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Characters » Rahisi

Registered at MLK: October 17th, 2013, 4:51 am.

Gender: Female

Species: King Cheetah

Character Description

Name: Rahisi

Name meaning: Easy

Nickname: Keykai (KEE-kay)

Likes: Bird feathers (preferrably as an accessory behind her right ear), racing, swimming (which is rare considering cheetahs hate water), stargazing

Dislikes: Ruthless lions, being mistrusted or hating, the thought of drowning (even if she is a good swimmer)

Looks: Golden-brown spots with jet black spots and ice blue eyes, a white tail tip and black ears with white spots on the back, lighter tan underfur (muzzle, underbelly, etc) and two large scars on her right eye leading to the corner of her jaw and a torn right ear

Personality: She's kind, playful, easy-going but not gullible. Believes strongly in the Great Kings in the stars, and has much knowledge about the stars too

History: Rahisi was born in a litter of three, but was the only King Cheetah of her and her two brothers Utani and Kejeli, mothered by Kusita. One day when her mother was out hunting, she and her two brothers were playfully prancing and rough-housing in the tall grass, but the three ran into a ruthless lion who killed for pleasure. Utani and Kejeli were able to get away, but Rahisi wasn't so lucky, suffering most of the damage from the attack which is how she recieved her scars and torn ear. When their mother returned her brothers tried explaining to Kusita what happened while Rahisi tried to cope with the pain, and it was after that event that Kusita decided to move her cubs away from the only place they knew was home, seeing it was becoming more and more populated with lions who now left their mark on her poor cub. This left Kusita upset at lions, and had to tell her cubs never to trust or go near a lion again, and if one is seen approaching them then to run no matter the lion's intentions. Both Utani and Kejeli thought Rahisi was going to loose her sight in her right eye and hearing in her right ear, and apologized to her for running away instead of trying to help, but they were only doing what they were instinctly mean't to do, run from danger. Rahisi never forgot the lion who attacked her, and for a while had nightmares about him, often waking up in the middle of the night startled. Whenever she would wake, her mother Kusita would stargaze with her and tell her the stars would protect and guide her. Nothing else happened to the cubs since then, and eventually they all forgot about Rahisi's scars, even Rahisi herself. Once the trio was grown, they left their mother Kusita, Utani and Kejeli sticking together going one while while Rahisi went another way alone. On occasion, she would see her brothers and they would hunt together like old times when they were young teens, but neither one of them had seen Kusita after leaving home. Rahisi, Utani, and Kejeli are now left to wonder if Kusita is even still alive

Permissions: Semi-Private (They must get my approval before using this character)

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Rahisi Sketch (ROUGH)
October 19th, 2013, 12:52 am


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