Iron ( Balto OC)

Iron ( Balto OC)

Postby Sixshot1988 » March 4th, 2012, 8:44 pm

Name: Iron

Breed: Malamute

Appearance: An inverted version of Steele. Primarly withe with black undercoat.

Personality: Like father like Son Applies here. Iron is perhapes more arrogent and proud than Steele. He finds no fault in his son, who he considers a exomple that all sled dogs should asppire to be like. He is very Predijuce towards dogs that are not 'purebred' dogs.

Bio: The Father of Steele, Iron is a long time rival of Grizzly. Iron also drove the town of Nome to hate and fear Balto by making it see like Balto was savage. this is because he did not want Balto's 'wolf blood' Polluting the 'purity' of the town's dogs. He is ashamed of his grandson Tundra ho he has disowned.

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