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furaha's Portrait

Registered at MLK: May 31st, 2010, 3:26 am.

Gender: Female

Species: lion

Character Description

furaha was apart a of a group of lions called the furahains furaha was named after the the pride.
one day while furaha,her two brothers and mother were resting a horrible thing happened a neighboring pride came a killed every one except furaha and her brothers because they hid from the pride. furaha was only two months old her brothers 1 month.
after hiding for 1 month furaha devised a plan to escape with her brothers and lives.
every day when the pride went hunting everyone went to hunt so furaha decided to leave then.
so when it was hunting time furaha and her brothers emerged from the hole.
but then there was a lighting storm a lighting bolt almost hit furaha but only struck 1 inch a way from her right eye causing her to go blind in her right eye but to make matters worse a pride member started chaseing them they ran and lucky for furaha and her brothers they almost made it until the pride member jumped almost killing boma(furaha's brother) when furaha's mother attacked the male knocking the male down
"mo-" furaha started to call before her mom told her ''go!" furaha ran with her brothers
sadly when furaha was out sight the pride killed the mom for harming the male.
furaha never saw her mom again.
furaha caught a small rabbit in the dessert but gave it to her brothers so they did'nt go hungry.
they walked for two weeks until the finally reached the pridelands during kovu's ruling when asani and kari-ann and bado were still kids. she walked up to zuri and asked her to please tell where she was.
zuri told her:"why you're in a wonderful place a place called the pridelands here many people are happy and there are a few problems"
then bado came home when furaha was talking to zuri.
but instead of saying hello to the new cub he insulted her causing furaha to cry and walk out of pride rock dazed at how rude that cub was and how hurt she had been
and did he even care? probaly not.
7 months later asani and kari-ann got married furaha grew up her brothers left the pridelands to start a new family
bado for a change fell in love with furaha but when ever he came around to tell her something she would walk away afraid he would insult her again.
one day she fell in love with him and married him and they had 1 child they named him akili

Permissions: Semi-Private (They must get my approval before using this character)

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