Lavender Blossom

Lavender Blossom

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Name: Lavender Blossom aka Lavender

Gender: Female

Age: Filly

Species: Earth Pony

Eye Colour: Sky blue

Coat Colour: Lilac lavender colour

Mane/Tail/Markings Colour & Style: Medium length purple and light purple mane with a matching short tail

Physique: She's a slightly smaller filly, but she's the average weight for her height

Cutie Mark: 3 purple blossoms

Origin/Residence: She was born in Ponyville and grew up there, she lives in a small house on the outskirts, near Whitetail Woods.

Occupation: She grows flowers and sells them to florists, she also likes to do flowers for pony weddings and her friends usually go to her instead of proper flower shops.

Motivation: She wants to one day own her own proper florist, and still be able to grow flowers herself and not have to buy them of other ponies.

Likes: Gardening, walking, spending time with her closest friend and neighbor Mist Rider

Dislikes: Weeds, rushing around to much, loud noises and crowds

Character Summary:

History - Lavender had a rather simple but happy foalhood with her mother, father and sister in Ponyville. She had always been interested in flowers and loved to garden from a small age, and had her own little flower patch.

When she was a filly, she decided to start a little business to earn money to live on her own. And she succedded in getting a small house and began to make money, and friends through it. She met a pegasus called Mist Rider in Whitetail Woods one day and know the two are close friends.

Parents - Her parents still live in Ponyville and her older sister works in Canterlot as one of the Princess' maids. Lavender visits her parents regularly, for she is very family orientated. Her parents help her whenever she needs help and love her alot.

Cutie Mark Story - When she was foal, she failed to grow some beautiful flowers. But she wouldn't give up, she even sang to them to help them grow. One morning, after weeks of hard work, she found a beautiful bunch of lavender's growing. She was so happy, extremely happy, and when she went inside, she noticed she had her cutie mark.

Personality - Lavender is a very happy filly. She always wants to chat and be around others, she is caring sort and always knows when there's something up.

Flaws - At times, she can be a little bit of a chatterbox so some ponies find her a little annoying at times.

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