The rundown on the remake, everything we know so far.

The rundown on the remake, everything we know so far.

Postby Elton John » July 9th, 2018, 10:31 pm

The movie is releasing July 19th 2019 I assume in North America and various other territories. Some will get to see it later.

The director is Jon Favreau who directed The Jungle Book remake and Iron Man 1 among other movies.

The voice cast we know of so far.

Aside from the logo, there has been no media officially released to the public. All those posters and trailers you see are fan made.

No, that animatronic Mufasa isn’t from the remake.

And no, Simba isn’t gay. That was an april fools joke from last year.

In an interview Elton John left out Be Prepared from the remake song list. Whether this was intentional or not, is unknown.

Hans Zimmer is back on the score, it is unknown if Lebo M is returning.

It is unknown if this is a 1:1 remake, if they will sprinkle new scenes here and there or if it will take the story in a brand new direction.

Anything you would add?
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Re: The rundown on the remake, everything we know so far.

Postby TheLionPrince » July 10th, 2018, 1:41 am

There will be an end-credits song sung by Beyonce that will be written by Tim Rice and Elton John.
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Re: The rundown on the remake, everything we know so far.

Postby Panpardus » July 13th, 2018, 6:30 am

Questlove (and The Roots?) is reportedly collaborating with Hans Zimmer on the score.

Edit: Most recent reporting on the story indicates that Questlove at least has gotten signed on. ( ... ing-theme/) Back in fall of last year when the cast photo came out he'd tweeted his interest in joining the project, so I'm thinking there's something going on. It would be cool to see if/how they rework the music.
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Re: The rundown on the remake, everything we know so far.

Postby gothprincesskiara » June 8th, 2019, 5:49 am

My 2019 TLK remake notes...

Lots to read her so read on your own time, and please read every word, don’t be lazy on me people, if you don’t like to read then you shouldn’t be on this page cause this page requires reading.

So, after reading through everything I could on this remake. Here is what to take from the notes that I took. I just LOVE how the new voice actors are mostly all black and all carry that black African culture in their blood and throughout their acting careers, even with films that I am familiar with and am a fan of, for example, Avengers. We already know that this film will not be shot for shot or word for word, there are obviously going to be some differences. For example, in a video about the VR work they say that the gorge is now called Embamba Canyon. They say Mufasa will stay true to his original, so we may not see much change there other then his real-life version looks. In case you didn’t know, this remake will be 2 hours long, and the reason for this is, they say something about expanding on Simba’s growth. What really took me by surprise is that this remake was filmed in using all VR (virtual Reality) and how they were explaining how they did it, its still confusing me, and I’m very curious as to how we will be able to even experience this remake in VR when it comes out, I can only imagine. God it just sickens me when it comes to false information that has been so easily twisted on social media, and that’s why I don’t watch the news, the reason I’m saying this is because some one lied about how they were not going to have Be Prepared in the film, well IT IS going to be in the film, so Hakuna Matata Scar worshipers. But this just goes to show DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR! It’s easy to fall for, we all make that sad mistake too many times. Now one very interesting thing they were saying about this new version of Scar is, this version says that the fates and gods have over-passed Scars fate, Gods???? Fates? What would they mean by this? What could the gods be? Could they be referring to The Great Kings of the Past?? I would sure hope so, but we shall see how this plays out when we see it. Now they are also saying that Hakuna Matata is not exactly a good philosophy of our time, I really don’t know what they mean by that, any ideas? Now I bought the Novelization version, and I plan on starting to read it before I go see it. And those who have already read the film novel PLEASE NO SPOILERS! What really brings me to tears of joy for this remake is, the lion conservation contribute project, it is PERFECT to for them to do this, how could they NOT help Lions out with the film like Disneynature. And this conservation thing is what I’m all about and it really brings tears to my eyes for their dedication to helping the lion species, it’s such a blessing. Get this they already put in 13 MILLION $$$ into the conservation project. Now here is one of the problems I’m noticing already, the merchandise design, I had bought some party decorations just to get a close look at the characters design and I’m not liking what I’m seeing. The merchandise character design does not look accurate according to the film characters, I cant tell who is who in this design but who ever is scar there is not Scar on Scar as in no scar on the eye, can someone PLEASE get me information on who is behind this design, (nicely)I AM ASKING SOMEONE TO BRING ME ANY INFORMATION ON THIS DESIGN PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW!. Disney has said when it comes to these animated films color is the key to expressing the emotion in these films that we all love, but when it comes to these live action remakes, you have to expect there isn’t going to be as much color for this realistic look, consider it like an adult version. And in Africa everything is going to be a natural raw color of nature, browns tans, golds, and yellows, that’s the colors of the natural Africa in real life, and if you learn to embrace the real spirit and color of Africa you will begin to see and understand why, and again I say this as someone who really studies a lot of nature in school. And to those who are being crybabies about these remakes, Disney noted in a magazine that I read, that and I quote “Disney allows fans of the originals to experience the familiar in an entirely new way. Any questions concerns, opinions and comments, [Please don’t hesitate to share with comments below or simply message me and we can chat about it. I’m so very excited.
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