topic with spoilers of season 3

topic with spoilers of season 3

Postby zerodix » September 5th, 2019, 10:04 am

I decided to make a topic for those that finished watching TLG season 3, here you can post spoilers and all, so if you haven't seen the final episodeals, shoo :p spoilers ahead!

I just finished watching this season and I just loved it. Though some episodes felt filler-ish, the story arc was very nice and there is so much to love about this season! all that season 2 lacked is fixed in this one. So count me in as a fan :)

Rani and the Night Pride were the most amazing new group, and then Vitani and her Lion Guard, so many new lion characters :D and I loved that Fuli Kion and Bunga found a love interest.

The farting jokes and, to be honest, the whole existance of Bunga is a big question for me, since he was a burden to the Guard in many situation, sometimes it looked like he was sabotizing his friends on purpose.. Fuli was one of my favorite Guard members, she just keepin it real :3

Chuluun, Makucha and his 2 evil leopard friends were my favorites, designwise.. also Askari, I love his song Power of the roar and his design too..

So much to say about this great final season! I might post more later!
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Re: topic with spoilers of season 3

Postby crossroad » September 6th, 2019, 3:59 pm

season 3 finale is full of wasted potential. Vitani's guard is just a bunch of generic outsider lionesses with no charm point. and the match between two guards are poorly written, so the reason kion's guard accepted to retire was jumpy for me. they should have chosen young pridelanders as members of the lion guard. that would be a very hearty and touching moment for longtime fans of the show.

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Re: topic with spoilers of season 3

Postby SimbasGuard » February 24th, 2020, 1:03 am

I loved Season 3 for most of the reasons you mentioned zerodix. I realy liked the fact that Anga joined The Lion Guard. I took a liking to her in Season 2.

The new characters were great (Although Binga will take some getting used too). Aside from Rani and The rest of The Night Pride, my favorite new characters are:

Varya: I wish she would not have been just a one off character

Azaad: At First I thought he was unworthy of Fuli, but he then seemed to realize this and stated approaching her from the stand point of. I do not deserve her, but I must try and win her heart.

Chuluun: She is just the best (Lion Guard Exclusive) Villainess the show has ever had. I'm surprised that there were not any romantic sparks between Makucha and She, Although A Leopard and A Snow Leopard would be a cross species parring wouldn't it?

Lumba-Lumba: was very cute

One thing that puzzled me: Were Surak and Nirmala Mates? There is no indication of it, but it would make total since if they were.

One thing I really loved was: Kion and Jasiri's hug.

The Last Episode Wow! I had been waiting 22 years for anything post Lion King 2. I got an entire episode 8-)

I had wanted something special for Vitani (Yes because I love her, but also...)because of how instrumental she was in ending the battle Between Simba's Pride and The Outsiders. (If Vitani had not defected then the rest of The Outsiders in all likelihood would not have either). I had wanted her to end up with Kion, but when Rani was announced I figured that ship was Sunk. Being Leader of The Lion Guard is a prestigious position that suits her perfectly. Also having a group of former Outsider as The Lion Guard not only helps to make the former Outsiders feel accepted as members of Simba's Pride, but it also gains the trust of the other Pride Landers.

Vitani's Lion Guard could be interesting characters if they were to get more screen time and character development.

The Challenge of The Lion Guards was very good the only problem I had was with the way Beshte lost.

As for the ending The only thing that would have made it better is if Kion had been aged up just a but more I would have like to see him with at least the beginning of a full mane. smaller that Kovu's but obvious what it will grow into.

Now obviously for Kion And Rani to be Married They have to be old enough. As Simba,Nala, and Surak had no objections to the union. This also proves to me the theory that The animals in The Lion King Universes age at a human rate. Therefore the youngest Kion And Rani could be is 18.
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