will no doubt be the cinema hit of the summer! The temperatures of Africa have already reached us (The Netherlands, 41 degrees on the 25th of July!) and it‘s quite ironic to say that by a cinema visit to a film about these hot landscapes, you can go for cooling down. The Lion King will bring many of us back to their childhood. Don‘t be ashamed to sing along with nostalgic songs such as "Can't Wait To Be King". Go there with your group of friends and from experience I say that it might lead to do "mini Lion King dialogues" among each other. Maybe you visited the original film with your parents and you like the idea of repeating that tradition with this version? The Lion King is suitable for children 9 years and older. Simba is laughing at you! (In Dutch this ending line worked better because I was referring to his line from laughing in the face of danger).
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Re: Piece I wrote for our cinema

Postby Iberian » September 6th, 2019, 8:29 pm

Thats quite a nice description of the movie. If I may add I think that the starry skies in the CGI version didn´t quite had that dreamy feel to them...
Otherwise the skies were great, I heard in an interview that Favreau didn´t made "perfect" skies for he intended to make it feel natural.
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