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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


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# Resurrection request 
February 24th, 2012, 1:12 am
Wow... It's been awhile since I've last come here?
Do Ya'll remember me? It's me TipTip :3 I've just comeback from a long year away right?
he heh heh sorry about that...
Allow me to make it up to everyone who missed me...

This is a link to my Channel on Deviantart, here you will see all the art I'm working on:
And this is a link to my youtube page for those of you who have a youtube account :3

In these months I've been gone not only have i been improving my drawing skills
but also my japanese teachings. So that's why i haven't been here in a while :3

To everyone that is wondering about the "request thing" yes I'm currently open for requests.
But I can only do 5 because i'm really busy.
You can request this picture on my deviantart page, just tell me you MLKFAA first so I know who to address it to :3
the deadline for all request is when all slots are filled :3
**Note the picture must appropriate for all ages! If the picture goes against the following rules it will not be drawn. It must only have a minor amount of blood. no nudity. and also it must involve the lion king or any other furry character. (the character can be drawn in human style, and by human i mean anime just so we're clear.)
This was a nice resurrection ^.^

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