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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


serra20's Album

Rocky Beginnings

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Rocky Beginnings
© serra20 2022

Artist's Comments

Ever since the Outlanders were welcomed into the Pridelands, Vitani found herself feeling mellow and uneasy. New, unfamiliar place, as well as the loss of her mother haunted her every step, and she would often get away from the pride to be alone with her own thoughts.

Seeing the young lioness so distraught and uncomfortable, Nala empathised. It cannot be easy to go through so much change.

One night, she approached Vitani for a talk. As the young lioness finally began to let her guard down and share her feelings, Nala stepped forward to hug her.

Having never experienced the embrace of a truly loving mother figure, Vitani broke down into tears.

For once, she might be enough.

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