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Fan Art Albums of My Lion King


Timitu's Album


I have a Character Creation contest going on, if anyone is interested and likes to design characters. I need two female lions to be Nora's friends... or enemies... in my new game I am working on. They will be main characters so it is best to keep the designs simple. You can design both, or just one of them if you wish.

There is a lot more details on DA.

Mainly, keep their designs simple as they will be drawn a lot. Keep them natural (though eye colour can be unnatural.) You are welcome to use a base to come up with the design but make it one of your own bases. (Like if you use one when doing your character sheets or making characters for others.) That is fine. Just don't take someone else's base and colour it.

There is two places you can submit your designs to. DA or Lion King Fan Art Archive. Both are free sites. First 10 people to submit it on DA will get a free head-shot sketch of one of your characters from me. (I may do it with the people who only submit on LKFAA as well if less than 10 people submit one on DA.)

DEADLINE is April 17th but I wont give any reminders out on here as it gets closer. And seeing as all my pictures are up until after that date, I won't have too many more reminders going out. (May do a status update on DA about a week before but that is it.) I wont be able to take entries after April 17th 2021.

DA Contest Post:

LKFAA Contest Post:

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  Kasi the Killer March 18th, 2021, 6:47 pm
Nice! I will participate

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