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The Day Everything Changed (Story)

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The Day Everything Changed (Story)
© Timitu 2020

Artist's Comments

A little picture and story I actually started the end of last year I think. I only recently finished it. This story (and picture) takes place during "Levar's Life" but before you meet Kailas and Antony. Below is some related links you may be interested in.

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Okay, let's begin the story. :)
~The Day Everything Changed~

"Brother... brother... wake up." Antony cheerfully called out running over to his brothers sleeping body and nudging him before running to the cave entrance only to return a moment later to do the same.

"What is it?" Kailas said opening his sleepy eyes before yawning.

"Father wants to talk to us. This is it. Today is the day." He stood up tall and proud trying to emphasize how big he could be for being the smallest of the his siblings.

"Really, are you sure it is not just for some training thing." Kailas laughed sitting up still looking tired.

"No, he has called everyone together. Today is the day he will announce who will be his heir."

"You already know it is going to be you Antony. He has said several times that the first messenger to return to the pride with news of your birth was yours. Why is this such a big deal?"

"Because, I am tired of just being the little one. Picked on by the others. Finally I am going to be someone. And he is going to announce it to the whole pride."

Kailas chuckled. He never wanted to be the king. He had gone though enough in the few months he had been alive to have to deal with being an heir to the kingdom. He had recently found out he was Danny's chosen one. This would bring him more responsibilities... and sleep was getting much harder. "Well I am sure you will make this pride proud. I know no one as tough as you."

"Father wanted me trained so I would be the best king there ever was. And you as my advisor. Together we rule this kingdom." He stopped to admire the view as the sun began to peek over the horizon. Kailas joined him at his side, he looked out of the corner of his eye at his brother but didn't turn his head. The smile could not leave his face even if he tried.

Today was the day everything would change.

As the two young cubs joined the rest of the pride their father and mothers greeting them. Two oldest of two litters. Both with a chance to rule the kingdom.

"First, I want to thank everyone for coming today. As many of you know the two oldest cubs of mine are sitting right here. But only one of them will be my heir. Both have trained hard, but one has stood out above the other one."

Antony closed his eyes as his smile grew. He had practiced so hard since the first day of training. Even helping his brother.

Poor Kailas had never been the best son or brother. He struggled a lot, but the closest one to him would always be Antony. Antony would always make sure that Kailas was part of the pride no matter what struggles he faced as Danny's chosen one.

"So today is the day I must pick the one who will one day be the leader of the pride." He paused looking over at his two sons. "The future king will be..."

Antony opened his eyes to look over the crowd, especially making eye contact with those who picked on him. He wanted to see the look in their eyes when they found out he would be the next king.

"... Kailas."

The world stopped for Antony. Everything seemed to go in slow motion. Everyone cheered and was happy. It may have just been how they would react to either of them getting picked but to Antony at that moment, they were not cheering for Kailas. They were cheering it wasn't him.

"Kailas, my son, let us go to the highest point. You will roar your first roar from that point as future king." His father said looking down at him.

But he wasn't smiling, he turned to look to Antony. He could see his brother staring into the crowd as tears filled his eyes.

"Kailas, come. You can spend time with your brother later."

The cub stood up as Antony turned his back to him. "Antony, are you okay?" This only drew everyone's attention to Antony once again.

"I'm fine." Antony said standing up and walking away. "Leave me alone." He growled and ran off away, humiliated in front of everyone. It was a day that everything changed. A day he would never forget.


I am way more active on DA with my comic going up each week and such. If you like my art you should check me out over there as well.

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