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Timitu's Album

It's Done! (Minor Blood)

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It's Done! (Minor Blood)
© Timitu 2020

Artist's Comments

Kailas and Leonette from a scene in chapter 6 of my comic. (It is ways away from this part of the story happening, so it is a major sneak peek, but if I say too much it will become a major spoiler. So just enjoy it for what it is... and in a couple years you can be like "I remember that part" when it happens in the comic.)

I guess I will take my break now. I was going to post the next art trade but like I said on my last picture I want to start to disappear from the main page for a bit, give other artists a chance to post and have their stuff shown on the main page and not get pushed down right away.

I will only be posting the comic here if/when this place picks up as that will easily fill up the main page if only one or two others are posting. I might post a picture to announce I have started posting them, but I will wait for this place to pick up before I post more of the comic.

If you want to keep up with my stuff, I will be on DA. Just copy and paste the link below if you want to go to my page over there. Otherwise, I will come back and visit in April or May sometime.

You can also find me on:


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