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Moson's Story Chapter 5 pg.3

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Moson's Story Chapter 5 pg.3
© Timitu 2020

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Just at the last minute Nora comes in to even out this fight a bit more. She may not be that skilled as a fighter but she has some "friends in high places." And that probably means they shouldn't really get her hurt or upset or such. More will be mentioned on the next page....


Speaking of the next page... This is the last page I am going to post here for probably quite a while... possibly ever. A comic like this relies on there being an easy click from one page to the next. Especially this one as it will take up the rest of the year with one page a week. With people staggering in and out of posting on this page it seems kind of pointless to post the pages here when people will probably only see the ones on the main page because it is hard to click to see all of them.

So if you are interested in seeing more of the pages from this point on I have links below for other websites that I will still be posting weekly on. I will also come back here and update this page with a link to the DA version of the next page for those who see this after the next page is posted just to give you guys somewhere to look. But past that, you have to pick where you want to watch the rest of this chapter. I am hoping at least one of these places will fit readers needs. (I will also make a journal with this as well in case you lose this page. The journal will stay on the main page longer.)
PS: I am not leaving, I will still post non comic pictures from time to time when I have them to post. But that will be more rare than posting the comic pages is.

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