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# I lead a unit 
December 18th, 2018, 4:02 pm
For my midterm exzam in JROTC, I had to lead a unit in drill(marching)
I've never lead a unit before, so that was pretty nerve racking. I didn't really know where to stand, because I'm used to being told to do the faceing movements be someone (like ''right flank!) and do all of the counting. Baically it was all like ''I have no idea what i'm doing...'' I messed up ALOT so at the end of the leading a unit test I was all like ''oops''

Let's just say that if you think that marching is just walking, it is NOT

Good thing is that with all of my improviseing and guessing, I got a 70 as my grade on the leading a unit portion of my midterm exam. The written portion I got an 85.

Great way to end the year!!!! :drunk:

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