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# Why i don't like bugs..... 
October 10th, 2018, 8:50 pm
I lived in this apartment complex at the same time I was going to Hillwood High before me and my mom moved. Baically it had a huge roach problem and I was desprate to move. For exzample, my mom opend a closet whare a water tank thingy was and like 30 roaches ran out in a whole swarm because we put out roach poison pills(thankfully I was at school at the time). My mom and I as a final and desprate solution put a bunch of roach bomb spray thingys to kill them all and we spent the day out doing fun things... When we were able to come home we watched movies, watched movies, and the lateshows like Stevan Colbert. I then went to bed and had a great time sleeping because we both thought that the problem was gone and we were thrilled....I was asleep and I felt somthing moveing across my leg in a fast way I halfy wake up but thinking I'm dreaming. I shake my leg and it stops for a second but then it starts up again and then I realise that somthing is actully crawling on my leg and that I'm not dreameing. I jump up, scream like I'm being murderd (my mom comes in to see what's happening) and throw back the blanket and reveal a giant one inch long roach skittering away, as she's leaning over to see what it is, I pratically trample my mom just to get away from the roach while screameig, crying and shakeing with fear. I run into the den, still whimpering and I refuse to come into my room after she killed the roach. I then get a bench we had, pull it from the wall and put sticky traps around the legs of the bench and attempt to sleep there the rest of the night. Now I'm so skiddish when ever I feel somthing move near my legs, and I kill every bug that dares to come come into my house. That may sound ''un ethical'' to enviromentalists because It's apparently my ''duty'' to protect the enviroment, mother earth, liveing creatures... But when you have had an experience like mine, you wouldn't think twice about stepping on a but in you house either.

It's funny now after it happend :)
Wasn't so funny then :(

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