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Antony + Nora?

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Antony + Nora?
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Artist's Comments

So I was talking to a friend a couple of weeks ago about a scene I was working on for Chapter 6 of my comic. I can't give away too many spoilers but it was a scene that made my friend come up with a theory. What if Antony falls in love with Nora? But he is repulsed that he feels this way about her because his whole existence before he met her he was driven to win the respect of Danny (who wants to get rid of Nora, for those that don't know). So he is tormented with these feelings and has this internal struggle with his true feelings for her and his desire to please Danny. All while Nora is oblivious to this because she doesn't feel the same way.

I instantly thought of Hellfire the song from Hunchback of Notre Dame and had to draw it out. I didn't go watch it as I normally would have so the scene is just inspired by that one particular scene. I wasn't trying to fully recreate it. But I am sure it is easy to tell what scene was in my mind for it from the song.

Officially it will never be in the comic if this is how Antony feels about her or not. Up to the reader. (Chapter 5 of the comic is getting close to being done so if you have been missing it you can check it out at any of the following links below. Just copy and paste the links to go check out the comic. Chapter 5 will be finished posting by the end of February.)

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