a remake sequel is announced

Re: a remake sequel is announced

Postby Stormy » October 16th, 2020, 6:50 pm

i really don’t know if disney is just gonna want to drop beyonce or donald glover because that was a giant push for them on the last movie. i mean, if all we have right now is director, initial script is done, should we really expect that by now?

and isnt beyonce in some $100M 3 movie contract with disney? black panther is one of them, and the other two haven’t been announced, but they keep saying 2 other “blockbusters”. could lion king 2 be one of them?
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Re: a remake sequel is announced

Postby Elton John » October 16th, 2020, 7:49 pm

we don't even know if another black panther is happening. it might but not in the way it was previously announced.

beyonces rumored character was Storm. Storm is tied to T'challa as they were married in the comics for a period of time.

this was never confirmed btw. there were also rumors of Namor the Submariner being the villain but Universal might still own the live rights to that character. Namor is a grey area for the MCU like anything tied to The Hulk.

My point is that if Beyonce and Donald Glover were in this movie, with a finished script they likely would have been among the first announced for it.

The MCU is a bit different in that multiple movies get announced years in advance, things can change for multiple actors and directors and movies and plotlines and they sometimes change things drastically on the fly. Kevin Feige is an amazing producer. In spite of the many things that could have gone wrong over 20+ movies for the most part the mcu was a success.

But this isn't the mcu.

I guess we will need to wait longer...
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