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Timitu's Album

Nora's Story Announcment

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Nora's Story Announcment
© Timitu 2020

Artist's Comments

Hope everyone on here has had great holidays. I know not many people go here anymore but I thought I would post my new picture on here as well too.

My next new Visual Novel Game will be Nora's Story. It is still in early development but because I do not frequent here you may want to watch me on Deviant Art or to keep up with the game. Below is the link to my journal on DA that will tell you all about the new game. But from that link you can get to my main gallery. And below is also the link to my main page where you can check out my first game or keep an eye on this one. (Yes I have a copy of chapter one on the discussion board here. You can read it or don't read it if you want. The game will be different as it has to move faster though 5 books but still flow so my original story, if you have read it, It will have some same points in it but it will really change so if you did want to read it, wait until after the game came out and you have played the game.

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