Outbreak (1X1: OPEN)

Outbreak (1X1: OPEN)

Postby FlipMode » December 4th, 2015, 3:31 am

All these years, all these incredible feats and yet we still haven't even begun to tap the limits of human potential. Doctor Clark has spent his life researching and perfecting a formula that will enhance human strength and agility beyond anything we have ever seen before.
And his assistant, though sceptical at first, with a family to feed and debts piling up, has just volunteered to be the first test subject. Hoping that this concoction will provide him with the finance he so desperately seeks.

At first the test seemed to be a success, but over the past two months, Dr. Clark began to notice some unexpected changes in behaviour from his assistant, the formula is starting to affect his assistant both physically and mentally. Until the point where he needs to be quarantined.

Upon leaving the research facility, Clark barely made it out the door before noticing the outbreak just outside. It seems like everyone his assistant has come into contact with has inherited the concoction and has passed it on to others.

With an army of super agile and strong, barely still human, monsters searching the facility for the concoction, Clark has gone into hiding and has called upon two ex military soldiers to come to the rescue and stop the monsters from getting to him and the formula. Who knows what will happen if it falls into the wrong hands?

2X soldiers with military backgrounds. Although they have been infected and have super strength and agility, they are not being effected mentally be the outbreak. Doctor Clark has therefore called on them to get to the facility and provide blood samples.

Once a great scientist, he has become hunted by his own creation. Hiding somewhere in the research facility. He provides the two main characters with additional information via a communication link, an earpiece worn by the two characters so they can keep in contact with each other. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Clark remains optimistic and tries to object humour when he can.

Calypso: The villain. Able to withstand the effects, he has somehow acquired control of those effected and has ordered them to find the formula and return it to them. His goal is to have an army of these monsters to take on the World with.
Knowing that the two are still alive, he is doing everything he can to stop them from getting to the facility. Plus with the outbreak spreading more and more, it's just a matter of time before they face overwhelming odds anyway. So he is sure he will win in the end.

So yeah basically it's a zombie survival story but with a twist and the characters actually do have an objective to reach among the madness.
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