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# Debate I was in 
October 8th, 2018, 6:16 pm
Note: I'm telling you this reader to test your tolerance and to show that diversity and tolerance is accepting opinions that you don't agree with. You are welcome to a respectful debate with me if you don't get too emotional.

Why I created Zorra revolves around a personal story: When I was a new christan, I was looking at what the bible said on diffrnet social issues. A few weeks later, I was in my JROTC class and in my class we did alot of debateing on alot of contreversal subjects. one subject was on the all sexes welcome bathrooms.

Before you call me any word that ends with ''phobic'' think about this: do you have the guts to stand up for somthing you believe in even if it ment you would be an outcast?

Here's what happend: I was the only person in my class that said that mulit gender bathrooms could be potentally unsafe and how some people are very religous. I even told people about a news headline that proved my arguement about the POTENTAL unsafeness of mulit gender bathrooms to prove my pointe. I did pretty well despite the entire class being very intolerant for librals. So after enduring intolerance from people who brag about how tolerant they are, class ended and I was minding my busieness getting my stuff together and then theise two people(im going to keep their privacy) one was a seinor and was a cadet 2nd leuteniut(one of the hightes ranks) and the second person was a cadet corperal and was a sophmore. I was a cadet private(E-1). The leuteniut was very intemateing as a person and I was a little scared to that person, but I also admired this person because the person didn't seem to expect special handouts and worked hard. The corparal and I were freinds. So they both started intettogateing me and asked why I had the opionion that I had and still have. I gave all the facts that I knew. From scientiffic to scriptual facts. Then they asked me to repeat the facts over and over. It got so annoying, but one benifit of liveing with my mom is that I'm used to getting yelled at for hours, so I'm pretty good at paitencnce and hidening my emotions. I calmly repeat the facts for them and sowed them various websites. She kept getting luder and louder and was yelling at me and the whole class was stairing at us. They both said some pretty cruel things about me such as homophob, transphob, intolerant, bigot, close minded, and even a natzi!!! I was sitting there trying to explain how the first admendment is actually ment to protect unpopular views like mine (it isn't a democracy if only the popualr opinions are heard) and I was politely explaining to them that people's religous belifs should be respected (diversity). I also kept my expression as neutral as possiable and just told the facts. It went on for a few more minutes, and I was fineally able to leave. Baically I had a tarnished view of the leutnienuit after that debate because that person was supposely someone who could calmly debate in any situation.... later at this school a huge chunck of my freinds ditched me because I was just following my religous views. I ended up with only 2 freinds when I left that school. I also learned to be resilant, and to stand up for my opinions and my religous beliefs instead of being a ''sheeple'' I also learned to keep my cool and not get emotional when I'm debateing with someone. I'v been alot of other debates simmalar to this one. Sometimes the people were tolerant of my opinion, most of the time they wern't. Luckly the leutineut DID aplogise about how disrespectful they were. I forgave her but I told her that was going to keep my opinion. (at least she did aplogise)...........

I created Zorra after that debate because I used to be for gay marraige but eventually changed my mind largely because of how the media was so mean to the cake baker nammmed Jack which caused me to question things. I guess the charater signifys how my beliefs changed before I became a christan and after I guess. And that debate was the first debate that I spoke out about somthing I disagreed with and was kind of a big moment for me. (and yes, It was a little scary)

So... are you reader as tolerant as you say you are? are you open to ALL opinions? or do you consider only the popular opinion? time learn some diversity.

Here is a picture of Zorra if you all want to see her ... k_id=24232

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