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rachel's Album


# ranks of the White Cave pride 
October 30th, 2018, 7:30 pm
Alpha: the leader. Must have a mate and can never divorce.

Betta: the alpha's second in command and mate.

Ambassadors: serve as diplomats and advisers to the alpha and beta.

Judges: they deal with serious crimes such as treason, murder, war crimes......

Magestrates: deal with small local crimes.

elders: all retired senior citizan lions (ages 60 and up).

Warlords: leaders of the army and gaurds.

Patrollers: make up the army. They protect the White Cave pride's bprders, they retrive newly exiled cubs from other prides.

Gaurds: they gaurd the alpha/ alpha's family and the nurserys, also catch crimeals and gaurd prisons.

Hunters: they hunt prey for the whole pride.

Messengers: they deliver reports for whoever commands them to.

Healers: they are the doctors for the pride, also take care of the healing herbs and keep records of the population of the entire pride.

Nursery helpers: they help in the nurserys of commeners and the Alpha's family.

Teachers: they teach apprentices from the ages of 12 to when they graduate at 18. They also keep track of the history of the pride.

Graduates: 19 year old lions who learn their speffic job that they were seclected for.

Apprentices: exiled or native born cubs from 12 to 18 years old.

Pariahas: lions that get exiled for heinous crimes from the White Cave pride to live forever as rouges.

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