Fanfiction Description and Advice

Fanfiction Description and Advice

Postby WolfRider » January 27th, 2020, 2:36 am

So, I’m providing a general description of my fanfiction idea to get some feedback and tips before I start writing. Any advice on how to approach this story including how to keep it from straying away from LK and any other suggestions is appreciated. If you have criticisms make them constructive by explaining and even making suggestions.
Title: Lion King: Son of Pride
The story introduces and follows my main character named Kayan who is a 17-year-old human boy. I know most people may not be fond of human/lion king fanfiction, but I think bringing humans into the LK universe opens up potential for some good stories. This takes place after the events of LK2 with a flashback arc taking place between a month after Simba defeated scar and before the beginning of LG. Anyway, it is a prodigal son type of story with Kayan returning to pridelands and reuniting with the LK and LG characters. Kayan is a human with the ability to communicate with animals and has somewhat of an animal-like demeanor. His back story is that he was an orphan without a name who grew up in the streets of an unknown town in Africa (near the pridelands). Because of his ability to communicate with animals and his animal-like demeanor he was shunned by the townspeople. Due to a tragic event, he is eventually chased off. He wanders the savannah until he stumbles across Nala under attack from hyenas. After rescuing her and nearly losing his life, he is brought to the pridelands to be healed. After learning his story and realizing his ability, Simba, Nala, and Rafiki decide to take him in and teach him. During this time, which I’ve decided to make approximately 1 year, Kayan comes to know Simba, Nala, Kiara, Kion and all the other pridelanders as family while learning and growing stronger. However, something happens that forces him to leave and return to human society. During his time away he makes new friends and gains more human knowledge to bring back to the pridelands one day to help it prosper and keep it safe from other humans. Kayan eventually returns after the events of LK2 and LG. When he comes back, Rafiki and Simba tell him that he is meant to be this hero that protects the circle of life anywhere there is a need (right now I’m calling the title “The Protector” but that sucks so if someone could help me come up with a better name I’d appreciate it). I’m also thinking of giving him and ability where he has the skills of animals he’s learned from (such as speed of a cheetah or strength of a gorilla) with limitations (He can’t fly, breath underwater, or any crazy stuff like chameleon camouflage). I don’t want to go too crazy but want him to be somewhat unique in this way. Any suggestions on this part would be appreciated too. I’m kinda going for an animal rescuing/keeping African wild safe kind of series. Most of the stories will take place in Africa, Pridelands, and Tree of Life even but I might also throw in some other locations. I have a lot of ideas on what kind of stories to do but this is the general idea.

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Re: Fanfiction Description and Advice

Postby Ultra Fox » January 30th, 2020, 6:24 am

my favorite famfick had ma in it and pregnint elsa xDXD
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Re: Fanfiction Description and Advice

Postby MusicLion101 » February 20th, 2020, 3:59 am

my face fanfic is the one with the sex

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