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© _Lioness_ 2017

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The three cubs waddled through the long warm grass, tripping and bumping into each other with each step, repeatedly bursting out of laughter each time one of them faceplanted on the ground. They were simply taking a walk - or well, more like 'trying' to take a walk. The lionesses where on the hunt or too busy to pay attention to them - so they were allowed to walk around the pridelands until the lionesses found food for the pride.

Tiifu, the cub with the lighter fur was constantly asking Kiara (the blushing cub next to her) about a recent event that had happened the last evening. Kiara had met another cub, that did not belong to their pride, in fact, it was an outsider. So this was big news, and something everyone was gossiping about, Tiifu and Zuri only got to hear part of it, they were not interested in what happened, but they were interested in the male cub Kiara had met and we're trying to get some answers out of her.

Tiifu : "What his name ??"

Zuri : "How old was he? What did he say to you ??"

Tiifu : "No wait - what was he like ?"

Zuri : "Come on PRINCESS Kiara, you can tell usss!"

Kiara : "He w-was uh - nice..."

The girls suddenly stopped in their tracks, Zuri and Tiifu looked at each other for a moment and then squealed with delight as they jumped around Kiara in the grass. Kiara was used to this sort of behaviour from her overly excited childish friends and always felt like the mature one. But today, she couldn't help but blush and giggle along with them.

Tiifu : "You like him, don't you?? He was probably soooo handsome !"

Zuri : "Geez Tiifu, give her a break"

Tiifu : "Oh come on, for all we know he might even join our pride, and become the next king !!!!"

At this point, Zuri and Kiara both had enough, and Tiifu noticed it.

Tiifu : "Hah, uh sorry - I was just kidding, I mean I haven't even seen him yet.."

nobody said anything, and they all stared at the ground or their paws, after a long pauze, Tiifu bent down and whispered in Kiara's ear

"But you do like him right..."

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