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Vitani's Goodbye

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Vitani's Goodbye
© thelionpride556 2010

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Vitani looked Kopa in the eyes. "We have to end this, Kopa." Kopa's eyes widened. "Huh? What?!" He was shocked. Vitani looked down. "Scar is dead now. I...I can't leave my family." Kopa gasped. "You can't be serious! You can't actually be willing to just throw all of this away!" He said, sadness in his eyes. Vitani looked back at Kopa. "Kopa...I-It isn't simple like it used to be...No, it was never simple. We just made it seem that way. You know I love you but...Our pride must come first. The Outsiders need me." She told Kopa as calm as possible. Kopa gasped again. "They need you? What about me? Don't you think that I need you?!" He asked coldly. Vitani sighed sadly. "I love you. Goodbye." Vitani left. Kopa never saw her again.

*dies 1000000 times*
I spent like, an hour on this picture! No kidding!

It's just a theory I came up with out of nowhere. XD Vitani saying goodbye to Kopa after they had been meeting each other secretly.

Kopa is saying in the picture "They need you? What about me? Don't you think that I need you?"

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