Vlad Vamperyium

Vlad Vamperyium

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Name: Vlad Vamperyium
Species: Vamperyium Spectrum [Cannibal Bat, or False Vampire Bat]
Gender: Male
Age: About three years old
Personality: He is a sadistic, power hungry, and easily angered monster. He had been put on trial in the jungle for terrible crimes against his own kind, such as killing for the hell of it. He feels that it is unjust to have power unless you use it to assert yourself to the top of the food chain. He is also very self-conceited and his vanity gets the better of him in many situations.
Special Qualities: Nothing except that he is one big, strong, well built warrior of a bat.
Looks: Large and well built with gray fur. He has an odd facial structure and a nose flap that looks like a leaf. His claws are sharp and menacing as well as his obsidian black teeth. There is a tuft of fur that grows from the back of his head, and a tuft of fur under his chin that kind of looks like a goatee. He has a long scar running from the top of his face, to the bottom right of his jaw.
History: Growing up in the jungle, he became a strong merciless warrior. Many feared his strength, and others challenged it on a frequent basis. The royal family were the usual challengers and everytime he'd kill the challenger so that the royal family would back off. It is was the murder of a young prince of the Vamperyium that got him the death sentence. He was to be sacrificed to Cama Zots but he got away. The night he flew far from his home he was stung by some sort of insect he did not see, and fell unconscious from it's venom. While he slept he had a vision that he was in front of his god Cama Zots himself! Zots told Vlad that he was spared only to do Zots's bidding. Vlad obviously obliged in sheer terror of his mighty god. When Vlad woke up, he was in a strange room that looked almost exactly like the jungle but it had very hard barriers. There were was one other Vamperyium in this room, and it was a female. [He's in a zoo, that expects him to mate with the female to produce offspring to show off to the people. Of course that's not what's going to happen]
Family: Unknown
Other: He has a personal Vendetta with Griffin Silverwing, and Remus Silverwing.

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