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Characters » Jego

Jego's Portrait

Registered at MLK: December 14th, 2014, 6:39 pm.

Gender: Male

Species: Lion

Character Description

Name: Jego

Nickname(s): ---

Age: Depends on usage. Same age as Kiara.

Gender: Male

Species: Feline

Breed: Lion

Grandparents: Unknown

Parents: Asante and Fathiya

Uncles: Unknown

Aunts: Unknown

Cousins: Unknown

Half-siblings: None

Siblings: 1 unknown

Mate(s): Kiara

Crush: None

Cubs: 3 unknown yet. Adoptive: Shairi, Kivu

Personality: Calm, honest and brave. Can be slightly show-off sometimes. Respects the kings, and their laws more than anything, and does everything to make others to obey them also. Has got a good knowledge of past kings, and is very friendly and loyal to royal family of Pridelands. Is also serious, and hates Outlanders, and makes sure they never come to Pridelands. Speaks truth, and only truth, no matter how terrible it would be. Is also very loving and caring to his family.

History: Has been born with his one sibling to Asante and Fathiya, king and queen of the Middlelands, kingdom quite far away from Pridelands. When he was a cub, he was introduced to Kiara, princess of Pridelands, and they were betrothed. Their relationship didn't went well, as Kiara disliked him for being so honest, calm, so they rarely talked, but Jego tried his best to keep their relationship, not only because of their parents, but also because he already had a crush on her, even at his young age.

But soon enough he noticed Kiara meeting with a Outlander lion cub, Kovu. Seeing that Kiara had a sympathy for Kovu, heartbroken Jego decided to just calmly leave the lands without noticing anyone, and never come back, for he knew he couldn't change Kiara's feelings. So he left.

He kept on travelling, somewhere far away from Pridelands and his own home. After long time of travelling, he finally found a sight of oasis or jungle, and stayed there.

He spent 2 years living there on his own. Until one day, while he was just walking around the desert, he found a dark colored cub lioness. He brought her to his home, and healed her. Her name was Shairi, and she told him that she was an unwanted cub of Kovu and Nala, that Kovu didn't really love Kiara and mated with Nala, and that Nala left her in the desert on her own after a month of hiding her from Simba, Kiara, and Kovu.

Then Jego decided to come back to Pridelands together with Shairi, and get his rightful mate, Kiara, back. After a long time of travelling back, they got to the Pride Rock. They got to it just at the time when Kovu was fighting against Kiara and her family with his new pride, wanting to have Pridelands for his own pride and Scar. As both were safely hiding behind rocks, they heard Kovu's awful words, and hateness in his voice. Jego could easily see how much Kovu wanted to kill them all. Jego couldn't wait anymore. He told Shairi to stay hidden, and jumped off right in front of Kovu, with all the Pridelands lions, shocked and surprised behind him. Jego told Kovu to leave and go where he belongs, then turned to Kiara and Simba, who walked up to him. He told them his name, and all the lions around were shocked. After that all the lions got into a huge argue over who's the rightful king, what happened and such. Jego couldn't hold it in anymore. He told them to wait, came back to where Shairi was, picked her up by the scruff, and came back. He put Shairi to the ground, telling all the lions that she can tell them more than they could believe. Shairi told them who her real parents were, and what they did to her. All the lions were shocked, and turned to Kovu and Nala, with angryness in their faces. Then, after a long fight, Kovu was killed, and Nala with outlanders pride were exiled from Pridelands.

Then Jego became Kiara's mate and the new, rightful king of Pridelands. Everyone easily accepted him as a king mainly because of his shocking resemblance to past kings. Jego made a new law, that had to prevail to all generations after him: no Outsider can ever come into Pridelands. He even set some guards to the borders of the lands to make sure of it. He also brought Middlelands and Pridelands together as one, making the land even bigger, and brought his Middlelands pride to Pridelands, making the pride even bigger.

Soon enough Simba died of old age, and Jego and Kiara became new royal pair of Pridelands/Middlelands. They adopted Shairi as their own daughter, and soon enough Kiara gave birth to another cub, which, as Kiara told, was Kovu's before he turned bad, but Jego didn't mind it and adopted the cub as his own. They named him Kivu. Soon enough they had 3 cubs of their own.

Likes: Kiara, past kings, truth.

Dislikes: Outlanders, lie, Kovu.

Fears: To lose his family or his kingdom.

Location/Home: Pridelands/Middlelands

Birthplace: Middlelands

As my character: Had many changes, in his design and bio alltogether xD He's also one of my older lion characters, but was never really developed other than being Kiara's alternate/new mate, because I dislike Kovu xD

Other: None

Relation to TLK: Kiara's new mate.

Permissions: Private (Only the artist can use this character. Artist is accepting gifts with this character in them.)

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