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© imvula 2023

Artist's Comments

I wanted to add a background to this, but brain said no. Also, yes, this is my version of adult Kion.

Anyway, meet Irari, the so-called "homewrecker". Well, Rani would call her that. Irari knew Kion was married, knew his relationship with his wife was rocky, but he never told her exactly who he was married to. Rani and Kion too soon and didn't take the time to get to know each other. Kion wanted an escape from Kiara's shadow, be his own person, and with Rani he saw that opportunity. As for Rani? I think she was in love with the Roar more so than Kion. Kion met Irari after an argument with Rani, the argument was so trivial but Kion had stormed off to avoid saying something he'd regret. Irari had been chased out of her territory by a pack of AWDs, so Kion had offered to help her take it back. At the time, Irari didn't know who he was. All she knew was that he was a helpful stranger. After Irari successfully wins back her home, Kion keeps coming back to check up on her. Eventually, his visits turn to long chats. Irari listens to him, offers advice to help his strained marriage, and she makes him laugh. Eventually, their friendship turns into something more.

Rani is suspicious of where Kion keeps going every few days, so she follows him. And what she sees shocks her to the core; Kion confessing his love to this leopard. Her heart shatters into a million pieces. She doesn't say anything, just watches them like a rat in the walls. After Kion leaves, Rani takes the opportunity to introduce herself. Calls Irari a homewrecker, and just about every vile name she can think of. She even goes as far as to banish her from the Nightlands She's hurt and upset so it's understandable.

But it also causes Kion to withdraw into himself when he discovers Irari has left and he can't find any trace of her. Rani feels this incredible quilt over what she's done. So she tells him that she knows abour Irari, about the affair. And Kion just breaks down, spilling the truth out. That he's sorry for not being honest with from the start. Not sure what happens to Rani and Kion after this, but maybe they stay together, maybe they don't, maybe they dicovorce and Kion leaves the Night Pride to find Irari. We shall see.

Irari, however, whilst hunting for a new home learns she is pregnant. Two little reminders of the only man she ever truly loved. She tells her sons about their father, how kind he was. Maybe they'll go off to find him one day.

Kion ?? Disney
Art & Irari ?? me

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